Identifying a Safe Tattoo Parlor

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Published on May 10, 2023

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Getting a tattoo is not just an investment in body art, but also an act of trust. You're trusting a stranger to permanently mark your skin, and the stakes are high.

The right tattoo parlor prioritizes not just aesthetics, but also hygiene and safety standards. So, how do you identify a safe tattoo parlor? Let's crack the code together.

How to Pick a Tattoo Shop

How to Pick a Tattoo Shop


There are just few regulations covering tattooing other than the laws requiring that minors are not to be tattooed or in same states only with parental permission.

However, every professional tattoo parlor must be licensed. This happens when all the artists in the studio qualify by completing a health department course on infectious disease transmission and pass an exam. 

Unfortunately businesses aren't inspected regularly and the law allows anyone to acquire a tattoo machine, get a license and start tattooing whether they have to ability to do it or not. Most reputable tattoo artists object to this situation too.

So how can you be certain to take no chances and travel somewhere secure? There are a few guidelines you should go by if you want your tattoo to be done correctly. Don't, for starters, do it yourself or let a novice to do it.

If your state mandates a license, seek out a recognized artist instead. Therefore, you must contact your state or local health agency. To identify a trustworthy store, take these other steps:

  • Use only tattoo parlors with fully trained staff.

  • To reduce the chance of contamination, make sure your tattoo artist is wearing fresh disposable gloves. In addition, they discard them in the trash after getting tattoos.

  • Verify that the pigment trays are brand new and that the needles are coming from sealed containers.

  • Make sure the shop uses a sterilization machine to clean pricey equipment that can't be thrown away.

  • Ask the staff how they sanitize the counters, tables, and chairs if you have any questions. They ought to be disinfecting using a bleach-based cleaner. Get out if the store isn't clean. Blood can contaminate a variety of surfaces as it moves around.

  • Find out where the inks are made. The U.S. may not approve of certain metals and solvents used in some inks. There is no regulation by the Food and Drug Administration.

Closing Thoughts

When getting a tattoo for the first time or the first time at a new shop, it might be intimidating. But armed with the appropriate information, you may confidently search for the ideal tattoo artist.

One of the most important pieces of advice is to avoid letting alcohol impair your judgment. Although getting a tattoo is exhilarating, it also lasts a lifetime. Think carefully, but always keep safety at the forefront of your thoughts.

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