35 Beautiful Leg Tattoo Ideas for Women

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Published on May 10, 2023

Want to ink your legs but don’t know what tattoo designs to choose? If that is so, then you have landed at the right place. This blog will share 35 beautiful leg tattoo ideas for women and their significance.

With thousands of tattoo designs available, choosing the right leg tattoo isn’t an easy task. Before you choose a tattoo design for your leg, you must know its value and, most importantly, its pattern. So, without further ado, let’s start our list.

1. Patterned Leg Tattoo Ideas For Women

Patterned Leg Tattoo Ideas For Women

Source: stayglam.com

Patterned tattoos can be adorned almost every part of the body. If you love to have beautiful patterns extended all over the leg, go for these types of leg tattoos. Additionally, if you want, you can have the toes and feet inked in the same patterns as the leg.

Patterned tattoos on the leg are a symbol of elegance. You can try recreating these leg tattoos while experimenting with different tattoo designs on your legs and feet. These tattoos cover the whole leg, similarly to a full-leg sleeve tattoo.

2. Bright Floral Tattoo

Bright Floral Tattoo

Source: twitter.com

If you are a huge fan of florals and colors, you must go for some bright floral leg tattoos. The pattern here is not your ordinary black and white florals. Instead, a floral tattoo features a burst of colorful flowers, most usually carved on the calf.

Those who don't want leg tattoos on their calf can also have these bright floral leg tattoos as thigh tattoos. Also, ensure you have enough space before going for these bright floral tattoos.

3. Cool Parrot

Cool Parrot tattoo ideas on leg

Source: pinterest.ph

This leg tattoo idea is something you should look at if you like tattoo patterns that have birds. Cool parrot leg tattoos can cover a significant portion of the leg, especially the upper thigh.

You can also try encircling the parrot with flowers, tropical plants, and other things to have something more fun.

Keep it low-key with black shades, or you can always add some bold shades parrots are known for.

4. Minimalist Leg Tattoos

Minimalist Leg Tattoos

Source: preview.ph

Some simple leg tattoos can never go out of fashion. You can have these simple leg tattoos on any part of your body, including the upper thigh, and let it speak for itself. You can try inking a tiny arrow in the black shade on the calf or have it as a thigh tattoo.

If the arrow isn't sufficient for you, try getting an embellished arrow with dots and geometric tattoo designs on the upper thigh.

Such tiny leg tattoos nowadays are considered a statement symbol as people of every age can rock them, and it is a popular thigh tattoo idea.

Apart from looking elegant, the best thing about these minimalist leg tattoos is that you can position them anywhere on the leg.

The plus point about these simple thigh tattoos for women is that they are rated low on a pain scale.

5. Magnolia Flower

Magnolia Flower tattoo ideas for women

Source: pinterest.ph

The magnolia flower leg tattoos offer various meanings based on their colors, according to Chinese and Japanese tradition.

There are various forms of magnolia flowers, and each has a different meaning, but mostly they are associated with innocence, simplicity, and love.

Generally, magnolia flower leg tattoos for women with sketches are more popular than those with colors. You can extend this botanical tattoo all over the leg or have one tiny flower on the calf.

6. Lion And Flowers Thigh Tattoo

Lion And Flowers Thigh Tattoo

Source: pinterest.ph

Among another amazing leg tattoos is this lion surrounded by surreal flowers and garlands. This lovely lion design is usually inked on the thigh, but you can also have it on some other leg part.

However, lion and flower tattoos are usually preferred as thigh tattoos and are among the best leg tattoos.

The lion and flower leg tattoos for women are beautiful tattoo designs that stand for courage, power, loyalty, and other fierce traits.

Either go with a simple lion design or pick a trendy lion with some roses; regardless, it will look fantastic.

7. Water Colored Flowers

Water Colored Flowers tattoo on leg

Source: pinterest.ph

Water-colored flower leg tattoos can be your new best friend if you are searching for colorful women's thigh tattoos.

You can get this thigh tattoo with a single water-colored flower that seems like a canvas filled with lovely pink flowers. People usually like a single thigh tattoo ideas for the watercolor magnolia flower tattoos.

A bunch of water-colored flower leg tattoos will stand out in the crowd due to their refreshing hues.

You can either make leg tattoos similar to the one described here or use a bunch of flowers for your watercolor tattoo. A fun way is to outline flowers using black ink and fill them with desired colors.

8. Leg Sleeve

Leg Sleeve tattoo ideas

Source: savedtattoo.com

Leg sleeve leg tattoos are stylish and eye-catching and a good way to express your creativity.

Here the best suggestion is to stick to a particular theme or style to make the artwork appear neat and organized.

However, full-leg tattoos have some drawbacks, including the time-consuming process that requires you to be seated for hours, and they are obviously expensive.

9. Black Rose Thigh Tattoos

Black Rose Thigh Tattoos

Source: pinterest.ph

A black rose leg tattoo is perfect for the summer because it will elevate your beach outfit. It is another famous thigh tattoo for women.

You can place these leg tattoos just above the ankle or at the side of your thigh, and it would look regardless of your chosen position. as a side thigh tattoo, this pattern will not require extensive space.

The Black rose is a gorgeous tattoo as a thigh tattoo and is becoming increasingly popular among women of every age group.

Traditionally most people would like to get a few black shaded rose leg tattoos, but you can also change the color and techniques.

You can choose among rose patterns, from dot work to block color or any statement-making design. A sketchy black rose is usually preferred with light shading, and it looks elegant too.

10. Black Mandala

Black Mandala leg tattoo ideas for women

Source: pinterest.ph

Go for these kinds of bold leg tattoos if you enjoy mandala patterns. Many cultures use Mandala tattoo designs to symbolize perfection, balance, and eternity.

You can rock these huge stunning mandala leg tattoos on the thigh or have them as a side thigh tattoo.

If you don't prefer a simple mandala pattern, try adorning it with dangling charms. Mandala patterns can also be tattooed using white ink that gives the pattern this chic and bold design.

Mandala leg tattoos can also be inked on the back of the leg or at the side of your upper thigh by a tattoo artist.

Because mandala leg tattoos for women are known to extend a bit, they are not suggested as an ankle or shin tattoo. Additionally, remember that beautiful tattoos with mandalas are rated as high on a pain scale.

11. Phoenix

Phoenix leg tattoo ideas

Source: askideas.com

A phoenix leg tattoo symbolizes the cycles of life and death. Tattoo artists believe that a phoenix rises from the ashes of its predecessor, so it is connected to rebirth, new beginnings, and renewal.

Getting a phoenix leg tattoo is one of the great tattoos for women to cover the shin area. They can also be easily covered if you work in a corporate circle or during warmer months. You can simply wear shorts to flaunt this piece of art.

A Phoenix tattoo can start from the upper leg and extend to the ankle's end. This full-leg tattoo is a way to show that you have been through a difficult time in your life and have come out as a stronger person.

12. Scattered Birds

Scattered Birds tattoo design

Source: pinterest.ph

A pattern having a tree branch with tiny birds scattered around at the side of the leg would seem wonderful if you are into simple leg tattoos or simple thigh tattoos.

For this pattern, you must use shades of black to achieve that delicate look. Such leg tattoos are mostly accompanied by line work that usually lacks color.

13. Knee Area Pattern

Knee Area Pattern tattoo

Source: cafemom.com

If you are into something unique, you can go for the knee area pattern tattoo. You can try inking either one or both knees. The knee area pattern is among increasingly popular trends for small leg tattoos.

Before you sit in the chair, you should be aware that this part of your leg hurts more than others because of the structure of the leg bones. 

Wrapping a leafy or botanical band pattern around your knee will draw attention to its rounded shape while not completely encircling it.

14. Wings On The Back Of Leg

Wings On The Back Of Leg tattoo

Source: pinterest.ph

You can get your next tattoo in a great place on the back of the leg. And if you want an intimate tattoo, try to have it on your leg's upper thigh.

Due to the cushioning effects of the thick skin, fat, and muscle in these areas, pain levels might be a bit lower.

You can also cover the entire back of your leg in a large, intricate design, but avoid getting inked on the inner thigh because these leg tattoos hurt and can be uncomfortable.

However, this discomfort feels amazing for some women because they view it as a sign of strength.

15. Geometric Patterns

Geometric Patterns leg tattoo

Source: tattoogrid.net

Women who want an expressive and contemporary leg design should consider getting geometric leg tattoos.

These pieces concentrate on the lines and shapes, producing an intriguing pattern that evokes serenity and symmetry.

Any image can be tattooed; however, some women prefer to incorporate geometric shapes into recognizable images, such as half a realistic wolf and half geometric shapes. Others prefer a more abstract inking style to create a stunning pattern.

These pieces are usually made using black ink and can be large or small, depending on how detailed you want them to be.

Legs can be a great placement to experiment with different geometrical patterns because it gives you enough room to experiment with creativity.

16. Tree Forest

Tree Forest leg tattoo ideas

Source: pinterest.ph

If you are a nature lover, what could be a better leg tattoo design than a tree forest? Your artwork can depict anything, such as a grouping of your favorite plants and trees or a scene from a campground you enjoyed visiting.

The plus point of a tree life leg tattoo is that it can be easily concealed or flaunted and is low to moderately painful.

17. Full Leg Pattern

Full Leg Pattern tattoo

Source: pinterest.ph

If you want to ditch all those traditional leg tattoos and want to go out of the way, consider getting the entire leg inked.

You can make a fantastic illustration using a full leg pattern leg tattoo. This full-leg pattern can also make up one of the best leg tattoos for women.

In the full leg pattern tattoo, your leg is inked from the upper leg or upper thigh to the ankle.

your tattoo artist might recommend this tattoo only if you are prepared for a long-term commitment.

You can try out various pre-existing patterns or generate your own design. Try to be as imaginative as you like by thinking of it as a sleeve.

18. Mandala Owl

Mandala Owl tattoo ideas

Source: pinterest.ph

An owl symbolizes knowledge, magic, and mysticism. Moreover, some people also believe it to be a lucky charm. The species you decide to draw can also slightly change the meaning of your tattoo.

A realistic owl tattoo is an option, or you get creative with color and go for a bright, eye-catching design.

19. Leg Vine

Leg Vine tattoo designs

Source: pinterest.ph

A leg vine tattoo is an awesome addition to your leg tattoo collection. You can have the vine wrap around the entire leg or just a portion of it, producing a piece that looks like an anklet.

Symbolically, vines are connected to tenacity, strength, and survival. Make sure you have decided whether you want the leg vine tattoo using colored or black ink; both options work well, so the choice comes down to preference.

20. Bright Sunflower

Bright Sunflower tattoo on leg

Source: inkme.tattoo

You could never go wrong with a bright sunflower tattoo on your leg. A bright sunflower leg tattoo gives your leg this bold and sophisticated look.

If you don't want to be extra, you can keep it small and straightforward; it will still look fantastic.

To showcase this bloom's beauty fully, it is advised to have your sunflower done in colored ink.

Symbolically, a sunflower is connected to optimism, hope, and eternal love. Sunflowers are also tattooed by people who want to demonstrate their dedication to their faith.

21. Colorful Tiny Roses

Colorful Tiny Roses tattoo on leg women

Source: th-ink.co.uk

Previously we told you about a black rose leg tattoo, but this small leg tattoo is another amazing small leg tattoo.

Even though the black one has its own charm, if you are into something colorful, try having a bunch of tiny red roses at the side of your leg.

You can experiment with shades of pink and red and create a beautiful and delicate masterpiece.

22. Beautiful Butterfly

Beautiful Butterfly leg tattoo women

Source: theyou.com

Butterfly leg tattoos are among the most popular choices for women to get inked because they are attractive and wholesome at the same time. Symbolically, a butterfly tattoo represents joy, love, and immortality.

People also get butterfly leg tattoos to represent a time of change or transition in their life or to remind them that they can achieve anything constantly.

When designing your piece, you have a lot of flexibility in choosing the design and the number of butterflies.

23. Pretty Cat Tattoo

Pretty Cat Tattoo tattoo on leg

Source: pinterest.ph

If you love cats and want to incorporate them into your leg tattoo pattern, then go for this pretty cat leg tattoo.

You can think of this pattern for shin as a combination of various patterns and a cute winking cat.

It's a cool tattoo, and the cat has a mystical touch to it. This is one unique and ideal leg tattoo if you are into cats.

24. Mini Dream Catcher

Mini Dream Catcher

Source: tattooeasily.com

A dreamcatcher serves a symbolic purpose in addition to being a lovely object.

People usually have a dreamcatcher leg tattoo to protect themselves from bad luck and negative vibes.

Because the details are carved artfully, it works best in areas that are big enough, like the thighs or shin. You can try personalizing your artwork with feathers, flowers, birds, and colors.

25. Daring Wolf

Daring Wolf tattoo

Source: theyou.com

Here is another animal tattoo that itself is trendy and, of course, exclusive. A daring wolf leg tattoo includes a wolf surrounded by intricate florals.

One can describe this tattoo as a wolf having his half face composed of flowers, while the other half is exactly as you would anticipate.

You can adorn this beautiful wolf tattoo on the thigh. It also represents your feminine and joyful side while depicting your strength and independence.

Daring wolf showcases a balance between strength and fragility. You can either go for a simple or daring wolf; in the end, it depends on your personal preference.

26. Sexy Leg

Sexy Leg tattoo ideas

Source: stayglam.com

If you are searching for adorning a seductive pattern around your upper legs, go for a sexy leg tattoo that includes several extensive patterns. Get a tattoo that complements your body's natural curves.

You might even think about going for a leg or thigh-to-butt tattoo. Add hanging details to the tattoo to make it stand out and stick to the black ink.

27. Cobra Leg

Cobra Leg tattoo ideas for women

Source: pinterest.ph

Cobras can represent sin, temptation, and evil, but at the same time, they are connected to rebirth and change.

Cobra as a leg tattoo is also used as a symbol of protection and good fortune. You can add flowers and butterflies to give them a softer appearance.

The best way to adorn a cobra leg tattoo is to wrap it around the limb and pair it up with leaves and roses.

28. Flower Anklet

Flower Anklet tattoo ideas

Source: stayglam.com

Flower ankle tattoos can be a perfect leg tattoo when you want to rock that beach body in the summer.

You can play with tiny flowers linked with garlands and leaves wrapped around the ankle. Here you can use black ink or be creative and use colored ink to make it appear as a floral loop.

29. Tiny Daisy

Tiny Daisy tattoo on women leg

Source: pinterest.ph

A tiny daisy leg tattoo is another small tattoo design if you are fond of hidden leg tattoos. This type of tattoo is usually inked on the back of the calf or just above the ankle.

To make these ankle tattoos appear simple and elegant, have a simple daisy flower with black ink.

You can also experiment with colors, but this tiny daisy is associated with simplicity, so try not to overdo it.

This is among the best-hidden tattoo ideas for women because your ink will be clearly visible when it's warm; when it's cold, it will belong to you only.

30. Hidden Thigh Rose

Hidden Thigh Rose tattoo

Source: pinterest.ph

Place a small tattoo in the center of your thigh, where it will stand out the most, and when you stand, it will draw attention to itself. That is how a hidden tattoo must be to give the tattoo a minimal feel.

31. Horizontal Landscape

Horizontal Landscape tattoo

Source: thestyleup.com

A horizontal landscape tattoo for the leg is another minimal and intricate idea for the leg area. Get a horizontal tattoo to alter the shape of the leg drastically.

With its medium-thin black lines and straightforward shapes, this one-of-a-kind landscape design keeps things very simple yet exciting.

32. Japanese Leg Tattoo

Japanese Leg Tattoo

Source: tattoo-ideas.com

The appearance of the Japanese leg tattoo design is very distinctive. It is known as irezumi and features strong, vivid colors with traditional or folkloric themes. These patterns are attention-grabbing and will result in an eye-catching tattoo.

Koi fish, which stands for perseverance, floral artwork like the cherry blossom, and mythical creatures like the dragon are examples of popular tattoo images. You can combine several images or concentrate on just one to create a full-leg sleeve.

Japanese leg tattoos are practical for the leg area mainly because of the extensive space available. You can also cover this leg tattoo if you work in a corporate setting where body art is discouraged.

33. Sexy Chandelier

Sexy Chandelier tattoo ideas

Source: nextluxury.com

One of the most intricate and well-detailed leg tattoos is this sexy chandelier thigh tattoo. A sexy chandelier leg tattoo represents elegance and purity.

You can try experimenting with a large, exquisite chandelier that supports candles or light bulbs and other decorative elements like chains, crystals, and pearls.

34. Beauty And The Beast

Beauty And The Beast leg tattoo

Source: pinterest.ph

Disney fans must get these beauty and the beast leg tattoos. This is such a cool tattoo idea for the lower leg. You can experiment with an enchanted mirror having a picture of the Beast and Belle.

To make it appealing, you can add roses all around the exterior. Remember one thing: that beast and the beauty leg tattoo is time-consuming body art and is most suitable as a thigh tattoo or lower leg tattoo.

Bottom Line

If you're thinking of going for a leg tattoo, be sure to go for the one that best fits you. Leg tattoos are frequently a striking depiction of a compelling untold story.

You can ask someone who has leg tattoos all over them about the meaning behind them if you've ever met them.

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