How Does A Bar Code Hold Information
People often ask how barcodes hold information and sometimes think that barcodes can only represent numbers. It actually depends on which style of barcode is being used to represent the data. Some styles can only represent numbers, but some can also represent letters and even some other symbols.

In creating a custom barcode, each character you type is converted to a pattern of wide and narrow bars. Different types of bar codes encode this information different ways. Some can handle both upper and lower case letters, some only capital letters. Some can represent punctuation as well, and all can represent numbers. When a scanner reads a barcode, it simply re-translates the bar patterns back into the original characters.

By the way, the letters that appear underneath barcode designs (which are the same as whatever you typed in with our free tool) actually cannot be read by a barcode scanner. You can write whatever you want there, or leave those letters out completely, and the barcode itself will still scan the same way.

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