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Published on June 19, 2024

Naruto fans, have you been running over the internet with your arms stretched out behind your back, feeling like the perfect Naruto Design is hiding in the shadows?

Well, fret not. We are here to help you find the perfect Naruto tattoo design, as we’ve got the scrolls to help you unlock your very own ninja way!

Who Is Naruto? 

Naruto is a Japanese manga and anime franchise created by Masashi Kishimoto. Naruto follows the life of Naruto Uzumaki, a Ninja who dreams of becoming his village leader, the Hokage. 

After a powerful beast known as the Nine-Tails attacks the hidden leaf village,  the leader of Konoha and the Fourth Hokage seals the beast inside the body of his newborn son. 

Naruto is shunned by the Konoha's villagers for being host to the beast.

However, due to a decree by the Third Hokage, any mention of the events is forbidden, leading Naruto to grow up never knowing about the incident and the beast dwelling within him.

Naruto would eventually learn of his curse after a renegade Ninja, Mizuki, informs him of it.

However, despite this knowledge, Naruto is more determined than ever to prove himself in his quest to gain respect and become the Hokage. 

32 Naruto Tattoo Designs 

That that we know a little bit about Naruto, let’s check out some of the best Naruto Tattoo Designs the internet has been hiding in the shadows.

1. Naruto Tattoo Idea

Naruto Tattoo Idea

Photo credit: @fantattoo531

Where else could we start than with the titular Naruto himself?

Naruto was an orphan boy whose father sacrificed himself to save his village by sealing the Ninetails within his son Naruto.

Despite his curse and being shunned by other villagers, Naruto has an indomitable spirit and the drive to succeed against all odds.

2. Kakashi Tattoo

Kakashi Tattoo

Photo credit: @gtakazone

Kakashi is one of Konoha's most talented ninjas.

Many look to him for advice and leadership despite his disliking of his own responsibilities. 

Kakashi’s name means "scarecrow" with his surname "Hatake" meaning "farmland/field.”

3. Itachi And Kisame Tattoo

Itachi And Kisame Tattoo

Photo credit: @sebastian_tattoo

Itachi and Kisame are part of the rogue ninja organization Akatsuki.

This Naruto Tattoo is of the time when Itachi and Kisame enter Konoha village in an attempt to locate and capture Naruto Uzumaki.

Their goal is to capture all the tailed beasts to implement their plan of controlling the world by using the immense power of these creatures.

4. Pain Over Konoha Tattoo Idea

Pain Over Konoha Tattoo Idea

Photo credit: @82theinkmachine

During the "Pain's Assault" arc, Pain, whose real name is Nagato, uses his ability to control six bodies to attack Konoha village in an attempt to capture Naruto and fulfill Akatsuki's mission of harnessing the tailed beasts' power.

The destruction of Konoah ends with Naruto persuading Nagato to believe in his vision of breaking the cycle of hatred through understanding and forgiveness.

5. Might Guy Eight Gates Tattoo

Might Guy Eight Gates Tattoo

Photo credit: @gerardo.tattoos

Might Guy is a jōnin of Konohagakure and a master of taijutsu.

One of Might Guy's signature techniques is the eight gates, a move taught to him at a young age by his Father.

This technique involves opening eight specific points along the body's chakra system, called gates, which normally limit the flow of chakra to prevent early death.

Might Guy used his eight gate technique against Madara Uchiha, leaving him with permanent damage as a result. 

6. Kaguya Tattoo

Kaguya Tattoo

Photo credit:

Kaguya was the first wielder of chakra on earth, gaining the power by betraying her clan and consuming the God Tree’s Fruit.

After consuming the God Tree's fruit, Kaguya gained immense powers, which she used to bring an end to the constant wars plaguing the human population of her time.

However, over time, she grew accustomed to her powers becoming tyrannical and oppressive. 

7. The Shinigami Tattoo

The Shinigami Tattoo

Photo credit: @raul_de_la_o_tattoo

The Shinigami is a force summoned in the Naruto series used to perform specific, powerful sealing techniques.

When used, The Shinigami reaches through the user's body to pull out the soul of whoever is being sealed and then consumes it, trapping both the user's and the target's souls within its stomach.

8. 8-bit Naruto Tattoo

8-bit Naruto Tattoo

Photo credit:

If you love 8bit Tattoos, then you need to check out

8-bit refers to a style of digital technology where each unit of data (byte) is eight bits long.

This 8-bit Naruto Tattoo has Naruto surrounded by some lovely 8-bit Butterfly Tattoos.

9. Itachi Crow’s Tattoo

Itachi Crow’s Tattoo

Photo credit: @viniciuscalfone

Itachi frequently uses his crows to perform powerful illusionary techniques known as genjutsu.

Itachi can use his crows for many things, such as using them as a substitute for himself so he can escape from harm's way, such as the time he was captured by Naruto only to dissolve into a murder of crows. 

10. Naruto Life Tattoo

Naruto Life Tattoo

Photo credit: @animetattooideas

If you love the story of Naruto, particularly Naruto’s life, consider getting a Tattoo showcasing Naruto's growth from a boy to the Hokage.

This great Naruto Tattoo shows each stage of Naruto's life, from a young boy, his Genin era, Shippuden era, and finally, as a man as the village Hokage.  

11. Fine-Line Naruto Tattoo

Fine-Line Naruto Tattoo

Photo credit: @piratetwanoo

If you love Fine-Line Tattoos, then check out this amazing Fine-Line Itachi Tattoo by piratetwanoo.

Piratetwanoo focuses primarily on amazing amine-inspired Fine-Line Tattoos with incredible detailing.

12. Naruto And Gamabunta Tattoo

Naruto And Gamabunta Tattoo

Photo credit:

Gamabunta is the chief toad of Mount Myōboku.

Gamabunta is a grumpy and apathetic toad who dislikes taking orders yet has a deep sense of honor and bravery. 

Naruto summoned Gamabunta during his training with Jiraiya, but Gamabunta refused to acknowledge Naruto as his master until he proved his determination and strength of will.

13. Sasuke vs Naruto Tattoo

Sasuke vs Naruto Tattoo

Photo credit: @playink_anime

One of, if not the most iconic moments in the Naruto franchise is the clash between Sasuke and Naturo.

Naruto and Sasuke first clash when Sasuke leaves Konoha village to seek power from Orochimaru with the aim of avenging his clan by killing his brother, Itachi.

Naruto pursues him, determined to bring him back to the village and save him from his path of darkness.

In their second fight, Sasuke, having learned the history of his clan, takes on all the hatred himself and combines the power of the tailed beasts, intending to destroy and remake the ninja world, with Naruto fighting to bring him back to his senses. 

14. Jiraiya, Minato, Naruto Tattoo

 Jiraiya, Minato, Naruto Tattoo

Photo credit: @ink.ray

Jiraiya, or the Toad Sage, is one of the legendary Sannin of Konoha.

Known for his perverted humor, he has a deep sense of honor and incredible ninja skills.

Minato Namikaze, or "Yellow Flash" due to his incredible speed, was the fourth Hokage of Konoha and the father of Naruto Uzumaki.

15. Manga Panel Naruto Tattoo

Manga Panel Naruto Tattoo

Photo credit: @tattoogo_studio

If you read the manga, then you will probably like this super cool Manga Panel Naruto Tattoo.

Manga Panels Tattoos Are a great way to pay homage to the Naruto series, and you can select any manga panel that speaks to you the most. 

16. Kunai Tattoo

Kunai Tattoo

Photo credit: @javisan_tattoos

The Kunai is one of the most iconic weapons in the Naruto series.

In reality, the Kunai was a multifunctional tool used in Japan for agriculture and construction.  

Its availability and ease of use made it a convenient choice for ninjas, who often had to disguise their weapons as everyday objects.

17. Kistune Naruto Tattoo

Kistune Naruto Tattoo

Photo credit:

In Japanese folklore, the Kitsune are magical beings revered for their intelligence.

They were often associated with Inari, the Shinto deity of rice, fertility, and prosperity.

Kitsune are believed to possess the power to ward off evil, bringing blessings and protection to those they favor.

This Kitsune Tattoo, shows the Kitsune holding a charm with the Naruto symbol.

18. Obito Tattoo

Obito Tattoo

Photo credit: @y.o.u_tattoo

Obito is originally introduced as a deceased member of Team Minato.

During a mission in the Third Great Ninja War, Obito was crushed by a boulder while saving Kakashi and believed his death was imminent.

However, Obito was saved and went on to become Madara Uchiha, the shadowy manipulator behind many of the series' significant events.

19. Sakura Tattoo

Sakura Tattoo

Photo credit: @bluebirdtattooshop

Sakura displays one of the best growths in the Naruto franchise, going from being a relatively ordinary kunoichi to becoming one of the most powerful ninjas in her village.

Sakura’s journey reflects the series' message that strength comes in many forms, including physical power, emotional resilience, and the capacity to heal and support others.

20. Chibi Kakashi Tattoo

Chibi Kakashi Tattoo

Photo credit:

If you love Naruto Tattoos but would prefer them to be a little bit cuter, think about getting a Chibi Naruto Tattoo.

Chibi is a Japanese slang word describing something short or small and is often used in anime and manga to refer to a style of drawing characters in a cute, childlike, and exaggerated way.

21. Ninetails Tattoo

Ninetails Tattoo

Photo credit: @hwanho_tt

The Ninetails Kurama is one of the nine Tailed Beasts that were created from the chakra of the Ten-Tails, the primordial entity in the Naruto series.

During the series, Kurama transitions from a malevolent force to a sympathetic character who is a vital ally to the protagonist, Naruto. 

22. Hinata Tattoo

Hinata Tattoo

Photo credit:

Hinata is a kunoichi and the former heiress of the Hyūga clan.

During her youth, Hinata struggled with low self-esteem and a lack of confidence in her abilities, partly due to the high expectations placed on her as the heiress of the Hyuga clan and the harsh treatment from her father.

Her admiration for Naruto's perseverance and unyielding spirit to prove himself inspires her to overcome her insecurities and strive to become stronger.

23. Rock Lee Tattoo

Rock Lee Tattoo

Photo credit: @jptronwalker

Rock Lee is one of the most beloved characters in the Naruto franchise.

Although incapable of using ninjutsu or genjutsu and instead specializes in taijutsu, the martial arts aspect of ninja techniques.

Rock Lee is characterized by his "springtime of youth," a philosophy that emphasizes hard work, perseverance, and a positive spirit.

If it wasn’t immediately apparent from his name and appearance, Rock Lee is inspired by martial arts master Bruce Lee.

24. Gaara Tattoo

Gaara Tattoo

Photo credit:

Gaara began his journey in the Naruto franchise as a villain before evolving into a beloved leader and ally.

As a child, Gaara was shunned and feared by his fellow villagers due to having the One-Tail, Shukaku sealed within him before birth.

Gaara developed a defensive and violent personality, believing that he could only justify his existence by killing anyone who challenged him until his defeat at the hands of Naruto questions his own path and purpose.

25. Naruto vs Pain Fight Tattoo

Naruto vs Pain Fight Tattoo

Photo credit: @rhodsontattoos

Naruto vs Pain is one of the most iconic moments in the Naruto franchise, acting as the culmination of several key narrative threads, including the ideologies of peace, justice, and the cycle of hatred.

Despite the seriousness of the fight, the anime version of this battle has gone down in infamy because of the animation choices made, which some fans claim have a ‘Looney Tunes’ quality to it.

This frame is from when Pain screams, “My pain is greater than yours”

26. Eye Naruto Tattoos

Eye Naruto Tattoos

Photo credit:

Some characters in Naruto possess unique eyes known as "dōjutsu," which grant them supernatural abilities.

The main dōjutsu featured in the series are the Sharingan, Byakugan,  Rinnegan, and Rinne Sharingan.

These powers grant abilities such as casting powerful illusions, X-ray vision, controlling beings remotely, and trapping the entire world in an illusion.

27. Clan Marks

Clan Marks

Photo credit: @tatu.naruto

The clan marks represent the heritage of the various ninja clans.

These marks are incorporated into clothing, accessories, or even used as body markings. 

These symbols are significant as they denote clan identity and are a source of pride for their members. 

28. Naruto Cross Over Tattoo

Naruto Cross Over Tattoo

Photo credit: @animemasterink

If you want to express your love for more than just one of your favorite animes, consider getting a Cross Over Anime Tattoo.

This cross-over tattoo has four different series within it, having a One Piece Tattoo in the form of Luffys hat, a Dragon Ball Tattoo in the form of the four-star Dragonball, a Naruto Tattoo in the form of Narutos headband, and a Bleach Tattoo in Ichigo’s sword. 

29. Demon Slayer X Naruto Tattoo

Demon Slayer X Naruto Tattoo

Photo credit: @delikat_ink

Another great Naruto Cross Over Anime Tattoo is to have a Naruto-inspired kunai attached to a sword from Demon Slayer.

This Demon Slayer Tattoo is of a Nichiren sword, a sword given to all members of the Demon Slayer corpse used to kill demons.

These swords can change in color if the wielder has a certain amount of skill. 

30. Simpsons X Naruto Tattoo

Simpsons X Naruto Tattoo

Photo credit: @jokekpc

You don’t just have to settle with anime cross-overs.

This Cartoon Tattoo is of Bart Simpson from The Simpsons franchise cosplaying as Naruto in his sage mode outfit.

The Simpsons is an American animated sitcom created by Matt Groening based around the Simpsons, a dysfunctional middle-class American family.

31. Gravity Falls X Naruto Tattoo

Gravity Falls X Naruto Tattoo

Photo credit: @animemasterink

Another Anime x Cartoon cross over tattoo, this time with Waddles from the Gravity Falls series.

Waddles is the fifteen-pound pig that Mable won at the Mystery Fair.

In an episode of Gravity Falls named ‘Little Gift Shop Of Horrors,’ Waddles eats a brain-enhancing jelly making him highly intelligent, and is guest voiced by Neil deGrasse Tyson. 

32. Pokemon X Naruto Tattoo

Pokemon X Naruto Tattoo

Photo credit: @bjrhines

Lastly, you can cross over Naruto with a video game.

This Video Game Tattoo has Pikachu cosplaying as Kakashi.

Pikachu is the beloved mascot for the Pokemon franchise, a video game series that ballooned into a massive media franchise that now currently sits as the highest-grossing media franchise of all time. 

Where To Get Your Naruto Tattoo 

Now that you’ve seen some of the best Naruto Tattoo Designs, let’s check out some of the best locations to place your Naruto Tattoo. 

1. Naruto Tattoo On Forearm

Naruto Tattoo On Forearm

Photo credit: @sefi_tattoo

The Forearm is also one of the easiest places to tattoo and has the least pain, so it’s a great choice for first-time tattooers.

It is also a great place to get Tattooed if you want to show it off as often as possible, as the forearm is usually not covered or is easily shown off by rolling up your sleeves.

This cool Naruto Tattoo is of Itachi’s eye. 

2. Naruto Tattoo On Shoulder Idea

Naruto Tattoo On Shoulder Idea

Photo credit: @ibf2

The Shoulder is another great place for first-time tattooers.

The Shoulder has a lot of fat and muscle, which will protect your nerves leading to less overall pain.

This Naruto Shoulder Tattoo is of the Cursed Seal Pattern.

A Cursed Seal gives increased chakra levels and physical capabilities when the seal is active.

3. Naruto Tattoo Idea On Back

Naruto Tattoo Idea On Back

Photo credit: @lotussink

The Back is the best place for your Tattoo if you’re serious about your chosen design and want to go all out with it.

The Back also has a lot of fat, tissue, and fewer nerve endings, resulting in less pain.

However, certain areas, such as near the spinal cord will feel more painful.

This Naruto Back Tattoo is of Karuma, the Ninetail Fox. 

4. Wrist Naruto Tattoo Idea

Wrist Naruto Tattoo Idea

Photo credit: @tattoosbybigoz

The Wrist is another excellent place for your Naruro Tattoo.

Depending on the tattoo design you choose, the wrist can be extremely elegant or powerful.

The wrist can be painful, particularly on the inner wrist close to your nerves and veins.

This Wrist Tattoo is of the Eight Trigram Divination Seal, used to seal a large enemy or an evil spirit, into a target, such as an object or a human's body.

This is the very seal used to seal Karuma into Naruto. 

5. Chest Naruto Tattoo

Chest Naruto Tattoo

Photo credit: @misatattoos

Lastly, the Chest is another great spot for your Naruto Tattoo.

For men, the pectoral muscle offers a lot of protection from pain depending on how much muscle mass or fat you have on the area, while for women, the Tattoo Design can be obscured by the breasts, so you might need to get clever with your design taking advantage of your anatomy.

This Chest Tattoo is of both Karuma and the Uchiha clan avatar Susanoo. 


As we wind down our ninja scroll of our Naruto Tattoo Designs, remember that every ink you choose is a step towards mastering your own shinobi story.

So, unleash your inner Hokage, and let these tattoos tell a tale of courage and endurance. Because, after all, isn't life all about finding your path, just like Naruto did? Believe it!

But hey, if Naruto Tattoo Designs still don't inspire you, maybe rather than the Nintetails, you’d like some other Mythological Tattoo ideas, or if you loved Obito’s mask but would prefer a different style, check out our Japanese Mask Tattoos,
or for another type of Japanese mythical creature, check out our Japanese Dragon Tattoo Designs

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