What To Bring To A Tattoo Convention
Here's what you should bring to any tattoo convention:

A little Foresight: Maybe you've found out that your favorite artist or studio is going to have a booth at the convention, and you're hoping to get some new ink. You might want to contact them ahead of time to see if you can schedule an appointment. Remember that there may be some competition since people will be coming from far and wide to see the same artists. That goes for seminars too - seating will be limited for these, so if you really want to get the latest information and techniques that are being taught. Check the convention's website to find out what techniques are being shown and by whom, and if you're really interested sign-up as early as possible!

A Good Attitude: A lot happens at a great convention in a relatively short time. Especially if you didn't make arrangements ahead of time, you may not be able to get any ink from your favorite artist. Try not to get impatient. Maybe you can visit the studio later, or visit another convention where they'll be. Or maybe you'll need to mull over that design and get it done next year. Try not to ask many questions of artists at work. Remember that this is an art form, and the application of body art can take a lot of concentration. If you have questions, try to ask when the artist isn't busy with a customer.

Plenty of Energy: Pace yourself, because there's a lot going on at once during a convention. You may want to simply wander around absorbing the whole experience or you may want to make a list of priorities before you arrive.

Family and Friends: If you go alone, you'll probably meet plenty of interesting people to talk to, but it's always nice to have your friends around, right? Also, many conventions are family-friendly, so if you've got kids, you should check out the list of events because there may be plenty for them to enjoy, too. Some conventions have play areas, exhibitions, and shows intended to keep the kids happy and entertained.

Cash and Credit Card: With all conventions have to offer, you might find yourself taking home more than just that new tattoo. There should be plenty of food and drink, and you might also find that you can't depart for home without some great new fashions, a little jewelry, or some artwork. If you've brought the family along, they'll want to make a few purchases, too - but most of all - Have fun!

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