What To Expect At A Tattoo Convention
If you're looking for a quick introduction into the world and the culture of tattoos, you can find no better place to start than at a tattoo convention. Of course they aren't just for newcomers, but also a great place for enthusiasts to meet the legends of the tattoo world, to make new friends and to get more ink.

The Artists attend not only to do business and create more living art, they can also look forward to meeting up with old friends and to attending seminars about the latest techniques. Conventions offer something for everyone who is interested and involved in the world of tattoos.

Conventions vary in size and scope, some are local festivals lasting a day or two and featuring the talent from one particular city or area, others can last up to a week and draw artists and attendees from around a region, country, or even from all around the globe. Some of the highlights:
  • The Artists: Tattoo artists set up booths where they display photographs of their work and apply tattoos.
  • The Contests: Usually there will be competitions run for tattoos inked on a particular day and for the duration of the convention. Categories may include such as "Best Gray Scale," "Best Sleeve (Arm or Leg)," "Most Original Design," etc.
  • The Seminars: Some of the larger conventions will feature seminars on how to master techniques like gray scale, the latest health procedures, or how to maintain your equipment, etc. These are taught by professionals and generally last for several hours.
  • The Entertainment: You might find live bands, DJs spinning the tunes, parties (often held somewhere off-site but close to the convention venue), and even sideshows and "freak shows" featuring unique acts - even fashion shows turned up. Some conventions will also have car & bike shows, sometimes skateboard demonstrations or play areas for the kids.
  • The Extras: There may be art exhibitions on the history of tattoos or the designs of certain artists, etc. Sometimes you can view old tattoo machinery on display.
  • The Goods: Not only could you get a new tattoo, you will probably also find that body piercing is available at the convention. There may be body painting and henna tattoos as well. Vendors will be supplying food, apparel, cosmetics, accessories and jewelry.

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