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Are you crawling over the web as you hunt for the perfect Spider Tattoo? Well, don’t get yourself all wrapped up.

We’re here to bring you some of the greatest Spider Tattoos that are as smooth as silk, so stick around as we take you through some of the best Spider Tattoos the internet has to offer. 

What Does A Spider Tattoo Mean

The Spider has a lot of symbolic meanings due to having different significance throughout different cultures. 

In India for example, the Spider is thought to be a being who weaves reality itself. A quote from the Indian book of wisdom ‘The Upanishads’ reads as follows.

“We are like the spider. We weave our life and then move along in it. We are like the dreamer who dreams and then lives in the dream.” This gives the Spider themes of fate and destiny.

Other cultures, too, have their own Spider symbolism. Spiders are seen as protectors against evil spirits, so a spider tattoo can be a talisman for protection.

Due to their ability to shed their exoskeleton, they can also express themes of transformation, and in Buddhism, the spider can symbolize the ability to become liberated from entanglement and move easily over the web of the mind.

47 Spider Tattoo Designs 

Now that we know a little bit about Spider Tattoos, let’s take a look at some of the best Spider Tattoo Designs we could find. 

1. Standard Spider Tattoo

Standard Spider Tattoo

Photo credit: @sara.inkk

Your Standard Spider Tattoo is of any Spider real or fake of your choice in a normal Spider shape.

This design can carry with it all the symbolism that Spider Tattoos carry or you can get it just because you think it looks cool.

This Tattoo Design is of a Brown Widow Spider cousin of the Black Widow. 

2. Spider And Web Tattoo

Spider And Web Tattoo

Photo credit: @poisoned_rat

Of course, you can't have a Spider Tattoo list without having a Spider web.

Spider webs, due to their intricate and complex designs, have carried a lot of symbolism over the centuries.

This symbolism includes balance, interconnectedness, destiny, and even the cosmos itself. 

3. Creepy Spider Tattoo

Creepy Spider Tattoo

Photo credit: @a_drop_of_black

If you really want to add a creepy aesthetic to your Spider Tattoo, check out this super creepy Tattoo Design.

This Creepy Spider Tattoo has both the Spider and a face on the abdomen screaming at anyone who dares look directly at it. 

4. Blackwork Spider Tattoo

Blackwork Spider Tattoo

Photo credit: @arcstattoo

Blackwork Tattoos consist of bold, solid black ink, thick outlines, and intentional blank spaces.

This amazing Blackwork Spider Tattoo has the Spider with the abdomen of a creepy face that has decayed on one side into a skeleton. 

5. Handpoked Spider Tattoo

Handpoked Spider Tattoo

Photo credit: @zzizziboy

Handpoked Tattoos are characterised by their unique, delicate dot work, which creates intricate designs without the use of electric tattoo machines.

This method offers a less painful tattooing experience, resulting in subtly shaded and beautifully detailed artwork.

6. Free Hand Spider Tattoo

Free Hand Spider Tattoo

Photo credit: @enbodie

This incredible Free Hand Tarantula Tattoo was done by the incredibly talented Enbodie.

Enbodie does a ton of amazing free hand Tattoos with amazing detailing and vibrant coloring.

This Tarantula Tattoo is no different with its excellent design and beautiful colors.  

7. Mexican Red Knee Tarantula

Mexican Red Knee Tarantula

Photo credit: @racheljfriel

The Mexican Red Knee Tarantula is a name given to two different species of Tarantula found in Mexico: Brachypelma smithi and Brachypelma hamorii.

They are both called the Red Knee Tarantula because early sources did not distinguish between the two species.

However, to tell them apart, the hamorii have two brownish-pink bands on a greyish background, not visible on all individuals.

8. 8 Ball Spider Tattoo

8 Ball Spider Tattoo

Photo credit: @zerokid_tattoo

Due to the fortune-telling nature of magic 8 balls, the Tattoo can also symbolize good and bad luck, fate, and the future.

However, due to its connection with pool, the 8 ball can also symbolize skill and winning or losing.

This neat little Spider Tattoo has the 8 ball as the Spider's abdomen. 

9. Anansi Spider Tattoo

Anansi Spider Tattoo

Photo credit: @tori.lewii

This Mythological Tattoo is of Anansi the African Spider deity.

Anansi is a complex character in West African folklore as he is portrayed as both the hero and villain in many of the tales told of him. 

During the Atlantic slave trade the tales of Anansi were spread to the New World with Anansi being used as a symbol of slave resistance and survival due to Anansi’s ability to turn the tables on powerful oppressors through his cunning and trickery. A good idea for a film perhaps. 

10. Metallic Spider Tattoo

Metallic Spider Tattoo

Photo credit: @emetattooer

Spider Tattoos are cool, but do you know what is cooler than a Spider Tattoo? A Spider made of metal Tattoo of course!

This cool design is done by Emetattooer from Madrid, Spain.

Eme does a lot of super cool Tattoo Designs but does a lot of excellent shinny style Tattoos with a lot of great reflection work. 

11. Cute Spider Tattoo

Cute Spider Tattoo

Photo credit: @syd_tattoos

Not all Spider Tattoos have to look intimidating and fearsome.

With the right design, you can make your Spider look pretty and cute, like this lovely little Tattoo Design.

This gorgeous little pink Tarantula looks super cuddly and has a great heart pattern on its abdomen. 

12. Minimalist Spider Tattoo

Minimalist Spider Tattoo

Photo credit: @vicblairtattoo

If you don’t want to go all out on your Spider Tattoo Design, then check out this lovely little Minimalist Spider Tattoo.

Minimalist Tattoos only focus on the necessary details of a Tattoo Design.

13. Yin Yang Spider Tattoo

Yin Yang Spider Tattoo

Photo credit: @rhi.draws

Yin-Yang is the Chinese philosophical concept of two opposing yet complementary forces and an opposite but interconnected self-perpetuating cycle.

The opposing forces interact with one another to form a greater whole than the assembled parts.

14. Rainbow Spider Tattoo

Rainbow Spider Tattoo

Photo credit: @theartsyalien

Unlike the black-and-white design of Yin-Yang, you can opt to go super colorful with your Spider Tattoo with this gorgeous Rainbow Spider Tattoo.

This beautiful design is by Theartsyalien, who does many incredibly vibrant tattoos.

15. Aragog Tattoo

Aragog Tattoo

Photo credit: Reddit

A massive Spider with a taste for human flesh, Aragog was Hagrid's ‘Acromantula’.

By the time of his death, He was about the same size as a baby elephant.

This Harry Potter Tattoo shows Aragog with some of his children. 

16. Tarantula Tattoo

Tarantula Tattoo

Photo credit: @saralonitattoos

Tarantulas are large, hairy spiders belonging to the Theraphosidae family.

Found in a variety of habitats across the world, despite their intimidating look, tarantulas are generally not dangerous to humans and are popular as exotic pets due to their fascinating behaviors and relatively docile nature.

17. Black Hole Spider Tattoo

Black Hole Spider Tattoo

Photo credit:

Well we did say that Spiders are thought to weave reality in some cultures, so a Spider in Space next to a black hole isn’t that odd, is it?

But did you know that there is a Spider known as the Black Hole Spider?

The Arizona Black Hole Spider is a Spider with a velvety texture that can live for several years. 

18. Vicious Tarantula Tattoo

Vicious Tarantula Tattoo

Photo credit: @heatherjeantattoos

Despite being rather docile, tarantulas still conjure fear among many.

This Tattoo Design features an absolutely vicious-looking Tarantula with eight demonic-looking eyes, sharp teeth, and a long curling tongue. 

19. Peacock Spider Tattoo

Peacock Spider Tattoo

Photo credit: @laurenblairart

This beautiful Spider Tattoo is of the male Maratus Volans jumping spider.

Native to Australia these incredible spiders have a specialized visual system that lets them see a broad spectrum of colors up to ultraviolet that assists them in hunting their prey.

The male spider is known for its vibrant abdomen using it to attract a mate by flapping and dancing. 

20. Arachne Tattoo

Arachne Tattoo

Photo credit: @minoskeem

Arachne was a mortal woman with exceptional weaving skills.

She challenged the Goddess Athena to a weaving contest.

Her work was so flawless that it enraged the goddess so much that she punished Arachne for her hubris by transforming her into a spider.

21. Chaos Witch Quelaag Dark Souls Tattoo

Chaos Witch Quelaag Dark Souls Tattoo

Photo credit: Reddit

This Video Game Tattoo is of Chaos Witch Quelaag a half-woman, half-spider demon located in a lair near the bottom of Blighttown.

Quelaag was a daughter of the Witch of Izalith but was transformed into a monster by the Flames of Chaos.

Quelaag only engages in combat with the Chosen Undead to protect her sister who is in a coma-like state. 

22. Ushi-oni Tattoo

Ushi-oni Tattoo

Photo credit: @death_cloak

It may be up for debate whether a Ushi-oni can be considered a Spider or a Crab.

This Yōkai is known to live near the beaches (hence crab and maybe not spider), where they attack people with the poison they spit.

While there are many other renditions of the Ushi-oni, this Yōkai Tattoo is the common depiction of one with a bovine head and spider-like body. 

23. Spider Flower Tattoo

Spider Flower Tattoo

Photo credit: @supersteatattoo

Your Spider Tattoo doesn't have to be as fearsome as the Ushi-oni.

Instead, you can settle for something a little more tranquil like this beautiful Flower Spider Tattoo.

Considering different types of flowers come with different symbolic meanings, you can choose to have your Spider Tattoo with any type of flower to change its meaning. 

24. Trippy Spider Tattoo

Trippy Spider Tattoo

Photo credit: @emliymustdie

If you want to give your Spider Tattoo a more surreal and mind-bending design, check out this super cool, trippy spider tattoo.

The way the abdomen pattern twists around on itself makes it feel like the Spider is imploding. 

25. Ram Head Spider Tattoo

Ram Head Spider Tattoo

Photo credit:

Another cool demonic-like Spider Tattoo Design. This Design has the spider's abdomen as a Ram's head.

The head is quite possibly that of a Baphomet, a symbol of balance in various occult and mystical traditions.

26. Spider Man Tattoo

Spider Man Tattoo

Photo credit: @bush.ttt

No, not that one, this ‘Spider Man’ Tattoo is more of a demon than your friendly neighborhood variant.

This gruesome design has the decrepit body of a man with his lower torso and legs that of a Spider. 

27. Realistic Spider Tattoo

Realistic Spider Tattoo

Photo credit: @artem_dorokhov_tattoo

If you want to feel like your Tattoo is going to come to life, then you need to check out this amazing realistic Spider Tattoo.

This design is absolutely incredible, and it is complimented amazingly by the wearer's strong trap muscles, which make the Spider look like it really is hovering over the gap between the chest and upper trap. 

28. Spider Heart Tattoo

Spider Heart Tattoo

Photo credit: @tdaveytattoo

If you want to add a touch of romance to your Spider Tattoo, consider adding a love heart to its design.

Heart Tattoos represent love and romance, but also affection, passion, and commitment.

So, this Spider Heart Tattoo could simply symbolize the wearer's love for Spiders. 

29. Love Heart Spider Tattoo

Love Heart Spider Tattoo

Photo credit: @livcarotattoo

Unlike the last Spider Tattoo that had subtlety with its love heart design, this Spider Tattoo has absolutely no subtlety as there is no mistaking that the wearer of this Tattoo adores Spiders and romance.

30. Grotesque Spider Tattoo

Grotesque Spider Tattoo

Photo credit: @johnreardontattoos

There is a theme of absolutely horrifying Spider Tattoos all over the internet.

However, I think you would be hard-pressed to find one that is more grotesque than this Tattoo Design. 

This Spider looks like a mutated skull vomiting out a Spider with lots of eyes strewn across the Skull, with its existence itself looking painful. 

31. Gorgeous Tarantula Tattoo

Gorgeous Tarantula Tattoo

Photo credit: @reverse_de_dante

While you might disagree, I think this is the most gorgeous Spider Tattoo Design on the list today.

While the colors are subtle, the shade of red used makes this piece look so elegant.

If you want to see more amazing Spider Designs like this, check out reverse_de_dante for more, and look out for his super cool double tarantula and scissors tattoo. 

32. Ariados Pokemon Tattoo

Ariados Pokemon Tattoo

Photo credit: @disadoodles

This Pokemon Tattoo is of Aridos, the 168th Pokemon in the Pokedex.

Ariados hunt during the dark in temperate and tropical forests spinning a single thread from its rear so it can always find its way back to its nest.

After catching its prey, Ariados will spin the victim in its webbing and suck its fluids dry. 

33. Spider With Wings Tattoo

Spider With Wings Tattoo

Photo credit: @nastya.tatts

For those of you who already find Spiders scary, what could be even more scary than a Spider with wings?

This super cool little design has a small crimson spider with a cross on its abdomen and some bat wings. 

34. Spooky Spider Tattoo

Spooky Spider Tattoo

Photo credit: @kiyoink

Just another horrifying Spider Tattoo, nothing to see here.

But in all seriousness, this Spooky Spider Tattoo is super cool with a horrible-looking eyeball as the Spider’s abdomen and it appears to be finishing the last of its lunch with it seems like it has liquified for easier digestion. 

35. Spider With Skulls Tattoo

Spider With Skulls Tattoo

Photo credit: @swan_tattooer

Another amazing design here is this Spider Tattoo.

It has the Spider with three crimson red skulls trapped with its new. 

The coloring on the Skulls is phenomenal, and the design of the Spider itself is really great, too. 

36. Spider Ribbon Tattoo

Spider Ribbon Tattoo

Photo credit: @gumi.tattoos

Another cute Spider Tattoo here. This cute little Spider has a lovely ribbon attached to his/her back as well as a lovely flower pattern on its abdomen.

While there probably is no relevance to the ribbon on this design other than it looks cute, a Ribbon Tattoo can symbolize strength, courage, and perseverance.

37. Jumping Spider Tattoo

 Jumping Spider Tattoo

Photo credit:

Arguably the cutest of all Spiders, there are over 6,000 known jumping spider species in the world.

It will probably come as no surprise to hear that jumping Spiders have some of the best vision compared to other arthropods, with their massive eyes compared to their bodies. 

38. Yōkai Spider Tattoo

Yōkai Spider Tattoo

Photo credit: @taehaiii

This Yōkai Tattoo is of the Jorōgumo. This Spider-like creature can shape-shift into a beautiful woman who loves to prey on handsome love-struck men.

Upon picking its prey, the Jorōgumo will lure its prey into its trap for the person never to be seen again.

While we hope to have a Yōkai Tattoo list in the future, check out TAEHA for some amazing Yōkai Tattoos right now. 

39. Monsterous Spider Tattoo

Monsterous Spider Tattoo

Photo credit: @arcstattoo

This design is not for the faint of heart. This amazing Spider Face Tattoo, runs from the neck across the side of the face.

The design is both terrifying and incredibly detailed, and it must have been incredibly painful to sit through.

So well done to the wearer for bringing to life such a wonderful piece. 

40. Skull Spider Tattoo

Skull Spider Tattoo

Photo credit: @jessdarkart

Skull Tattoos symbolize death, the afterlife, and rebellion, but can also symbolize a celebration of life.

This Spider is certainly not symbolising a celebration of life as it is yet again another terrifying rendition of a Spider.

It’s absolutely no surprise so many people are scarred by Spiders with so much horrifying imagery of these poor misunderstood creatures. 

41. Hunter X Hunter Spider Tattoo

Hunter X Hunter Spider Tattoo

Photo credit: @wildbaco

The Phantom Troupe is a notorious powerful criminal gang hailing from Meteor City in the Hunter X Hunter anime series.

This Anime Tattoo depicts the symbol of the Phantom Troupe.

Each member of the troupe has their own individual Spider Tattoo marked 0 to 12 with the Spider having 12 legs. 

42. Frightening Spider Tattoo

Frightening Spider Tattoo

Photo credit: @swan_tattooer

If you’ve made it this far and think I’m running out of ideas for naming conventions, then yes, you would be correct.

Alas, this ‘Frightening Spider Tattoo’ is yet again another amazing horror-inspired Spider Design, with a skull abdomen and spikey protrusions that look somewhat similar to Darth Mauls from Star Wars. 

43. Lucas The Spider Tattoo

Lucas The Spider Tattoo

Photo credit: @conroytattoons

Lucas the Spider is an animated jumping spider who was created to feature in his own YouTube videos.

Lucas was created by animator Joshua Slice but was voiced by Joshua’s nephew Lucas Slice who is also the name inspiration for the Spider. 

44. Spiderman Symbol Tattoo

Spiderman Symbol Tattoo

Photo credit: @philwinsteadtattoos

You didn’t really think we would make it through a Spider Tattoo list without actually featuring the web-slinging superhero himself, did you?

This Spider Tattoo is of the Spiderman symbol which was across the chest of the iconic Spiderman costume from the Tobey Maguire Spiderman series of films. 

45. Scary Spider Tattoo

Scary Spider Tattoo

Photo credit: @noxia

The last of my quickly dwindling alternative words for ‘spooky’, this Scary Spider Tattoo is another fantastic horror rendition of a Spider.

While this job is fun to find great Tattoo Designs and share my passion, coming up with individual names for each one isn’t always easy, so sometimes some do get left on the cutting room floor unfortunately. 

46. Oni Spider Tattoo

Oni Spider Tattoo

Photo credit: @varo_ttt_draw

The Oni is another of the Japanese Yōkai. Oni are cruel, malicious, and cannibalistic monsters that are sometimes said to be the cause of many misfortunes.

Despite their fearsome reputation, Oni have also been associated with bringing good fortune and wealth.

47. Tribal Spider Tattoo

Tribal Spider Tattoo

Photo credit: @orlandokingstattoo

Last but not least the Spider Tribal Tattoo.

Tribal Tattoos are characterized by their bold black lines and geometric patterns.

This lovely Spider Tattoo is a modern interpretation of 90’s Tribal designs that featured large, bold patterns with thick black lines. 

The designs were generally simpler and more abstract compared to the intricate patterns seen in traditional tribal tattoos.

Where To Get Your Spider Tattoo 

Your Design isn’t the only thing you need to consider when getting a Spider Tattoo.

Tattoo placement is equally important, so let’s check out the best locations for your new Spider Tattoo Design. 

1. Spider Tattoo On Wrist

Spider Tattoo On Wrist

Photo credit: @ygtattoos

Wrist Tattoos are great as they can either be a delicate spot that looks extremely feminine, but they can also be a position for powerful Tattoo Designs.

This amazing Spider Tattoo has the Spider sliding down his web from the Lip and Rose Tattoo

2. Chest Spider Tattoo Idea

Chest Spider Tattoo Idea

Photo credit: @p.inktattoo_

There is no more powerful place for any Tattoo quite like the chest.

Chest Tattoos, while may look masculine are also an incredibly popular position for women Tattoos also.

With the proper Tattoo design you can have an extremely feminine-looking piece of art.

While this is yet another spooky Spider Tattoo, for women, you can have something like the Spider’s thread passing through your breast line with the Spider itself sitting near the bottom of the sternum. 

3. Spider Tattoo On Hand Idea

Spider Tattoo On Hand Idea

Photo credit: @tat2noel

Hand Tattoos are a super cool place to get your Spider Tattoo to show off how badass you are.

You can choose to put your new ink on the palm or on the dorsal side of your hand but also can choose to get a Finger Tattoo thanks to some Spider's small size. 

4. Shouder Spider Tattoo

Shouder Spider Tattoo

Photo credit: @maradentattoo

If you’ve never gotten a Tattoo before, then a Shoulder Tattoo might be just right for you.

Shoulders are less painful for tattoos than other areas because they have more muscle and cushioning and fewer nerve endings.

This lovely Spider Tattoo has a great design and beautiful deep reds with a nice little love heart pattern, too. 

5. Spider Tattoo On Back

Spider Tattoo On Back

Photo credit: @prestigetattoo_wv

The back is the quintessential place for your massive and intricately detailed Tattoo Designs, but you can also choose to go as small as you like.

However, keep in mind that the bigger the piece, the longer you will need to be in the chair and will almost certainly need to come back on more than one occasion. 

6. Spider Tattoo On Forearm Idea

Spider Tattoo On Forearm Idea

Photo credit: @jin_qchoi

Forearm Tattoos are another excellent place for first-time Tattooers.

The Forearm can have a lot of muscle and tissue to help dampen the pain but keep in mind certain parts of the forearm are less protected than others. 

7. Spider Tattoo Idea On Knee

Spider Tattoo Idea On Knee

Photo credit: @alexisdarkart

This spot certainly is not for the faint of heart.

The knee is a bony area with very little fat or muscular protection so if you do choose to get inked here, it is going hurt! 

However, I chose this location to show you how well the shape of the knee synergizes with the Spider’s web.

This still will also work excellently on your elbow or your malleoli (the balls on your ankle).

8. Foot Spider Tattoo

Foot Spider Tattoo

Photo credit: @albaprietotattooart

Another for the painful list, the feet are certainly not the most comfortable place to get inked.

Also, you need to keep in mind that unless you wear shoes that show off the part of your foot that is inked, you won't be able to see it or show it off very often.

Personally, I think Feet Tattoos are best to add to a collection and not your first choice, but it is up to you. 

9. Neck Spider Tattoo Idea

Neck Spider Tattoo Idea

Photo credit: @zerokid_tattoo

If you’re looking to make a statement, other than the face, the neck is probably one of the best places that will get your Spider Tattoo immediately recognised.

If you’re going for a neck Tattoo, remember that different areas hurt more than others, particularly the throat, so you had best discuss with your artist before committing. 

10. Spider Tattoo On Torso

Spider Tattoo On Torso

Photo credit: @alex_supremetattoocrew

Spiders and sex appeal aren’t words that immediately spring to mind in 99.99% of situations, but, checking out this Tattoo Design, you can see why it is appropriate.

Torso Tattoos if done correctly can be incredibly sexy, particularly for women, and as you can see, the artist took advantage of the breast anatomy to have the Spider’s web attach around the rounded shape of the breasts while having its legs go between the gap. 

11. Spider Tattoo On Thigh

Spider Tattoo On Thigh

Photo credit: @timor_tt

Last but not least, another bodily area to increase sex appeal, the Thigh.

Thigh Tattoos are another great first timer tattoo area with its large amounts of fat and muscle offering a lot of protection.

A Thigh Tattoo is possibly also one of the sexiest areas to get Tattooed for women who love to flaunt their curves at the beach or poolside.


So we’ve untangled the web of some of the best Spider Tattoos the net has to offer. As you can see a spider tattoo can weave a story as unique as you are.

But, if Spider Tattoos still don’t inspire you, check out these Beautiful Colorful Butterfly Tattoos, these Beastly Bear Tattoos, or our Animal Tattoo ideas to find an animal that speaks to you. 

Just like after a spider's venomous bite, you will need to take the appropriate care to get back on your feet as soon as possible.

So check out these great tattoo aftercare products to reduce pain and discomfort and keep your Spider ink looking as vibrant and intricate for as long as possible.

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