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Published on May 27, 2022

If you're looking for a bold and unique way to express yourself, then consider getting a butterfly wings tattoo! A butterfly wings tattoo is a stunning design that stands out in an artistic and meaningful way. 

Not only do they look beautiful on the body, but they can also symbolize various elements such as freedom, creativity, and transformation.

Whether you have chosen this design purely based on its aesthetic value or because of what it represents to you personally, there's no doubt that it will be an eye-catching addition to your collection.

Read on to learn more about why you should opt for this exquisite style of art!

Butterfly Wings Meanings

Many cultures associate butterflies with good luck, happiness, new life and even marriage and fidelity.

They are also associated with transformation and nature. Butterfly wings are symbolic of the human soul and our need to take flight. 

But whether you just love butterflies or whether they represent something more, a talented tattoo artist can create a butterfly design that matches your vision.

Many women are drawn to butterflies as a symbol of independence and freedom, and a butterfly tattoo design is a popular tattoo choice to mark new beginnings. Some of the popular tattoo meanings include:

  • The monarch butterfly tattoo is said to symbolize good luck;

  • A black butterfly might mark the passing of a loved one;

  • A tiger butterfly can represent resilience;

  • A tribal butterfly is often associated with the butterfly totem;

  • A blue butterfly marks remembrance, hope and joy;

  • A realistic butterfly is another good luck charm and is said to represent life.

Best Butterfly Wings Styles

There are several tattoo styles and ideas you might want to consider. It's a good idea to find a tattoo artist that specializes in the style you prefer. Some styles to consider:

Blackwork Butterfly tattoo

This style uses thick lines of black ink to create a stunning traditional butterfly tattoo. You can't usually get too much detail in this tattoo design but it can be incredibly striking.

Watercolor butterfly tattoo

Watercolor design uses colors to create the shape of a butterfly with ink that resembles fluid watercolor paint. Colors tend to fade faster, but the end result is incredibly feminine and delicate.

Japanese butterfly tattoo

This style is popular among women and can be a great way to pay homage to these beautiful creatures. The style lends itself well to flowers and scenes from nature.

Traditional butterfly tattoos

This style of butterfly tattoo is probably the same style your grandmother had (if she was so inclined). It uses bold lines and colors to create a tattoo that can really fly.

Best Designs For Butterfly Wings

Still need a tattoo idea? Don't worry, we've compiled a list of beautiful tattoos from the best tattoo artists to inspire you. These tattoo designs have a little something for everyone.

Split Wings

Split Wings butterfly tattoo

Why not go big and bold with your next tattoo? Split wings slices the butterfly in half so that each hand or foot is beautifully decorated. (Credit: Wild Tattoo Art)

Half Flower, Half Butterfly

You can turn a simple butterfly into something spectacular by turning half it’s wings into something amazing, like this floral tribute.

Shaded Wings

Adding a little bit of shade to your black ink design gives your butterfly tattoo depth and personality.

All Wings (No Body)

This inspired design by @plainjanetattooco removes the body and places the focus on the wings in this simple black ink drawing.

Skull and Wings

Skull and Wings butterfly tattoo

If you are a little more edgy, you can adorn your butterfly (and your skin!) with a skull and wing combo! (Credit: Wild Tattoo Art)

What Are the Best Places to Get Butterfly Wings Tattoos

Now that you've decided on your next tattoo, you need to find a great location for your art. Not every body part is suitable, so make sure to discuss your tattoo ideas with your tattoo artist beforehand if you are worried about warping or fading.

On the Hand

butterfly tattoo on the hand

Monarch butterflies are synonymous with good luck, which is why this gorgeous hand tattoo is a good reminder to take your shots. (Credit: Wild Tattoo Art)

Behind The Ear

butterfly wings tattoo behind the ear

Ariana Grande’s bee tattoo made the ear popular, but it’s a great location for any beautiful tattoo design (Credit: @tatstemple1)

The Thigh

butterfly tattoo on thigh

This simple butterfly thigh tattoo uses open space to make the wings stand out. (Credit: Leg Tattoo Designs)

Upper Arm

butterfly tattoo upper arm

This sweet butterfly in a bubble tattoo is feminie and delicate. (Credit: Our Mindful Life)

On the Knee

The space under your knee is pretty stable and you can limit sun exposure to make it last a long time

Other Tattoo Design Ideas

Still need more inspiration? We’ve compiled a few pages with butterfly-inspired designs that you can choose from:


Butterflies represent all of the good things about life and can serve a positive affirmation of where you are and where you are going.

Butterfly designs look good almost anywhere on your body, giving you real flexibility to experiment. Make sure that you pick an artist that can bring your butterfly wings to life. 

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