What Does A Triangle Tattoo Mean – The Intriguing Mystery Behind Triangle Tattoos!

What does a triangle tattoo mean
Published on May 10, 2023

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We have been associating triangles with numbers and mathematics for a long time.

However, this shape can have a different meaning when people use it as a tattoo. In this post, we will talk about what a triangle tattoo means in different contexts.

Whether the sides are equal or not, a triangle tattoo is still considered a triangle. Even though they are always associated with numbers, they can have different meanings, which we will discuss in today’s post.

Background of a Triangle Tattoo

What does a triangle tattoo mean varies from individual to individual and from situation to situation? Usually, a triangle tattoo is recognized as three lines drawn in a closed symmetry.

Before we drown into what a triangle tattoo means in varying contexts, let us share some common reasons why you would prefer to have one.

Background of a Triangle Tattoo

If you have three siblings and you guys have a strong bond, then a triangle will mean you share a good relationship.

Other times if you have three kids and get a minimalist triangle tattoo, that would work right in remembering your loved ones. 

Lastly, if you belong to a group of 3 friends, then all of you can get a matching tattoo to share your bond of friendship.

Apart from that, a triangle tattoo can have different meanings in other situations such as spiritually, religiously, and so on.

What Does a Triangle Tattoo Mean Spiritually?

First, we will start with the most common reason behind getting a triangle tattoo nowadays. In Christian doctrine, a triangle tattoo refers to the Holy Trinity.

It means that the three divine beings, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are One God.

This is symbolized in the Holy Bible itself. Christians often get a simple tattoo to mention the Holy Trinity.

The three lines that make up the triangle symbolize the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

This symbol would seem like a simple triangle for many of us, but if we look closely at the picture, it is a reference to mention their God. 

However, this meaning might not only be limited to Christianity, and others may have different reasons for using a triangle tattoo.

Religious Significance of a Triangle Tattoo

Religious Significance of a Triangle Tattoo

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In other religions, a triangle tattoo would have a somehow different meaning. From a religious point of view, if you get a triangle with an eye inside, it symbolizes that God is watching over everyone.

This tattoo with an eye inside the triangle is called the Eye of Providence. Most people get this tattoo to portray their faith in the Divine power of having a check on them, and thus, they have nothing to be afraid of.

Some religions have been using a triangle tattoo for their fraternities. Many consider this symbol to represent the Illuminati and get this tattoo only if they strongly believe in them.

European Culture About the Triangle Tattoo

A triangle tattoo is important not only among religions but also has varying significance among different cultures. European culture still uses a triangle tattoo for different purposes.

Some of the most common triangle tattoos people are willing to get are the triquetra and the triskelion . Both of them are triangles if we look at them but they differ in details.

A triquetra triangle is also known as the trinity ring or trinity knot. It is a triangle but with three interlaced arcs representing sea, earth, and sky.

In contrast to the triquetra triangle, the triskelion is a spiral-shaped triangle tattoo used as a symbol for the Greek goddess Hecate.

What Does a Triangle Tattoo Mean in Greek?

In Greek, a triangle tattoo might not only symbolize the goddess but also denotes the “defendant.” The meaning here comes from the fourth letter in Greek alphabets, the uppercase Delta symbol .

The symbol is nowadays used widely in different domains, including; math, finance, science, music, and much more. Still, the most prominent meaning of this symbol in Greek remains to be the defendant.

Most of the time, people working in organizations that reference the delta symbol like in the Illuminati often rock a simple triangle tattoo.

If we go back into Greek history, we will find that they have also been using the symbol for a lot of different purposes. In most cases, the delta symbol depicts a doorway or an opening into a new beginning.

People entering a new phase of their life usually get a triangle tattoo to appreciate the opportunity for a better life.

So if you spot someone having this triangle tattoo know that they are trying to renew their lives with a better perspective.

Mystery Behind Triangle Tattoo as a Symbol of Gender Power

Triangle Tattoo as a Symbol

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A triangle tattoo not only has different meanings across religions and cultures, but it also has a deep significance among genders.

If you ever plan to get a triangle tattoo, remember that the orientation you choose might affect the meaning of masculinity and femininity.

By the orientation, we mean which way the pointing end of the triangle lies. Suppose the triangle is pointing upward; it depicts masculinity because of the resemblance with a Phallic symbol.

In this case, the base of the triangle is flat, so technically, it represents stability and balance, most like the traits of men; power and firmness.

Now, if we look at downward triangle tattoos that actually represents a woman’s womb and thus it is used as a symbol of femininity.

Because of this reason, a triangle tattoo having its pointed end downwards represents motherhood and shelter.

People who do not conform to either gender often get masculine and feminine triangles combined as a tattoo.

However, a tattoo in such orientation is not encouraged since it can be seen as the star of David, which might be offensive to the preachers of the Jewish faith.

Triangle Tattoos as a Symbol of Protection

Ancient Germans used to identify a triangle tattoo as a protection symbol and called it the Dragon’s Eyes. This tattoo is an isosceles triangle with a “Y” in the middle connecting all three corners of the triangle.

Some cultures might associate this symbol with peace, but according to Germans, this is not the case.

The whole triangle symbolizes threat and the “Y” is somehow the choice between evil and good. This symbol has been long used for protection and is associated with power, balance, love, and wisdom.

The meaning of a triangle tattoo can change according to the person who is going to own it. You can either have it for protection as described here or just have it for whatever reason you prefer.

What Does a Triple Triangle Tattoo Mean?

Triple Triangle Tattoo mean

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Sometimes people might not like the idea of getting a simple tiny triangle tattoo. At times, people would go for having two or more tattoos inked together to make the symbol more appealing and have some hidden meaning.

Most commonly, people would prefer to go for a triple triangle tattoo, also known as the Valknut tattoo.

The symbol here consists of three triangles that are interlinked with each other. But what does a Valknut tattoo mean?

The symbol often refers to the fallen warriors, the Vikings. In ancient times, the German pagans used this symbol to represent Odin’s power. Moreover, in some religions, the Valknut tattoo would also symbolizes reincarnation.

Pair it up with a blue butterfly to give your triple triangle a delicate touch. Butterflies initially represent rebirth and would look cool as well.

Lover’s Triangle Tattoo

This is one of the most favorite triangle tattoos among couples as the name suggests Lover's triangle tattoos. In this style, one triangle is drawn upside down in blue, and the other is right-side up in red.

Often one person would love to rock both of the tattoos. However, at other times, a couple would share the tattoo in half.

But the symbol isn’t just confined to lovers and couples having intimate relationships.

People can also have this tattoo on the wrist for its unique design or you can have it anywhere you like apart from the wrist. 

Triangle Tattoos as The Star Of David

Earlier, we discussed a triangle tattoo as a symbol of masculinity and femininity. We also explained how often people would like to have triangles together that symbolizes balance and power.

However, when combined, two triangles in the opposite direction symbolize a Jewish symbol, also known as the star of David. And if you are a practicing Jewish, getting the tattoo might be against the religion.

Jews believe tattoos are mostly limited to idolaters, and One must not etch tattoos onto their skin.

Torah has already forbidden the practice of tattoos since practicing Jews might find the star spiritually impure.

Bottom Line

Every tattoo in the world has a different backstory, similarly, a triangle tattoo represents other concepts.

The meaning of a triangle tattoo may depend upon the type of triangle you wish to get. No matter what style you choose for your triangle tattoo, make sure it conveys the message you want.

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