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Published on April 27, 2024

Have you been searching the internet trying to unleash the ancient power and mystique of the Chinese Dragon in your next tattoo?

Chinese Dragon tattoos have long captivated peoples imaginations, symbolizing strength, prosperity, and auspiciousness in Chinese culture. But with so many designs available, how do you choose the perfect one to wear on your skin?

In our guide to Chinese Dragon tattoos, we'll check out the rich symbolism and cultural significance behind these legendary creatures.

So let's soar into the skies of the ancient and mythical Chinese Dragon Tattoo.

History Of The Chinese Dragon 

The oldest depiction of a Dragon was uncovered in Inner Mongolia in 1971 in the form of a Jade statue dating back to almost 4500 to 3000 BCE.

Dragons have been a significant part of Chinese culture and mythology, with the Chinese believing that they are good luck symbols and bringers of wealth.

The Chinese Dragon, known as Loong 龍, comes in many different forms, from fish and turtles to its more recognized shape of a snake-like being with legs. 

The Chinese Dragon was associated with the Emporers of China as a symbol of imperial power, but other symbolism associated with the Chinese Dragon are good luck, strength, health, and the male element Yang. 

Chinese scholars classified dragons into systems, such as Emperor Huizong of Song, who canonized five colored dragons as kings. These colored Dragons include the Black, Yellow, White, Vermillion, and Azure Dragons. Each Dragon represents a region and a season.  

Chinese Dragon Tattoo Designs

Now that we’ve learned a brief history of the Chinese Dragon, let’s take a look at some of the best Chinese Dragon Mythological Tattoo designs and styles. 

1. White Chinese Dragon Tattoo

White Chinese Dragon Tattoo

Photo credit: Tattoodo

The White Chinese Dragon known as 白龍 (Báilóng) is the Dragon God of the West and the essence of autumn.

It is difficult to find any Chinese Dragon Tattoos done in white ink so skin color will have to substitute for the white ink.

A White Dragon Tattoo can symbolize purity, but some also associate the color with death and mourning. 

2. Black Chinese Dragon Tattoo

Black Chinese Dragon Tattoo

Photo credit: @thuongtattoo

The Black Dragon 黑龍 (Hēilóng), also called "Dark Dragon" or "Mysterious Dragon" 玄龍 (Xuánlóng), is the Dragon God of the north and the essence of winter.

A Black Dragon represents wisdom and power, protection and blessings.

However, more recently, the Black Dragon Tattoo has been adopted by criminal gangs to represent revenge and vengeance. 

3. Red Chinese Dragon

Red Chinese Dragon

Photo credit: @ar_tattoo_artist_

The Red Dragon 赤龍 (Chìlóng) is the Dragon God of the south and of the essence of summer.

The Red Dragon is one of the most depicted Dragons in all of Chinese culture as it is the symbol of good fortune and marital harmony, so it often appears at special events and weddings.

A Red Dragon Tattoo symbolizes power, strength, and good fortune.

4. Yellow Chinese Dragon Tattoo

Yellow Chinese Dragon Tattoo

Photo credit: Pinterest

The Yellow Dragon 黃龍 (Huánglóng) is the Dragon God of the center associated with the late Summer.

The Yellow Dragon represents the earth, the changing seasons, and the center of the cosmos and was often used to represent the Chinese Emporer.

A Yellow Dragon Tattoo can symbolize wealth and good fortune. 

5. Blue Chinese Dragon Tattoo

Blue Chinese Dragon Tattoo

Photo credit: Pinterest

The Blue or Azure Chinese Dragon 靑龍 (Qīnglóng) is the Dragon God of the East and the essence of spring.

The Blue Dragon represents strength, the approach of Spring, and new life. A Blue Dragon Tattoo symbolizes wisdom and strength. 

6. Dragon Turtle Tattoo

Dragon Turtle Tattoo

Photo credit: @dyl_tattoos

The Dragon Turtle or Lóngguī is a Chinese mythical beast who has the body of a turtle and the head of a dragon.

The Turtle Dragon is a positive ornament in Feng Shui that symbolizes courage, determination, fertility, longevity, power, success, and support.

Chinese Dragon Tattoo Styles

The color of your Chinese Dragon Tattoo isn’t all that matters. Like all Dragon Tattoos, there are a number of different styles to choose from. 

1. Tribal Chinese Dragon Tattoo

Tribal Chinese Dragon Tattoo

Photo credit: @dr.tattoo80

Tribal Tattoos come from the ancient civilizations of the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans and have been used by Polynesian, African, and Southeast Asian cultures.

Tribal Tattoos focus on straight or curved lines with geometric patterns, and this Tribal Dragon Tattoo is no different, with great use of negative space and thick deep black coloring. 

2. Watercolor Chinese Dragon Tattoo

Watercolor Chinese Dragon Tattoo

Photo credit: Hairstyle

Watercolor Tattoos are for those who really like subtle yet elegant colors in their ink.

Watercolor Tattoos mimic watercolor paintings, having an ethereal look with their seamless blending of colors and vibrant palettes.

This watercolor Dragon Tattoo is really clever as the Dragon itself is made out of water, and the seamless transition from purple to blue is expertly done. 

3. Geometric Chinese Dragon Tattoo

Geometric Chinese Dragon Tattoo

Photo credit: Pinterest

Geometric Tattoos are known for the precision lines and shapes that come together to form intricate patterns and designs.

This Dragon Tattoo shows off the artform beautifully with its razor sharp line work and amalgamation of shapes coming together to form a Geometric Dragon Head Tattoo

4. Minimalist Chinese Dragon Tattoo

Minimalist Chinese Dragon Tattoo

Photo credit: neartattoos

Minimalist Tattoos are subtle yet extremely elegant.

They are perfect for people who want to carry the symbolism of their chosen design but don't want to go all out.

This Minimalist Dragon Tattoo on the hip is super cute with its sparkle effects and nice design. 

5. UV Dragon Tattoo

UV Dragon Tattoo

Photo credit: Pinterest

Looking for something a little more unique? Then try a UV Chinese Dragon Tattoo. UV ink doesn’t glow in the dark but rather under black or ultraviolet light. 

UV ink has a fluorescent substance witin it that absorbs UV light and emits it at a wavelength that humans can see.

This makes UV tattoos invisible in normal light but visible under UV light. 

6. Traditional Painting Chinese Dragon Tattoo

Traditional Painting Chinese Dragon Tattoo

Photo credit: @thuongtattoo

A cool idea for your Chinese Dragon Tattoo is to get inked in a traditional painting style.

This Chinese Dragon Tiger Tattoo depicts the Dragon and Tiger together in a storm.

The Dragon in Chinese culture stands for Yang and is believed to reign over the heavens, while the Tiger, standing for Yin, represents the Earth. 

7. Anime Dragon Tattoo

Anime Dragon Tattoo

Photo credit: Pinterest

If you’re a lover of the animation art form, then with so many depictions of Dragons in Japanese anime or animation in general, there is no shortage for you to find.

This Dragon Ball Tattoo is of Shernon who was the culmination of the work it took Goku and the gang to collect the 7 Dragon Balls. He offers any wish within his power so long as it isn’t the same wish twice. 

Where To Get Your Chinese Dragon Tattoo

1. Chinese Dragon Tattoo On The Chest

Chinese Dragon Tattoo On The Chest

Photo credit: Twitter

The Chest is for those who like to show off their Chinese Dragon Tattoo with pride. This Dragon Head Tattoo is done in an oriental style that really pops.

Having a Chinese Dragon Tattoo on the chest can represent how the Dragon helps guide you through life, watching every step and showing you the right path forward. 

2. Chinese Dragon Tattoo Designs On The Arm/Leg

Chinese Dragon Tattoo Designs On The Arm/Leg

Photo credit: Skogsrå

For those who always like to show off their tattoos as much as possible, go for an arm and leg Dragon Tattoo.

A Chinese Dragon Tattoo on the leg can represent how the Dragon aids you in every step of your journey, pushing you forward with each step you take.

3. The Back With Chinese Dragon Tattoo

The Back With Chinese Dragon Tattoo

Photo credit: Pinterest

The Back offers the most amount of space on the body. With so much space, you can be as intricate and large as you like.

But you can choose to be more modest either like with this traditional style Dragon Tattoo.

Having a Chinese Dragon Tattoo on your back can symbolize how the Dragon is always watching your back and protects from all evil that might try to harm you. 

4. Chinese Dragon Tattoo Ideas On The Ear

Chinese Dragon Tattoo Ideas On The Ear

Photo credit: Pinterest

While not the biggest and boldest tattoos, a Chinese Dragon Tattoo behind the ear is a nice choice for those who like to keep things modest.

What it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in elegance and grace.

A Chinese Dragon Tattoo behind the ear can represent how the Dragon speaks directly to you, offering advice on how to guide you through your journey. 


So ends our journey through the skies of Chinese Dragon Tattoo designs. The Chinese Dragon is an incredibly powerful image of power, wisdom, and good fortune.

We hope with our guidance, your wish for the perfect Chinese Dragon Tattoo will come true.

But if the Chinese Dragon isn’t what you’ve been hoping for, check out these Japanese Dragon Tattoos, these Phoenix and Dragon Tattoos, or these Sword Dragon Tattoo ideas.

If you’re someone who’s thinking about getting a Dragon Tattoo, then there is no magic spell that will make your after-ink soreness disappear.

Just like a burn from a Dragon’s breath you will need to take the appropriate care to get you back on your feet as soon as possible.

So check out these great tattoo aftercare products to reduce pain and discomfort and keep the fire alive and your Dragon ink looking as fresh and alive for as long as possible.

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