Published on May 3, 2023

Getting the perfect tattoo can be a difficult task for many - from finding an artist who understands your idea, to facing the pain of having it done.

But what if you could make sure that the desired outcome is exactly how you want it before getting into the salon chair?

With Tattoo Stencilizer, not only do those worries fade away but creating a beautiful piece of body art has never been easier!

This revolutionary machine lets you print out stencils of any image or design so that when you visit your preferred artist, they can get right to work making your dream come true!

Why You should Use A Tattoo Stencilizer?

Easy to Use & Save Time

This tattoo printer machine does not need ink or replacement components. It allows you to replicate patterns onto stencil paper quickly and easily in just a few easy steps, which significantly improves the speed at which work can be completed.

It has the potential to save both time and money for professional tattoo artists.

Mental & Portable

portable Tattoo stencilizer

Our tattoo stencil machine's ABS material is environmentally friendly, safe, and sturdy for long-term usage, and it won't readily overheat because of its construction.

This tattoo printer is effortless to take about and store due to its portability and small size. Additionally, it has a quick transfer printing speed, minimal noise, and reliable performance.

Multifunctional & Convenient

This tattoo stencil printer cover can be opened and closed easily. It provides you with a choice between the Mirror setting, the Normal option, and two Deepness settings (I and II) to accommodate your specific stencil copying requirements.

Including 20 pieces of free tattoo stencil transfer paper in the packaging makes it simpler for artists to try and utilize it.

Using Tips

using tips for Tattoo stencilizer
  • Please do not constantly transfer and cool down this thermal copier printer after prolonged usage to safeguard it. After transferring 1-2 sheets, the thermal stencil paper printer has to be allowed to rest for a few seconds to get a smooth and clean effect throughout the transfer process.

  • Please clean the roller regularly.

Good Effect & Warranty

This stencil printer's printed pattern is crisp and consistent and works well for transferring lines and basic shadows. However, it is not recommended for patterns with complicated shadows.

The guarantee on our tattoo transfer machine is 12 months. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any issues while using the product.

Product Description

The Tattoo Stencil Machine enables you to transfer your design directly from the original art to stencil paper in a few simple steps, saving time and money and making your life simpler!

Advantages of Tattoo Thermal Printer Machine

Advantages of Using Tattoo Machine

Tattoos created by hand usually take 10 to 30 minutes to finish. However, the tattoo transfer machine takes just 1 minute to do the same job.

The hand-drawn lines will be irregular. Your friends have completed a client using a tattoo printer machine while you are still sketching with your hand.

Perfect Effect

You can become your own tattoo artist and create tattoos whenever and wherever you want; rapid prototyping, flawless replication, no more waiting, sensitive design, and no skin irritation.

There are no replacement parts to worry about, and you won't be worried about the additional costs of replacing required and expensive parts.

How to use the tattoo stencil transfer machine

  • Turn the machine on and have the transfer paper and drawing paper ready.
  • Remove the yellow and clear protective sheets, then place the transfer paper with the white layer on top.
  • Place the drawing paper inside.
  • To make the transferring process easier, press the "copy" button and carefully raise the transfer paper.

Package Included:

  • 1*Tattoo Transfer Machine
  • 1*Power Adapter
  • 1*User Manual
  • 20*Tattoo Transfer Paper
  • 1* Flower Line Pattern


FAQs related to tattoo machine

How do you fix the issue when the machine produces a random line or black lines?

  1. To prevent black printing lines, frequently wipe off the inks on the roller with a clean, nonwoven cloth soaked in alcohol.
  2. Please follow the procedures below to restore the default settings:
  • You'll hear a beep after pressing the "stop" button for three seconds.
  • Press the "mirror" sign/button
  • And press the "copy" button

How can you get rid of a paper jam?

To avoid paper jams caused by an overheated machine, please allow it to cool down before using it again.

Are there any restrictions on the patterns that may be transferred?

Simple lines, complicated lines, and simple totem patterns can be easily transmitted. However, complex shadows, color, and dark background patterns are inappropriate.

What is a tattoo stencil?

A tattoo stencil is used to accurately create and transfer a design from paper to your skin. Making tattoo stencils is easy to do at home but will take some practice to refine your accuracy, outline, and details.

Creating your own stencil is a good idea if you want to test designs before involving a tattoo artist.

Important Notice

The company is presently developing an app or software.

This revolutionary app will allow tattoo artists to create or draw a stencil which could be a photo on their mobile device or tablet. Perfect for traveling artists during conventions and guest spots.

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