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Published on October 1, 2023

For someone who enjoys spending time with Mother Nature, choosing the right tattoo design comes with deep reflection and meditation. Nature tattoos hold a great deal of emotional weight for nature lovers.

These tattoos include animal tattoos, tree tattoos, flower tattoos, sun tattoos, moon tattoos, stars tattoos, water tattoos, and mountain tattoos.

Considering the significance of lilies and butterflies to the natural world, nature lovers are attracted to the appeal of inking one of these symbols on their bodies.

Several lily and butterfly symbols convey different meanings. They appear in different patterns based on what appeals most to you.

Here, we'll list some beautiful lily and butterfly tattoos with their symbolisms and body placement.

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What does Lily and Butterfly tattoos represent?

Lily and Butterfly tattoos mean different things to different people, depending on the context and persons involved.

Lily tattoos, on the one hand, symbolize purity and beauty, while butterfly tattoos, on the other hand, represent change and transformation. 

A lily tattoo is a reminder that beautiful things emerge from difficulties while Butterfly tattoos remind us of the battles we've overcome and risen above.

Symbolism of lily and butterfly tattoos

Symbolism Of Lily And Butterfly Tattoos

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A tattoo that features both a lily and a butterfly could hold a range of meanings. The lily is often seen as a symbol of purity, new beginnings, and strong devotion.

Meanwhile, the butterfly is known to represent change, growth, and transformation. 

When combined in a tattoo, they might stand for a personal journey of self-improvement and change, progressing from a state of innocence and purity (that the lily represents) to a more developed and vibrant self (depicted by the butterfly).

Note that meanings and interpretations may differ based on your experiences for choosing this design.

Transformation and New Beginnings

When you bring a butterfly and a lily together in a tattoo, it can be a way of showing the idea of change and starting fresh.

The butterfly's journey from being a caterpillar to a beautiful flying creature reflects personal growth and transformation. 

The lily, which is often seen as a symbol of purity and starting over, adds to this by suggesting the chance to begin anew.

Essentially, this tattoo could serve as a reminder that growth often involves leaving behind the old and embracing the new.

Balance and Harmony

Balance And Harmony butterfly tattoo

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The soft beauty of a lily and the graceful flight of a butterfly can also stand for finding balance and harmony in life.

The lily symbolizes stability and a sense of calmness, while the butterfly's lightness and ability to move freely in the air represent freedom and adaptability. 

When put together, these symbols might encourage someone to seek a balance between staying grounded and being open to changes that life brings.

Inner and Outer Beauty:

Because the lily is associated with purity and the butterfly is visually striking and colorful, a tattoo like this could suggest a combination of inner and outer beauty.

The lily's simple yet elegant appearance represents an honest and genuine character, while the butterfly's vibrant and captivating look showcases the beauty that's visible on the outside. 

This kind of tattoo could be chosen to remind oneself and others about having a sincere and kind-hearted nature, and also about spreading positivity and happiness to those around us.

Placement and meaning of lily and butterfly tattoos

Here are possible body placements and meanings for lily and butterfly tattoos:


lily and butterfly tattoo on Wrist

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Placing a lily and butterfly tattoo on the wrist could symbolize personal transformation and renewal.

The wrist is a visible area, and the tattoo could serve as a reminder of the wearer's ongoing journey of growth and change. 

The combination of the butterfly's metamorphosis and the lily's purity can convey the idea of embracing positive changes and leaving behind negativity.

Shoulder Blade

flower butterfly tattoo on Shoulder Blade

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A tattoo featuring a lily and butterfly on the shoulder blade could signify freedom and inner beauty. 

The butterfly's flight and the lily's elegance complement each other, suggesting that one's true beauty is not only what's visible on the outside but also a reflection of inner qualities.

This placement is easily concealable and can be a personal reminder of the wearer's values.


butterfly and lily tattoo on ankle

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Placing the tattoo on the ankle could symbolize a journey towards balance and harmony.

The ankle is associated with stability, and the combination of the lily's grounding presence and the butterfly's graceful movement could represent finding equilibrium between stability and adaptability.

This placement could be a reminder to maintain balance in various aspects of life.


butterfly tattoo on collarbone

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A lily and butterfly tattoo on the collarbone could convey the idea of embracing change and new beginnings.

The collarbone is close to the heart, and the combination of the lily's purity and the butterfly's transformation can symbolize letting go of the past and moving forward with a pure heart.

This placement could represent a personal commitment to growth and positivity.

Back Placement

lily tattoo on back

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Placing the tattoo between the shoulder blades on the upper back could symbolize the pursuit of both inner and outer beauty.

The back is associated with strength, and the combination of the lily's simplicity and the butterfly's vibrant colors can suggest that true beauty encompasses both a sincere character and a positive presence.

This placement could serve as a reminder to radiate positivity and authenticity.

Remember, while these interpretations offer possible meanings, the tattoo's significance ultimately depends on the wearer's personal experiences, beliefs, and intentions.

It's better to choose a placement and design that resonates with you on a deep level.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does The Lily And Butterfly Tattoo Mean?

Lily and butterfly tattoos represent beauty and rebirth. On the one hand, Lily symbolizes purity and beauty. On the other hand, the Butterfly symbolizes change and transformation.

What Does A Lily Tattoo Mean?

A Lily tattoo means purity and innocence. It is often associated with the inner beauty of the soul. In a spiritual sense, it signifies that your soul is brimming with boundless goodness and purity.

What Does A Butterfly Tattoo Mean For A Girl?

The butterfly tattoo means freedom, femininity, and change for a girl. The butterfly tattoo is often associated with feminine qualities.

Final thoughts

As an artistic expression, tattoos tell a unique and powerful story that most resonates with us. Lily and butterfly tattoos are a beautiful and versatile way to express your beliefs and values.

The symbolism of these two symbols is rich and varied, and there is no one right way to interpret them. Ultimately, the meaning of a lily and butterfly tattoo is up to the wearer.

Also, they serve as reminders of our struggles and triumphs. Lily and butterfly tattoos may hold different meanings for different people due to their personalities, cultures, and experiences.

You can choose to customize them to suit your preference. Further, they act as coping mechanisms for individuals dealing with emotional and mental issues.

These tattoos help promote positive messages of transformation, hope, rebirth, purity, and new beginnings.

No matter how you prefer to design your lily and butterfly tattoo, it is sure to be a beautiful and meaningful addition to your body art collection.

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