Green Dragon Tattoo Ideas

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Published on June 29, 2024

Are you looking to branch out your Tattoo Designs? Breezing through the internet looking for the perfect ink can make you feel like a leaf helplessly drifting in the wind. But worry not.

You won’t be-leaf how many Tattoo Designs we found, and we’re here to help you see the forest through the trees as we take you through some of the best Green Dragon Tattoos the internet has to offer. 

What Does a Green Dragon Tattoo Mean

Depending on where it comes from, your Dragon Tattoo can have several different meanings. 

In Chinese culture, the Green Dragon is known as the Azure Dragon or 靑龍 Qīnglóng (Blue/Green). This Dragon was the Dragon God of the East and the essence of Spring.

Green, being the color of spring, means the Green Dragon represents new life, growth, renewal, hope, and the vital forces of nature that bring about regeneration.

In Japanese culture, the Green Dragon or Ryū is closely associated with water elements, such as seas, rivers, and lakes.

Thanks to modern media, Dragons have gotten a whole new lease of life and have acquired powers their ancient depictions never had before.

Green Dragons have become associated with the powers of nature, having nature-like elements in their designs, such as tree branches for horns, and abilities, such as wind breath or the power to rejuvenate nature itself. 

30 Green Dragon Tattoo Designs

Now that we know a little about Green Dragon Tattoo meanings, let’s take a look at some of the best Green Dragon Tattoo Designs there are.

1. Chinese Green Dragon Tattoo

Chinese Green Dragon Tattoo

Photo credit: @lovetattooec

As stated previously, the Green Chinese Dragon was a mix of blue and green referred to as the Azure Dragon.

This Dragon was the protector of the East and symbolized renewal and growth, strength and power.

While not always true, more often than not, you can tell a Chinese Dragon from a Japanese Dragon by the number of claws it has.

Usually, a Chinese Dragon will have between 4 or 5 claws, while a Japanese usually only have 3. 

2. Korean Green Dragon Tattoo

Korean Green Dragon Tattoo

Photo credit: @nobodytattoo

The color of Korean Dragons doesn’t play as predominant a role as it does in Chinese culture.

In Korean culture, the dragon, known as "용" (Yong) or "룡" (Ryong), symbolizes themes of protection and Imperial Power and Authority.

You can tell a Korean Dragon from a Japanese or Chinese Dragon, usually by it holding an orb known as "Yeouiju" (여의주).

3. Japanese Green Dragon Tattoo

Japanese Green Dragon Tattoo

Photo credit: @theluckylotustattoo

The Japanese Green Dragon, referred to as "Ryū" or "Ryujin," is often depicted controlling water flows, symbolizing not only the power over water but also its life-giving and renewing aspects, which are essential for agriculture.

You can usually tell a Japanese Dragon from others by the number of claws it has, which is 3, but that isn’t always the case. 

The European Dragon is opposite to its Asian brethren, where Asian Dragons are usually benevolent beings who protect humanity and are bringers of rain.

The European Dragon is a malevolent being who brings chaos and destruction with it wherever it goes.

While European Dragons have gotten a new lease on life as partners to humans in media.

Their historical equivalents were almost always associated with being enemies of mankind and needing to be slain. 

5. Rayquaza Pokemon Tattoo

Rayquaza Pokemon Tattoo

Photo credit: @dansandwich

This Pokemon Tattoo is of Rayquaza.

Rayquaza is the 384th Pokemon in the Pokedex and one of the legendary trio of the 3rd generation of the Pokemon series.

Raquaza is also the game mascot for Pokemon Emerald and serves as the resolution to the conflict between Groudon and Kyogre. 

6. Irezumi Green Dragon Tattoo

Irezumi Green Dragon Tattoo

Photo credit: @zackkinseytattoos

Irezumi or Yakuza Tattoos began in the 17th century when people caught stealing and gambling were sent to prison, where they were marked with ink to identify them.

These Tattoos would evolve to be associated with the Yakuza and are often done in a full-sleeve or bodysuit style. 

7. Ornament Green Dragon Tattoo

Ornament Green Dragon Tattoo

Photo credit:

A cool idea for your Green Dragon Tattoo is to add an ornament into its design.

This gorgeous Dragon Tattoo on the back has a Korean Norigae at the center with some lovely trees, an orb in the dragon's mouth, and either another orb or a green moon at the top of the piece. 

8. Green Dragon Tiger Tattoo

Green Dragon Tiger Tattoo

Photo credit: @nobodytattoo

This Dragon Tiger Tattoo is done by the phenomenal nobodytattoo who specializes in Dragon and other East Asian Tattoo Designs.

Tiger Tattoos can symbolize themes of strength and power, but also, in Chinese culture, the Tiger and Dragon represent Yin and Yang. 

9. Traditional Green Dragon Tattoo

Traditional Green Dragon Tattoo

Photo credit: @kasper_ftw

Traditional Tattoos were the original iconic American tattoo style invented by the late Sailor Jerry Collins.

Traditional Tattoos are known for their known for their bold, clean lines and vibrant colors, with motifs like anchors, ships, eagles, snakes, and nautical stars.

Inspired by Asian art, Sailor Jerry also incorporated Asian elements such as Dragons into his designs. 

10. Green Dragon Eye Tattoo

Green Dragon Eye Tattoo

Photo credit: @lynk_ynk

You don’t have to go for a complete Dragon Tattoo for your Green Dragon Designs.

This cool design is of a Dragon’s eye underneath some ripped skin.

The detailing on this design is excellent with a fierce-looking Dragon eye and great coloring and reflection effects over the pupil and iris. 

11. Green Dragon Fish Tattoo

Green Dragon Fish Tattoo

Photo credit: @7seastattoocollective

Dragon Fish Tattoos have become increasingly popular in recent years thanks to the efforts of Ichiban from the Yakuza Video Game franchise.

A Dragon Fish Tattoo or Ryuugyo is a hybrid of a Koi and a Dragon and represents perseverance and the change a person undergoes during a difficult journey throughout life. 

12. Cute Green Dragon Tattoo

Cute Green Dragon Tattoo

Photo credit: @lil.tater.tatts

You don’t have to go for a ferocious Green Dragon Tattoo, so why not go for something a little more cute with your Tattoo Design?

This cute little Green Dragon by lil.tater.tatts is super cute and has elements such as bird claws and tree branch horns to highlight the Dragon's nature-like elements.  

13. Green Dragon and Moon Tattoo

Green Dragon and Moon Tattoo

Photo credit: @assassin_tattoo_nyc

Having a Moon with your Dragon Tattoo is a great way to add more symbolism to its design.

Moon Tattoos can symbolize growth and change but is also often associated with femininity, motherhood, and fertility.

This great Fine-Line Tattoo has a lot of fantastic detailing, and I love what looks like cloud effects within the moon. 

14. Embroidered Green Dragon Tattoo

Embroidered Green Dragon Tattoo

Photo credit:

Embroidery Tattoos are rising in popularity as of late.

These Tattoos are a type of body art that combines traditional tattooing techniques with embroidery to create a design that resembles an embroidered patch.

This amazing embroidery Green Dragon Tattoo is of a Korean Dragon complete with clouds and a Yeouiju.

15. Green Dragon Head Tattoo

Green Dragon Head Tattoo

Photo credit: @juanjose_tatuajes

If you want to have a Dragon Tattoo but either don’t want a full body Dragon or want to have a little bit more intricate detailing on its face, try out a Dragon Head Tattoo.

Dragon Head Tattoos are great if you really want to show off your Dragon’s ferocious features, and they’re better for more viable detailing when you want to have a smaller size. 

16. Shenron Green Dragon Tattoo

Shenron Green Dragon Tattoo

Photo credit: @destitostattoos

If you’ve checked out any of our other Dragon Tattoo articles, then you already knew this Dragon Ball Tattoo was coming.

Shenron only appears when each of Earth's 7 Dragonballs are brought together, and upon being summoned, he will grant any wish within his power. 

17. Constellation Green Dragon Tattoo

Constellation Green Dragon Tattoo

Photo credit: @christoler

If you’re a stargazer and lover of astrology, then you’ll love this Draco Constellation Green Dragon Tattoo.

The Draco constellation can be found in the far northern part of the sky and is one of the 48 constellations listed by the 2nd-century Greek astronomer Ptolemy. 

18. Teapot Green Dragon Tattoo

Teapot Green Dragon Tattoo

Photo credit: @tattoosbytara

Another cute Green Dragon Tattoo is this super cute Teapot Tattoo Design.

This lovely tattoo has the Dragon popping out of the teapot with the lid laying on top of the Dragons head and the tea and plate in front starting to fall over and spill. 

19. Crystal Dragon Spyro Tattoo

Crystal Dragon Spyro Tattoo

Photo credit: @jenn.designs

This design has always brought back fond memories of my childhood.

While my brother's favorite PlayStation mascot was Crash Bandicoot, mine was most certainly the Purple Dragon himself, Spyro.

This Video Game Tattoo is of one of the Crystal Dragons.

These were the crystal encasings the adult Dragons were stuck in by the power of Gnasty Gnorc, which Spyro needed to save.

If you’re like me, anytime you see this image, you can hear the little shimmer and shake they made when you got close enough to release them. 

20. Dragon And Green Spear Tattoo

Dragon And Green Spear Tattoo

Photo credit: @bium_tattoo

A Dragon Sword Tattoo is usually a popular Dragon Tattoo style, but rather than go for a sword, why not go for a Dragon Spear Tattoo?

This weapon is the Primordial Jade Winged-Spear from the Genshin Impact game.

Genshin Impact is a game developed by MiHoYo that takes place in the fantasy world of Teyvat, home to seven nations, each of which is tied to a different element and ruled by a different god.

21. Dotwork Green Dragon Tattoo

Dotwork Green Dragon Tattoo

Photo credit: @manualdanualtattoos

Dotwork or Hand-Poked Tattoos are a tattooing process that involves using a single needle to meticulously apply ink into the skin, creating intricate patterns and designs.

This great Hand-Poked Tattoo has a green Dragon in a Minimalistic Dragon Tattoo style.

22. Dancing Green Dragon Tattoo

Dancing Green Dragon Tattoo

Photo credit: @ryuntattoo

If you have a fun-loving personality and love to cut loose every now and then, why not get yourself this Dancing Dragon Tattoo?

This cool little design is done by ryuntattoo who focuses primarily on Dragon Tattoos.

So check out his page for more amazing Designs. 

23. Welsh Green Dragon Harry Potter Tattoo

Welsh Green Dragon Harry Potter Tattoo

Photo credit: @boscolaynetattoo

This Film Tattoo is of the Welsh Green Dragon from the Harry Potter series.

The Welsh Green Dragon first appeared at the Triwizard Tournament in "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire."  

It is one of the Dragons used in the first task of the tournament.

Fleur Delacour, representing Beauxbatons Academy, has to face this dragon and retrieve a golden egg as part of the challenge.

24. Treasure Green Dragon Tattoo

Treasure Green Dragon Tattoo

Photo credit: @stinmaster

One thing European Dragons are associated with is their greedy nature.

They are often depicted watching over their hoards of gold. 

This gold hoard and Dragon serve a narrative purpose, representing a reward and formidable challenge that heroes in myths and stories often conquer.

This cool Green Dragon Tattoo has the Dragon with gold and treasure adorned over its body. 

25. Trogdor V Reptar Tattoo

Trogdor V Reptar Tattoo

Photo credit: @haleytatts

Reptar is the fictional dinosaur from the Rugrats universe.

However, Trogdor, the actual Dragon in this piece, is a character from the web-based cartoon series "Homestar Runner.

He is an S-shaped wingaling dragon with a beefy arm that originated in the Strong Bad Email dragon.

26. Ysera Green Dragon Tattoo

Ysera Green Dragon Tattoo

Photo credit: @jerritattoos

Ysera, known as the Dreamer, is one of the Dragon Aspects from the "Warcraft" universe.

She is the guardian of the Emerald Dream responsible for maintaining and regulating the dream, ensuring the balance of nature and the evolutionary path of the world.

27. Cool Green Dragon Tattoo

Cool Green Dragon Tattoo

Photo credit: @stinmaster

If you have a more laid-back attitude, then you might love this Cool Green Dragon Tattoo.

This cool Tattoo Design is designed to look like an old videogame sprite, complete with his sunglasses and sword in hand. 

28. Nature Green Dragon Tattoo

Nature Green Dragon Tattoo

Photo credit:

Thanks to recent media, Dragons have been given a whole slew of new abilities.

Blue Dragons have water, Yellow Dragons have electricity, and White Dragons have Light Powers, so what kinds of powers do Green Dragons have? Well, nature, of course.

Some modern Green Dragons have control over nature itself, having the ability to recover dead or dying nature and other powers such as wind breath. 

29. Fire Breathing Green Dragon Tattoo

Fire Breathing Green Dragon Tattoo

Photo credit: @neondragontattoo

Of course, you can’t have a Dragon Tattoo list without having a fire-breathing Dragon.

While the first recorded instance of a dragon breathing fire in mythology is not entirely clear, one of the earliest mentions can be found in ancient Mesopotamian literature with the five-headed dragon called Mushussu. 

The Ginkgo Tree’s leaves are known for their distinctive fan-like shape.

These trees have become associated with resilience and longevity due to their ability to grow in some of the harshest environments.

Ginkgos are also incredibly long-lived, with some living for over 1000 years. 

Where To Put Your Green Dragon Tattoo 

Design is one thing, but you also need to consider where to put your potential new Dragon ink to get the best results you’re looking for. So let’s check out some of the best Dragon Tattoo locations.

Arm Tattoos are great for first-timers.

This is one of the least painful locations, and it is also one of the easiest places to show off at a moment's notice. 

This great Dragon Flower Tattoo comes with cherry blossoms that can symbolize life’s fleeting beauty. 

2. Back Green Dragon Tattoo Idea

Back Green Dragon Tattoo Idea

Photo credit:

Back Tattoos are the perfect place for the largest and most detailed Tattoo Designs.

With so much space, you can go as wild as you like with huge designs spanning from your neck to your backside.

But you can also just go for smaller designs too. This Green Dragon Tattoo is amazing and comes with some Chinese characters with it. 

3. Green Dragon Tattoo Idea On Thigh

Green Dragon Tattoo Idea On Thigh

Photo credit: @little_red_tattoos

Thigh Tattoos are a great way to increase your sex appeal.

The Thigh is also a great place to get inked as this area has plenty of fat and muscle that will dampen the pain during the tattooing process.

This is another Dragon Flower Tattoo that pays homage to the Green Dragon’s nature elements. 

4. Foot Green Dragon Tattoo

Foot Green Dragon Tattoo

Photo credit: @threekingstattoo

The foot isn’t advised for first-time tattooers as this is one of the most painful places to get inked.

With so little muscle and fat and very close to the bones, it is going to be an uncomfortable experience.

5. Green Dragon Tattoo On Shoulder

Green Dragon Tattoo On Shoulder

Photo credit: @nobodytattoo

Lastly, the shoulder is another great place for first-time tattooers.

The shoulder is another area with a lot of muscle and fat, so it should make for a less painful experience.

This is yet another great Korean Dragon done by the exceptionally talented Nobodytattoo. 


So ends our tree-mendous trek through the forests of the Green Dragon Tattoo. We hope you found inspiration from these unbe-leaf-able designs.

But hey, if Green Dragons still don’t inspire you, check out these refreshing Blue Dragon Tattoos, these Hot Red Dragon Tattoos, or these shocking Yellow Dragon Tattoos for more inspiration. 

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