Published on May 10, 2023

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Who does not love cats? There's no denying that these furry creatures have taken over the Internet (and our hearts). And what better way to show your love for cats than getting a tattoo?

Cat tattoos are unique, stylish, and often have a special meaning for their owners. Plus, they're just plain cute! If you're a cat person or just love cute cat tattoos, read on to learn everything you need to know.

Cat Tattoo Meanings

A cat tattoo is more than just a cute little design. It can be beautiful and meaningful, loved by cat lovers and others. Cats symbolize various things in different countries and cultures , from good to bad luck, from wisdom to fertility.

In ancient Egypt, cats were revered as gods and often depicted in art and literature. They were seen as symbols of royalty, grace, and power. But they lost that status in medieval Europe when people started associating them with witchcraft and evil.

Cats are seen as lucky symbols and good fortune in China and Japan. They are also believed to have the ability to ward off evil spirits.

Best Cat Tattoo Styles

Several tattooing styles, including Classic Americana, black and gray, and realism, are perfect for cat tattoos. Illustrative, geometric, and minimalist approaches also look better because they capture the essence of a cat's graceful moves and playful nature.

Each method has unique characteristics that make it ideal for certain types of cat tattoos.

However, the best style is the one that suits you the most. Some people want a cute and whimsical tattoo, while others want something dark and mysterious.

No matter what your style is, a cat tattoo is sure to be purr-fect!

Best Designs for Cat Tattoo

There are so many great designs for cat tattoos. A watercolor or cartoon-style cat tattoo might be perfect if you want something cute and playful. A realistic or classic American portrait seems to be the right choice for something more badass.

Ultimately, the best design for a cat tattoo is one that speaks to you on a personal level and makes you feel confident and stylish.

Whichever design you choose, make sure that it is done by a talented artist who can capture the essence of your feline friend.

Sphynx Cat Tattoo

Sphynx Cat Tattoo

Credit: matheusntattoo / Instagram

Blackwork tattoos are typically dark and dramatic, and a sphynx cat tattoo brings out that drama in a perfect manner. The big black eyes and sharp claws make it look majestic and dangerous.

Watercolor Cat Tattoo

Watercolor Cat Tattoo

Credit: minitattoo_studio / Instagram

The tattoo would be perfect for a woman who loves cats. The design looks feminine and delicate, primarily because of the flower wreath surrounding the cute kitten.

Leaping Cat Tattoo

Leaping Cat Tattoo

Credit: violette_lovecat / Instagram

The hunting cat symbolizes a cautious and intelligent being focused on a mission. The celestial figures surrounding it represent the power of the feline spirit and the mysteries of the universe.

Cat Tattoo with Paw Prints

Cat Tattoo with Paw Prints

Credit: ionut_bic / Instagram

The beautiful tattoo features a cute kitty leaving behind adorable paw prints. One of the paws includes a heart sign, a declaration of mutual love between the pet and its owner. Since it's minimalistic, it could be a good choice for your first tattoo.

Black Cat Tattoo

Black Cat Tattoo

Credit: april_martlet / Instagram

Who says that black cats are evil omens? Look at this tiny creature with its big, adorable eyes! You can consider this cute cat tattoo if you are the owner of a black beauty.

What Are the Best Places for Cat Tattoos

The best body spots for animal tattoos vary depending on the individual's preferences. However, some of the most popular areas are the upper back, chest, legs, and arms.

Cat Tattoo on the Chest

Cat Tattoo on the Chest

Credit: hate__kate / Instagram

This beautiful cat tattoo is drawn in an illustrative style. The shading of black ink gives it a mysterious air.

Thigh Cat Tattoo

Thigh Cat Tattoo

Credit: tattoodo / Instagram

Get a tattoo of the Japanese Maneki Neko to bring good luck to your life. This loud, colorful style is at your service if you want to show off.

Arm Cat Tattoo

Arm Cat Tattoo

Credit: lucreziagandellinitattoos / Instagram

The winged cat, with its curved tail and pointed ears, oozes the majestic charm of a divine entity. It's a symbol of the Egyptian goddess Bastet that brings peace to your life.

Cat Tattoo on the Shoulder Blade

Cat Tattoo on the Shoulder Blade

Credit: hill_tattoo / Instagram

A geometric tattoo could be the only choice when you love math and cats. The minimalist design is creative and looks elegant.

Where to Buy

The best cat tattoos can be found at tattoo shops specializing in animal-themed designs. It's better to pick a tattooist with expertise in your preferred style. For example, some tattooists are good with traditional, bold methods, while others do well in creating simple, black-and-gray designs.

Do your research to find artists whose style you love and who have a solid reputation for creating high-quality tattoos. Check out our recommended tattoo shops here!

Other Tattoo Ideas

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Cat tattoos can come in various designs. They can be delicate, bold, simple, or colorful. The best choice for you would be the one that reflects your style and interests. And no matter what design you choose, a cat tattoo will catch everyone's attention and be a conversation starter.

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