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Angela Mazzanti

United States

There's nobody quite like Angela Mazzanti. The California rapper, influencer, and model is a unique force in the entertainment world, and she's only getting bigger and better with each passing day.

Who is Angela Mazzanti?

'Angela Mazzanti is a rapper, influencer, and model from California. She is best known for her hundred tattoos on her body. Currently signed with Ghostcraft Music, she has already released two singles under Brian Perera’s record label Cleopatra Records before leaving them in July 2019.

Mazzanti began modeling in 2009 and is heavily tattooed. She is also a cannabis social media influencer and hosted the fourth installment of the Kushstock Festival.

Angela Mazzanti is a tattoo model...

Angela Mazzanti is widely known as a cannabis and tattoo model. She's been active in the cannabis community for a decade, and her Instagram account is so prolific that huge companies have hired her to promote their brand.

Some of her notable clients include Southern Californian alternative clothing line Fatal Clothing, international sex toy conglomerate Adam & Eve, and Atlantic Records.

Angela is also a rapper; her music reflects her 'bad girl' personality. She's unafraid to push boundaries and isn't afraid to be herself - which is why she's one of the most popular models on Instagram today.

... And she's also a rapper!

She worked hard to develop her unique style, drawing inspiration from classic and contemporary hip-hop artists.

And it paid off; as soon as she released her first single, ‘We So Mob’ featuring Rick Ross, she started generating controversy in WorldStar Hip Hop.

The track was also picked up by LA-based label Cleopatra Records and hosted on their official YouTube channel.

Since then, Angela has continued to produce bangers with some of the best beatmakers in the business.

Her tracks are catchy and lyrically sharp, appealing to hardcore hip hop fans and more mainstream radio listeners. Plus, she’s already performed at events like Kushstock and SXSW.

What makes Angela Mazzanti such an exceptional artist is not just her musical talent but also her unshakeable confidence and charisma.

She knows exactly who she is and isn’t afraid to express herself in her music and personal life.

With a body covered in artistic tattoos and a killer flow, she’s quickly becoming the new queen of the hip-hop scene. If you haven’t already, check out her music – you won’t be disappointed.

Are You Ready to Follow Angela Mazzanti?

If not, you're missing out. This smoking-hot Instagram model is not only gorgeous, but she's also a badass regarding tattoos and weed. Her first Instagram post was a photo of the drawing she planned on getting tattooed on her stomach.

Her feed is full of exciting content, and she's not afraid to show off her smoking body. Whether posting photos of her tattoos or just hanging out with friends, Angela keeps things interesting.

But Angela's not just about looks – she's also an advocate for cannabis and uses her influence to promote the benefits of marijuana consumption. So if you're looking for some inspiration on all things tatted and stoned, follow Angela Mazzanti !

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