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Little Joe's El Callejero Tattoo Studio

Bangkok, TH
+66 80-457-3230

After spending more than a decade of my teenage life working in KFC, Swensen's ice-cream, selling records (Tower Records), playing in the band, selling things on the street and whatnot, then I began tattooing in 1997, but doesn't count the first couple of years 'cos I was too busy making experiments on my friends's skin and getting ripped off by the cutthroat suppliers ...

As being self-taught, no one said it was easy, so, I started travelling here and there, meeting and hanging out with other tattooists. This way, it seems like my skills in tattooing and speaking other languages than Thai have been improved alot ...

So far, it's been almost 10 years that I've been on the road, tattooing, exploring, learning, struggling, living life to the fullest and whatnot, sometimes it got me wondering "What if I keep doing this ... When it's gonna come to an end?" (and also "What's gonna come at the end?"), especially, when I'm single and restless, it just simply makes me "unstoppable" ...

Oh well, no matter what you're calling me "one of the coolest guys in this biz" or "a complete loser who just can't even keep his life steady" ... I would say "C'est la vie" cos, at least, there's a period in my lifetime that I make some experiments, there are some moments in my lifetime that define my life and values, "porque es la pura vida y es mi vida loca" ...

Anyway, I'm done travelling and now I open my own tattoo studio in downtown Bangkok called "El Callejero" which located at 760/4 PETCHARAT MANSION, SUKHUMVIT 50, PRAKANONG, KLONGTOEY, BANGKOK 10260, THAILAND and I tattoo by appointment only ...

"Dicen que soy un tatuadoro callejero ... y ahora aqui estoy!"