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Published on May 27, 2022

Butterfly tattoos are usually loud, proud, and colorful...but if you are looking for something a little more understated , there's some good news.

The very simple butterfly tattoo trend is on the rise, as tattoo artists work their magic with simple lines and muted tones. 

If you need some simple butterfly tattoo ideas, you're in luck. We'll show you some simple butterfly tattoo design inspiration to show your favorite tattoo artist and to let your imagination run wild.

Simple Butterfly Meanings

There are many different meanings associated with butterflies. Some say butterflies represent beauty, new beginnings, good luck, and health.

A butterfly's wings spread open can symbolize a desire for freedom or the start of a new life. 

Some cultures even associated these eye-catching winged creatures with marriage and fidelity. Whatever butterflies mean to you, there are butterfly tattoo designs that can capture your unique style and vision.

Best Simply Butterfly Styles

There are plenty of gorgeous butterfly tattoos on the Internet, but not every butterfly tattoo may be suited to you.

Your tattoo artist takes many factors into consideration, e.g. any existing tattoos you may already have, where you want it positioned, different skin tones, and of course their own skill level. 

They'll help you create a beautiful butterfly that matches your skin, style, and positioning so that your tattoo creates long-lasting visual interest. Styles you may want to consider include:

Watercolor tattoos

Watercolor tattoos use multiple colors and minimal lines. These tend to fade faster than the traditional style but they can turn simple shapes into a truly impactful tattoo by using fluid color.

Traditional butterfly tattoos

A traditional butterfly tattoo uses the old-school style of hard lines and bright ink colors to create a unique butterfly tattoo that captures a vintage feel without seeming dated.

Realistic butterfly tattoos

A realistic butterfly tattoo makes it seem as though an absolutely stunning butterfly landed on your body to rest its wings. This classic design style is harder to achieve than you think - it takes a delicate hand.

Best Designs For a Simple Butterfly Tattoo

There are several interesting butterfly tattoo trends out there. We’ve compiled a few of our favorites:

Semicolon butterfly tattoo

Semicolon butterfly tattoo

Credit: Trendspotter

Many survivors choose to add butterfly wings to their semicolon tattoo to demonstrate their evolution and progress.

Tiny butterfly tattoo

Tiny butterfly tattoo

Credit: Tattoo Filter

These tiny butterflies drawn in black ink are engaged in a subtle dance with fine details to create a beautiful and delicately balanced tattoo.

Monarch butterfly tattoo

Monarch butterflies are said to represent good luck. This butterfly design packs a big punch, despite its simplistic premise.

Butterfly wings

Butterfly wings tattoo

Credit: Tattoo Mania

This gorgeous outline of butterfly wings is delicate and feminine. Removing the body from the butterfly makes a huge impact. 

White butterfly tattoo

White butterfly tattoo

Credit: Tattoo Grid

There’s nothing as subtle as a white ink tattoo. This lends an ethereal and mystical tone to the humble butterfly tattoo. 

What Are the Best Places to Get a Simple butterfly tattoo

Butterflies look good virtually everywhere on your body, and you can have a lot of fun with the design. If you are considering a butterfly tattoo, here are a few options:

Butterfly wrist tattoo

Butterfly wrist tattoo

Credit: Wrist Tattoo Pictures

We wear our hearts on our sleeves with good reason. Your wrist is a noticeable but intimidate spot for a tattoo, and a great place to commemorate a new beginning. 

Upper arm butterfly tattoo

Upper arm butterfly tattoo

Credit: Tattoo Filter

The repetition of this simple design has a big impact, especially since the entire upper arm area is utilized. 

Behind the ear butterfly tattoo

Another popular trend among modern women: behind the ear tattoos! Just like Ariana Grande’s tiny bee, this butterfly is a hidden tribute.

Butterfly hand tattoo

Butterfly hand tattoo

Credit: Mamas Uncut

A delicate trail of butterflies is a popular choice for hand tattoos. 

Butterfly back tattoo

Butterfly back tattoo

Credit: Do It Before Me

The artist left the “canvas” of the back empty, which made the butterflies look even more delicate and vulnerable.

Other Tattoo Ideas

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There’s a proverb that compares happiness to a butterfly. If you chase it, it will fly away. if you turn your attention to other things, it will settle on your shoulder.

Butterfly tattoos are a wonderful way of marking a new era of happiness and contentment in your life. 

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