Sensational Blue Dragon Tattoo Ideas

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Published on May 10, 2023

Are you scouring the depths, desperately searching for inspiration for a Blue Dragon Tattoo idea? Well, it may come as a surprise to you that there are many designs and interpretations to choose from, and you’re in the right place.

Unlike a shipwreck after an attack from a Sea Dragon, we won't leave you adrift. 

Blue Dragon Meanings

Dragons are mythical creatures that people have worshipped and told stories of for thousands of years.

They have many forms, from God-like beings who bring good fortune, to terrifying beasts that need to be vanquished.

Not only do tales of Dragons vary, likewise so do their colors. Blue is one of the most infrequent colors in nature but has had many things associated with it throughout the centuries, like sadness, peace, confidence, and authority. But what significance does the color blue have with Dragons? 

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With many cultures and many interpretations, Blue Dragons can have a variety of different meanings.

For example, in Chinese culture, the Blue or Azure Dragon represents power, strength, the approach of Spring, and new life.

Whereas in Japanese culture, the blue Dragon represents protection, success, harmony, and peace, to name a few.

And because Vietnam is close to the ocean, with rich aquatic products and beautiful scenery, it was named the Blue Dragon Country.

Thanks to modern media, Blue Dragons have a variety of different meanings now also. Sadness, the Sky, the Ocean, Ice, Lightning, Gem powers, you name it, then media interpretation probably already has it covered. 

If you’re interested in Dragon Tattoos, or specifically Blue Dragon Tattoos, and looking for inspiration, then we’re here to help.

Let’s dive in and take a look at some of the best Blue Dragon Tattoos we could find. 

11 Best Designs For Blue Dragon Tattoos

There is no lack of exciting and gorgeous Dragon Tattoos, but let's take a look at Blue Dragon Tattoos specifically. Here are some of our favorites, but these are just a ripple upon the surface. 

1. Chinese Blue Dragon Tattoo

Chinese Blue Dragon Tattoo

Photo credit: Pinterest

Beginning where it all started, the Azure, Blue or 青龍 ( Qinglong) Chinese Dragon is the Dragon God of the east and of the essence of spring. It was on the national flag of China during the Qing dynasty, 1889-1912.

The Chinese Blue Dragon represents growth, nature, health, and peace. This beautiful Blue Dragon Tattoo is done in a traditional Chinese art style with clouds and flames.

You can tell a Chinese Dragon from a Japanese Dragon by the number of claws they have. Chinese mostly have between 4 and 5 while Japanese almost always have 3. 

2. Blue Dragon with Florals Tattoo

Blue Dragon with Florals Tattoo

Photo credit:

For a bit more feminine grace, why not add flowers to your Blue Dragon Tattoo? Dragon Flower Tattoos combine the symbolism of the Dragon and the Flower, allowing you to have a dual yet synergetic meaning in your ink depending on the type of flower and color of your Dragon.

For example, this Blue Dragon Tattoo with what I think are cherry blossoms are both symbols of Spring forming a connection between the pair.

This Blue Dragon Tattoo also has beautiful watercolor detailing on its tail and aura. 

3. European Blue Dragon Tattoo

European Blue Dragon Tattoo

Photo credit: @vanzotattoo

Away from the traditional Asian Dragon Tattoo design, you can also go for the European Dragon with wings in blue.

There is no significance to the color in a historical sense when it comes to the colors of European-style Dragons, so it’s entirely up to you, be it to express the color of the sky, loneliness, or whatever blue might mean to you.

This gorgeous brush stroke Blue Dragon Tattoo is sublime, particularly the almost transparent quality of the wings. 

4. Cute Blue Dragon Tattoo

Cute Blue Dragon Tattoo

Photo credit:

If you love Dragons but aren’t keen on looking too ferocious, just go for a Cute Dragon Tattoo.

There’s been a trend of turning deadly creatures into cuter, more loveable renditions, and this Blue Dragon Tattoo is no different.

This little guy seems to have turned in the fire, breathing for something a little less threatening with his bubble breath. I especially like how he holds his bubble ring with the end of his tail. 

5. Tribal Blue Dragon Tattoo

Tribal Blue Dragon Tattoo idea

Photo credit: Styles At Life

Tribal Tattoos come from a wide range of indigenous and traditional cultures throughout the globe, focusing on geometric and repeating shapes with symmetry.

While there are no records of any authentic Tribal Dragon Tattoos, it doesn't mean you can't opt for one yourself. You can choose a European-style Dragon like here or go for a more traditional Asian style instead.

6. Watercolor Dragon Tatoo 

Watercolor Dragon Tattoo ideas

Photo credit:

Blue is the color of the sea, and water comes from the sea, so what better idea for a Blue Dragon Tattoo is there than one made of watercolor?

This design is in the shape of a traditional Chinese Dragon, yet you can see it has more aquatic appendages similar to that of a Hydra.

This Blue Dragon looks ethereal, with the contents of its body looking like it’s made from underwater kelp.

7. Water Dragon Tattoo Ideas

Water Dragon Tattoo Ideas

Photo credit: Tattoodo

While Dragons were almost always associated with the sky, modern interpretations have given Dragons a whole slew of features and abilities.

One of these features is its ability to swim or turn into water. The Watercolor Aquatic Blue Dragon Tattoo is absolutely beautiful.

This Dragon looks like it’s lived under the sea for millennia and looks like it is perfectly adapted to life underwater.  

8. Blue Dragon with Sword Tattoo

Water Dragon with a Sword Tattoo

Photo credit: Instagram

A Dragon and sword symbolizes how the strength of the Dragon is imbued into the body of the sword. It’s perfect for those who like Japanese or Chinese warrior culture.

This Sword Dragon Tattoo is especially cool with its water Dragon design coming from Demon Slayer series protagonist Tanjiro Kamado.

Tanjiro's ultimate move is his Tenth Form, Constant Flux/The Dragon of Change, which was first seen in his battle against Rui

9. Dragonair Pokemon Tattoo

Dragonair Pokemon Tattoo

Photo credit: Pinterest

If you’ve read any of our other Dragon Tattoo articles, then you were probably expecting me to drop Gyarados in again, but fear not.

As much as I wanted to, I’ve decided to go with Dragonair this time around. While this design makes me feel a little uncomfortable, I decided to go with it for how unique it is.

It shows just how creative tattoos can be, with the anatomy of the Dragon harmonizing with the anatomy of the human body.

With this Blue Dragon Tattoo I adore how the artist added little parts of shading to the collar bone to really add a 3d effect to where Dragonair wraps around it. 

10. Naydra Legend of Zelda Tattoo

Naydra Legend of Zelda Tattoo

Photo credit: Reddit

While I absolutely adored my time playing Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom, one thing I don't look forward to on my replays is having to find the perfect location and set my campfires to wait for any of the 4 Dragons to appear just to miss my shot and get another scale when I wanted a horn piece and have to do all the set up all over again.

However, regardless of that annoyance, the designs of the Dragons in the Breath of the Wild series of games are so cool that Naydra would make a perfect design if you’re looking for a Blue Dragon Tattoo. 

11. Sisu, Disney’s Raya and the Last Dragon Tattoo 

Raya and the Last Dragon Tattoo

Photo credit: Pinterest

Disney has a lot of Dragons to choose from, but if you’re looking for a Blue Dragon Tattoo in particular, then Sisu, the deuteragonist from Raya and the Last Dragon is perfect.

Sisu is a kind, fun-loving, wisecracker so she is perfect for those who loves Dragons and has an outgoing and lovable personality.

Where To Get Your Blue Dragon Tattoo

Now that we’ve checked out some of the coolest Blue Dragon Tattoo Designs we could find, we have to decide where we want to put them.

Like the Dragonair Tattoo shows, where you put your new Blue Dragon ink can really elevate the design itself. So, let's submerge ourselves in the depths of tattoo body placement. 

1. Blue Dragon Tattoo On The Arm and Leg

Blue Dragon Tattoo On The Arm and Leg

Photo credit: Pinterest

For those who want to show off their ink as much as possible, where better than the arm or leg?

When it comes to Blue Dragon Tattoos, the arm and leg offer the length required for traditional Asian-style Dragons.

However, if you want a nice-sized Europan Dragon Tattoo, then the arm and leg might not be ideal to see in one go without wrapping around the limb due to the width needed due to the wingspan.

This Yakuza Dragon Tattoo really catches the eye with its amazing colors and intricate detail. 

2. The Neck Blue Dragon Tattoo Design

The Neck Blue Dragon Tattoo Design

Photo credit: Pinterest

The neck might not offer a lot of space, but where it lacks in room it can really make up for in style with the correct design.

This Blue Dragon neck tattoo is absolutely amazing. Taking inspiration from Chinese ceramic designs, it makes the wearer look like a piece of handmade art itself. 

Be warned, if you want to go for this design, that flower on the Adam's apple had to hurt.

3. Blue Dragon Tattoo on The Collarbone

Having Blue Dragon Tattoo on Collarbone

Photo credit: Tattoos Beauty

You don’t need to go for a spiral around the collarbone like in the Dragonair tattoo, instead, you can go for a more simple and elegant design.

I really like this aquatic-looking Blue Dragon Tattoo with its simplistic yet elegant design particularly the spirals around the curls. 

4. Blue Dragon Tattoo on The Back

Blue Dragon Tattoo on The Back

Photo credit: Pinterest

Ok, I lied. I found a way to fit Gyarados in again. Actually, I’m not 100% sure if this is a more realistic Japanese art because of the shape of the mouth, but let’s say I’m about 95% certain.

The back is the grand canvas for tattoo designs. It offers both the length and width for massive and intricate designs.

Of course you can choose to go as big or small as you like, but I prefer to show off the big boys on this page.

As with all the Gyarados designs I’ve shown so far, the water in this piece is inspired by Under the Wave of Kanagawa by Katsushika Hokusai.

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Blue Dragon Tattoos

Are Dragon Tattoos For Girls?

Dragon tattoos are a versatile choice that transcends gender, appealing to anyone who desires a symbol of strength, wisdom, or freedom.

Women often choose dragon designs that range from small and delicate to large and detailed, embodying elegance, fierceness, and personal significance. 

These tattoos can be tailored to fit any style, making them a powerful expression of femininity and individuality for those who wear them.

Should You Get A Blue Tattoo?

While blue tattoo ink contains azo pigments that have raised health concerns, especially when broken down during laser removal or by bacterial action, its use in its original form is not deemed highly dangerous.

The debate around ink safety, particularly in Europe, has led to discussions about potential bans, but many artists advocate for the continued use of blue ink, emphasizing its safety when not disturbed. It's crucial to consider these factors when deciding on a blue tattoo.

Do Blue Tattoos Fade Faster?

Blue tattoos, along with other light and bright colors like pink, yellow, and light green, tend to fade faster compared to darker shades.

The longevity of tattoo ink is influenced by the pigment's boldness and depth, with darker inks generally maintaining their appearance longer.

It's important to consider the potential for fading when choosing tattoo colors, especially for designs where the vibrancy of the color is central to the tattoo's aesthetic.


So ends our journey through the vast sea of Blue Dragon Tattoo designs and the dark depths of Blue Dragon tattoo placements. I hope you’re soaked with inspiration as you fly into the skies of your Blue Dragon Tattoo journey.

Just as you need to find calm waters to soothe the chill from a Dragon's icy spray, so too must you follow the right aftercare procedures after getting inked. With these Tattoo aftercare products, you are guaranteed to feel refreshed and rejuvenated in no time, letting the serene flow of your new tattoo make waves as soon as possible.

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