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Published on May 27, 2022

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Butterfly tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo designs out there. A butterfly tattoo design can have a lot of special meanings, from hope to young love to a representation of someone's transformation throughout their life. 

People choose butterfly tattoos because butterflies are admired in nature for their vibrant colors and fluttering wings.

There are plenty of unique ways you can get a yellow butterfly tattoo. We'll show you some excellent yellow butterfly tattoo designs to get your imagination flowing. 

Butterfly Tattoo Meaning

Coloured butterflies can symbolize different things across different cultures. Usually, a yellow butterfly tattoo means happiness or hope.

Often a butterfly tattoo can symbolize someone's personal transformation or the journey they've been on. Others use it to represent people they've lost. Some butterfly tattoos symbolize love and compassion.

In Chinese culture, they believe the yellow butterfly tattoo meaning is of happiness and cheerfulness . 

This is just a Chinese concept, and other cultures around the world have different meanings associated with the butterfly. Some think it symbolizes beauty, while others attach a deep meaning to the butterfly, like eternal life.

The life cycle of a butterfly is short, and some people associate butterflies with a fleeting journey through life. But your butterfly tattoo meaning can be whatever you want it to.

Best Butterfly Tattoo Styles

There are lots of beautiful butterfly tattoo styles to pick from. When considering your tattoo, you should think about the body location, tattoo style, and skin tones.

Your tattoo artist can help you design a beautiful yellow butterfly tattoo that suits your skin tone and position it in the perfect place. 

There are lots of different tattoo style's to chose from, you could pick watercolor tattoos, a single needle tattoo, a tiny butterfly tattoo, a half butterfly, the sky is your limit.

As butterfly tattoos are so versatile, there is no typical tattoo style.

Simple Butterfly Tattoo

There are plenty of ways to make a simple tattoo stand out. A simple butterfly tattoo design focuses on lighter colors and basic features. 

You could opt for minimalist butterfly tattoos showing only the outline without all the detail in the middle. Simple tattoos look elegant and effortlessly beautiful.

Celtic Butterfly Tattoo

Celtic Butterfly Tattoo

Credit: TattooBoysGirl

A Celtic tattoo is an excellent way to represent your Celtic roots if you have them. Traditional Celtic tattoos draw from Celtic lines to create something truly impactful.

In Celtic folklore, butterflies represent the human soul. A Celtic butterfly tattoo would symbolize the afterlife or someone you've lost.

Tribal Butterfly Tattoo

Tribal butterfly tattoos are popular as it's a versatile tattoo design. It can be used to truly transform the lines on the butterfly wings and make them unique. 

Tribal tattoos have evolved from native cultures worldwide and can look different across the globe. Most people get tribal butterfly tattoos to represent their culture and heritage. 

Best Designs for a Yellow Butterfly Tattoo

Butterfly tattoos remain popular, and there are lots of trends out there. We've made a list of our favorite butterfly tattoo designs:

Small Butterfly Tattoo

This tattoo design has fine delicate lines and vibrant coloring, making it an excellent small butterfly tattoo that represents the fragility of a butterfly.

Yellow Monarch Butterfly Tattoo

Yellow Monarch Butterfly Tattoo

The above monarch butterfly tattoo is a beautifully detailed representation of a monarch butterfly. In some cultures, a monarch butterfly tattoo represents a human soul who has passed away. (Credit: NextLuxury )

Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo

Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo

A semicolon butterfly tattoo represents personal transformation and can represent someone's journey in overcoming their mental health. (Credit: Pinterest )

Yellow Butterfly on Rose

Butterfly on Rose tattoo

A rose and butterfly flower tattoo can symbolize the beginning of a new chapter in your life. (Credit: Pinterest)

Yellow Butterfly with Sunflowers

Yellow Butterfly with Sunflowers

Sunflowers are a popular flower tattoo design which can represent longevity and good luck. Many people get them with the yellow butterfly, and they complement each other perfectly. (Credit: Tattrix Tattoos )

Where Are the Best Places to Get a Butterfly Tattoo?

Butterfly tattoos look good on any part of the body. Some tattoo artists might make recommendations based on the style and size of your tattoo regarding the placement of it on your body. Here are some ideas so you can start thinking about where to get your yellow butterfly tattoo:

Butterfly Tattoo on Feet

Butterfly Tattoo on Feet

The feet are an excellent location to get a butterfly design. As you can see, you don't just have to have one. It's an excellent place to have multiple butterflies. (Credit: NextLuxury )

Arm Butterfly Tattoo

Arm Butterfly Tattoo

Having a tattoo on your arm is a classic place to get a butterfly tattoo. You can opt for big or small. This feminine tattoo has two tiny detailed butterflies. (Credit: Pinterest )

Butterfly Tattoo on Shoulder

Butterfly Tattoo on Shoulder

This butterfly tattoo stands out against the person's pale skin. A shoulder is a great place to have your tiny butterfly tattoo if you want to show it off. (Credit: Panumart Tattoo )


Butterflies are beautiful creatures commonly used in tattoos. Some focus on the butterfly's wings, while other vivid tattoos bring out the insects natural beauty.

There are plenty of beautiful yellow butterfly tattoo designs you can choose from if you're looking to get a butterfly tattoo. 

Typically, yellow butterflies represent hope and happiness or are a symbol of the people we've lost. There are plenty of different tattoo styles to pick from, and your beautiful tattoo can mean whatever you want it to.

Whatever you choose, your uniquely designed butterfly tattoo will be unique to you.

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