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Published on May 3, 2023

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The Celtic dragon tattoo is a popular choice when it comes to tattoo designs. These bold, elaborate, beautiful, and ferocious mythical creatures are very different from the Asian dragon, which is also a popular tattoo.

So what do these tattoos mean? And which styles are the most popular? Here we take a closer look at the Celtic dragon tattoo so you can find information and inspiration for your tattoo.

Celtic Dragon Tattoo Meanings

The Celtic dragon is used to symbolize power, determination, and courage. It is different from the Asian dragon in terms of appearance and meaning. It is often a masculine tattoo, but that does not mean that it is only for men.

Another important feature of the Celtic dragon is that it often represents a person’s ancestry or heritage .

People descended from Celtic origins may like to use this tattoo to form a deeper connection with where they come from. However, some people simply enjoy the unique appearance of the Celtic dragon.

Best Celtic Dragon Tattoo Styles

You can choose from a range of popular styles for Celtic dragon tattoos. Here are some you may come across:


A more abstract depiction of the Celtic dragon, often accompanied by ancient runes that are rich in detail.

Celtic flags

Many people choose to accompany their tattoo with a Celtic flag in reference to their heritage.

Black outline

Celtic dragon tattoos can be large and elaborate, but they can also be simple black ink tattoos.

Best Designs For a Celtic Dragon Tattoo

There are some truly beautiful designs for Celtic dragon tattoos available. Here are some of our favorites:

Scottish dragon

Scottish dragon celtic tattoo ideas

This Celtic dragon is displayed alongside the Royal Banner of Scotland in supposed reference to the nationality or heritage of the person. (Credit: @tigerlilytattootamworth)


Runes celtic dragon tattoos

This is a more abstract design in black and white, mixing the Celtic dragon with runes. (Credit: @jamescrx)

Celtic dragon head

Celtic dragon head tattoo

This red dragon head and neck is a simpler but no less beautiful depiction of the Celtic dragon. (Credit: @ringsandneedlesworcs)

Viking style

Viking style dragon tattoo

This mirror-image Celtic dragon with Viking elements looks splendid across the chest. (Credit: @lioness_ink)

Fierce dragon

Fierce dragon tattoo ideas

This sleeve features a stunning depiction of a fierce dragon rich in detail. (Credit: @starlight_tattoo)

What Are the Best Places to Get a Celtic Dragon Tattoo?

There are so many places to get a Celtic dragons tattoo that you can choose from any part of the body. Here are some suggestions:


celtic dragon tattoo on leg

Celtic dragon tattoos are often large, bold, and elaborate, and the leg provides the perfect body part to create a beautiful design, like this stunning example. (Credit: @cameron_jonker)


celtic dragon tattoo on arm

The bold and fierce Celtic dragon looks particularly masculine when positioned at the top of the arm like this beautiful tattoo. (Credit: @ashmoretattoos86)


dragon celtic tattoo on back

The back provides the perfect canvas for depicting the full glory of the Celtic dragon in all its dramatic detail. (Credit: @gusartz)


chest dragon celtic tattoo

The chest is another popular choice for Celtic dragon tattoos when you want to create a large and feature-rich image. (Credit: @lorenfettermantattoos)

Full arm

celtic dragon tattoo on full arm

The sleeve is an excellent place to get a dramatic Celtic dragon tattoo, where the full ferocious energy of the image can truly come to life, especially when it flows over onto the chest. (Credit: @daredeviltattoopernik).

Other Tattoo Ideas

The Celtic dragon is just one dragon-based tattoo, and there are many more options to consider if you want a dragon tattoo design. Take a look at our other guides for inspiration:


Whether you have Celtic heritage or you simply love the depiction of the Celtic dragon, this could be the perfect choice for your next tattoo.

Whether you would like a tattoo that is small, large, simple, or intricate, this popular tattoo style is a great choice.

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