How Can I Make My Own Scannable Barcode Tattoo
We've added a selection of several barcode fonts to our free Tattoo Lettering Designer, so now you can make your own barcode tattoos at home. Just go to the Lettering Designer, click on the "PICK FONT" button, and then choose "Barcode" from the styles menu. Type in your message and click on the bar code style you want.

Right now, only the first three of the barcode fonts generate scannable barcode tattoo designs -- the rest are just for decoration, although they do encode the information you type. These first three fonts are known as Code 39 and work with both numbers and letters. For best scanning results with these fonts, use single, short words (better under ten characters or less, best under five). If you want to encode a phrase, try saving each word separately. Some barcode fonts can encode spaces and some cannot. If you care about scannability, be sure to test your barcode tattoo design before getting inked!

Make your own barcode tattoo right here!

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