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  • Koi Dragon Tattoos

    Koi Dragon Tattoos

    In the world of tattoos, one design has been making waves for its captivating blend of symbolism and artistry – the Koi Dragon tattoo. This unique fusion of two powerful symbols, the Koi fish and the dragon has gained popularity for its rich meanings and striking visual appeal. Featured image credit: Bardadim tattooIn this article, we’ll take…

  • Yakuza Dragon Tattoo

    Yakuza Dragon Tattoo

    Featured image credit: Pinterest  If you’re a fan of tattoos, you’ll definitely want to check out the iconic tattoo designs of the Yakuza gang. The symbolic body art designs are distinctive and colorful and they also ooze badass style.Let’s take a look at some of the best Yakuza dragon tattoo designs so you can add…

  • Japanese Dragon Tattoo

    Japanese Dragon Tattoo

    Japanese dragon tattoos are an art form in themselves. The Japanese have always been fascinated by dragons, and from the earliest times, they have used them as a symbol of power and strength. They are also associated with water, as well as being protectors of knowledge and wisdom.If you want to get a Japanese Dragon tattoo,…