Dragon Ball Tattoo Designs

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Published on May 23, 2024

Dragon ball fans rejoice! If you’ve been flying over the internet searching for the perfect Tattoo design like Goku and the gang search for the 7 Dragon balls, then worry no longer.

Difficult as it may have been, we didn’t give up as ‘we do not fear this new challenge. Rather like a true warrior, we will rise to meet it.’

We’ve gathered together some of the greatest Dragon Ball Tattoo Designs (and it’s more than 7!) from across the World Wide Web, and we’re about to make your wish come through. 

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What Is Dragon Ball? 

Dragon Ball is the Shonen manga masterpiece created by the late great Akira Toriyama. Rest in peace, Sensei.

Akira Toriyama created Dragon Ball in 1984, having been inspired to base his series off the classic 16th Century Chinese novel Journey to the West along with having elements from Hong Kong martial arts films. 

The original Dragon Ball series was more of an adventure series following the journey of Goku, a boy with a monkey tail based on Sun Wukong, and his friend Bulma, who were in search of the wish-fulfilling 7 Dragon Balls before transitioning to a battle shonen. 

In the sequel series Dragon Ball Z, Goku learns of his heritage as an alien and must protect and save the planet Earth from a variety of villains with the aid of his friends and family known as the Z Fighters. 

Dragon Ball GT was an anime-exclusive continuation of the Dragon Ball Z franchise, where Goku had been transformed into a child by the Black Star Dragon Balls and now must travel through space in order to collect the Balls before Earth is destroyed by their power. 

Lastly, Dragon Ball Super retconned the events of Dragon Ball GT and instead is set 10 years after the defeat of Majin Buu, Dragon Ball Z’s final antagonist. After having awakened after decades of slumber.

Beerus, along with his Angel assistant and teacher, Whis, searches for a warrior known as the Super Saiyan God, threatening to destroy the Earth if the warrior loses to him. 

Dragonball Tattoo Designs

Now that we know a little about the Dragon Ball franchise let’s dive into some of the best Dragonball Tattoo Designs we have gathered. 

1. Goku Riding Shenron Tattoo

Goku Riding Shenron Tattoo

Photo credit: @otaku.tatts

Starting off with the image that captures the essence of the original Dragon Ball series with Goku riding atop Shenrons back. I don’t think this is a cover for any of the manga chapters themselves and it is either promotional material or is a design done by a fan. I also like the inclusion of the Naruto clouds. 

2. Dragon Balls Tattoo

Dragon Ball Tattoo

Photo credit: @wenghiskhan_tattoos

Of course, you can’t have a Dragon Ball Tattoo list without having a Tattoo of the titular Dragon Balls themselves. The Four Star Dragonball was originally in the possession of Grandpa Gohan before his death, and later, Goku would keep it and attach it to Gohan’s hat. 

3. Chiaotzu Dragon Ball Tattoo

Chiaotzu Dragonball Tattoo

Photo credit: @andrew.douglas.tattoo

Chiaotzu was the former pupil of Mater Shen and a constant companion of Tien Shinhan. Chiaotzu is based on Jiangshi, a Chinese hopping vampire. One of Chiaotzu’s most memorable moments in the Dragonball series was when he latched onto Nappa and sacrificed himself in an attempt to save his friends. 

4. Shenron Dragon Ball Tattoo

Shenron Dragonball Tattoo

Photo credit: X.com

Shenron is the culmination of gathering the seven Dragon Balls. Unlike Porunga and Super Shenron, there doesn’t seem to be a specific phrase required to summon him, as Pilaf, Piccolo, and Goku all have been shown to summon Shenron by saying different things. This Shenron Dragon Tattoo is done like a lot of Asian Dragon Tattoo Designs having him come up the arm and sweep over the Shoulder onto the chest. 

5. Dragonball And Dragon Claw Tattoo

Dragonball And Dragon Claw Tattoo

Photo credit: @lucasgomesart

If you want a smaller design that still encapsulates both Shenron and the Dragonballs, you can go for a design similar to this one. This simple design has the hand of Shenron grasping onto a cracked Dragon Ball with some lovely cloud effects behind it. This Tattoo was done in honor of Akira Toriyama, who accredited the manga legend as to why he became a Tattoo artist himself. 

6. Son Goku Dragonball Tattoo

Son Goku Dragonball Tattoo

Photo credit: @bon_quyquy

If you loved the original Dragon Ball series, then pay homage to it with a nice Son Goku Tattoo Design. Son Goku was a naive, eccentric, monkey-tailed boy who practices martial arts and possesses superhuman strength. Originally, Goku was a monkey to make the series more faithful to Journey to the West, but during Toriyama's second draft, Goku was changed to a human dressed in sailor clothes that rode a mecha instead of the Flying Nimbus. However, in the third draft, Toriyama settled on the design we all know and love. 

7. Playful Goku Tattoo

Playful Goku Tattoo

Photo credit: @dogstreettattoo

If you’re someone who has a playful spirit and wants to express it within your Dragon Ball Tattoo Design, then check this one out. This Anime Tattoo has Son Goku playfully rolling on top of the Four Star Dragonball with an umbrella in hand. 

8. Chibi Dragon Ball Tattoo

Chibi Dragonball Tattoo

Photo credit: @sebastian_tattoo

If you want to have a cute Tattoo Design to express your love for the Dragon Ball franchise, then consider getting a Chibi Dragonball Tattoo. This Design is super adorable, with some of the most recognizable characters from the franchise all climbing on top of each other, starting with Android 16 at the bottom and finishing with Krillan at the top. 

9. Sunset Dragonball Tattoo

Sunset Dragonball Tattoo

Photo credit: @sarciatattooparlour

If you want to add a bit more melancholic vibrancy to your Dragon Ball Tattoo, then check out this Sunset Tattoo Design. This design has Goku and Goten or a Young Goku on an island with palm trees with Kame House in the background and the Four Star Dragon Ball in place of the Sun all within the shape of Goku himself. 

10. Simple Dragonball Tattoo

Simple Dragonball Tattoo

Photo credit: @dragonballtattoos

If you want to show your love for the Dragonball franchise but don’t want to go all out with your design, then check out this simple Dragon Ball Tattoo. In this design, we have a young Son Goku along with his Power Pole, a device used to travel from Korin Tower to The Lookout, but Goku uses it as a weapon. 

11. Kame House Dragon Ball Tattoo

Kame House Dragonball Tattoo

Photo credit: @dragonballtattoos

The Kame House is a lone house on a small Island in the middle of the sea. Kame House was the primary training site for Goku, Krillin, and later Yamcha during the Tournament and Fortuneteller Baba Sagas. The Kame house also served as a hideaway during the Android Arc for when Goku was suffering from a deadly heart disease while the three Androids were searching for him. 

12. UV SSJ2 Gohan Tattoo

UV SSJ2 Gohan Tattoo

Photo credit: @animemasterink

If you want to make your Dragonball Tattoo more dynamic, try getting a UV Dragon Ball Tattoo. UV ink contains fluorescent or phosphorescent pigments that glow under ultraviolet light. This Tattoo Design is of Gohan in his SSJ2 form, which he achieved after Cell crushed Android 16 to death. 

13. Son Goku And Son Gohan

Son Goku And Son Gohan

Photo credit: @javiforteza

One of the first times we see Goku at the beginning of the Dragon Ball Z series is when he has Son Gohan with him. Goku arrives at Kame House to show Gohan to his friends, who are completely oblivious to the fact that he even has a son. This Tattoo is inspired by one of the Dragonball Z eyecatchers. 

14. Turtle Hermit Tattoo

Turtle Hermit Tattoo

Photo credit: Reddit

The Turtle Hermit symbol is one of the most iconic images in Dragon Ball. Krillan, Goku, and Yamcha all wear the symbol on their Gis after completing their training under Master Roshi. Work hard, study well, and eat and sleep plenty! That is the Turtle Hermit way!

15. Boy To A Man Dragonball Tattoo

Boy To A Man Dragonball Tattoo

Photo credit: @red_rogue13

If you want to capture the essence of Goku’s journey from a boy to a man, then check out this Dragon Ball Tattoo Design. At the beginning of Dragon Ball, Goku is an 11-year-old boy who lives alone in the forest. Now, he is one of the strongest people in the entire Universe and other Universes, yet he still strives to become even stronger. 

16. Dragonballs Within Tattoo

Dragonballs Within Tattoo

Photo credit: @tamagore_tattoo

This is a different type of Dragonball Tattoo Design. If you feel like you have the spirit of Dragon Ball residing within you, then maybe consider getting a design such as this one. While it may be a little bit graphic, this cool design shows a wound on the wearer's side with the Dragonballs beneath his flesh. 

17. Fist Bump Dragon Ball Tattoo

Fist Bump Dragonball Tattoo

Photo credit: @fabiosomasi

If you have a friend who you would also consider a rival, then why not go for this Goku and Vegeta fist bump matching Tattoo Design? While the fist bump never happened in the anime or manga, Vegeta and Goku have shown their respect for one another in other ways, such as Vegeats speech and the thumbs up they give each other at the end of the Buu saga. 

18. Simpsons X Dragonball Tattoo

Simpsons X Dragonball Tattoo

Photo credit: @dragonballtattoos

If you want to express your love for more than one series, such as The Simpsons, then check out this funny Simpsons X Dragon Ball Tattoo Design. In this Dragon Ball Ink, we have Homer as an Oozaru in Saiyan armor. This design might not be as bizarre as some might think as Homer was depicted as a gigantic Ape in the Treehouse of Horror episode three when he played the role of King Kong.  

19. Broly Tattoo Idea

Broly Tattoo Idea

Photo credit: @taliainks

Broly has had two incarnations in the Dragon Ball Universe. The first is his appearances in multiple films as the ‘Legendary Super Saiyan’, who hated Goku for his incessant crying when they were both beside each other after birth. The second is his redesign for the Dragon Ball Super Broly film, in which he and his father, Paragus, were stranded by King Vegeta on Planet Vampa. 

20. Traditional Dragonball Tattoo

Traditional Dragonball Tattoo

Photo credit: @mike_osctattoo

If you’re a lover of the Traditional Tattoo art style, think about getting a Traditional Dragon Ball Tattoo. Traditional Tattoos contain bold and clean black outlines in a 2D finish that looks like a drawing with highly saturated colors of red, green, yellow, and lots of black and minimal shading.

21. Kamehameha Tattoo

Kamehameha Tattoo

Photo credit: @larryhtattoos

The Kamehameha was the first energy attack ever shown in the Dragonball franchise and is the signature technique of Goku and the students of the Turtle School. Akira Toriyama asked his wife for help with the name of the technique, and she inspired him to use the name of Hawaiian king Kamehameha the Great.

22. Baby Shenron Tattoo

Baby Shenron Tattoo

Photo credit: @cesar_lfctattoo

If you love Shenron but think he’s a little too imposing to get inked on your body, try going for a baby Shenron Tattoo. This adorable little Shenron Tattoo design is super cute, with the Dragon wrapped around and holding the One Star Dragon tightly in his grasp. 

23. Son Gohan Tattoo

Son Gohan Tattoo

Photo credit: @kris_osinski

While Son Gohan was mostly a supporting character during the Namek arc, this is when his character really started to come into its own. Gohans character has been criticized for being too reactionary, which ultimately led Toriyama to reverse his decision to make Gohan the lead character, but during the Namek Saga, we really did get moments of Gohan’s character taking a proactive role by standing up to Freiza and other of Friezas minions.

24. Frieza Jolly Rodger Tattoo

Frieza Jolly Rodger Tattoo

Photo credit: @videogametatts

For something a little different, check out this Jolly Roger inspired Tattoo of Frieza. Jolly Rodgers were used by pirates as an ensign to identify themselves and signal to other ships to surrender. While Frieza never used a Jolly Rodger, it would be quite appropriate as he embodies a lot of the Pirate spirit of plundering and stealing from every planet he goes to. 

25. Future Mai Tattoo

Future Mai Tattoo

Photo credit: @kadiaakawaii

Mai was originally a member of the Pilaf Gang, and while being incredibly intelligent, she would always fail in her missions with Shu. However, in the future, where Goku Black now reigns, Mai has become a freedom fighter in last-ditch efforts to stop him before Trunks returns to the past to get aid from both Goku and Vegeta. 

26. Frieza Tattoo

Freiza Tattoo

Photo credit: @dah_tattoo

Frieza was the inheritor of his Father, King Cold’s imperialist army. Frieza would become a ruthless tyrant who was feared across the universe for his unparalleled cruelty and ruthlessness. Frieza learns about the Dragon Balls on Namek by spying on Vegeta's scouter and invades the Namekian Planet in the hope of wishing for immortality. 

27. Majin Vegeta Tattoo

Majin Vegeta Tattoo

Photo credit: @haiziegrey

During the Buu saga, Vegeta felt that by awakening his evil, he would stop caring about his loved ones and weaknesses, such as his family and Goku, if he allowed Babidi to control him. Vegeta believed that with this power, he would finally become the strongest in the universe and be able to defeat his arch-rival Goku/Kakarot. 

28. Oozaru Tattoo

Oozaru Tattoo

Photo credit: @rosco.tattoo

The Oozaru is a form that Saiyans can transform into during a full moon. With this form, most Saiyans lose their sense of self and go on a rampage. The only way to stop a Saiyan from transforming into a Great Ape during a full moon is to either stop them from looking at it or by cutting off their tail. 

29. SSJ2 Gohan Dragon Ball Tattoo

SSJ2 Gohan Dragonball Tattoo

Photo credit: @inksylas

This SSJ2 Gohan is quite cool as it adds in some manga panels to give it more depth. The culmination of Gohan’s character happened in the Cell arc, where he finally surpassed his father and became the hero of the Earth. Unfortunately, Toriyama wanted to have Gohan as the main role, but in his words, it didn’t work out. 

30. Monkey Goku Tattoo

Monkey Goku Tattoo

Photo credit: @zzizziboy

Here is a super fun design by zzizziboy.

zizziboy does hanpoked Tattoos with lots of colors and often shows the skeleton of the character either under their silhouette or in a half-and half-style. This cool design has a monkey sitting on flying nimbus but with Gokus face. 

31. Dragon Ball Landscape Tattoo

Dragonball Landscape Tattoo

Photo credit: @opal.tattoo

This gorgeous Dragon Ball Tattoo by opal.tattoo is absolutely amazing. Opel focuses on frame and landscape tattoos, and this one is of Goku flying over Kame House on flying Nimbus with gorgeous colors in the sky, and it even comes with 7 hidden Dragonballs within the design. 

32. Goku and Grandpa Gohan

Goku and Grandpa Gohan

Photo credit: @gamer.ink

If you have a good relationship with your grandfather, then think about getting a Goku and Granpa Gohan Tattoo. Grandpa Gohan gave Son Goku his Earth name and is responsible for Goku's kindhearted and heroic nature. His legacy runs deep, as Goku's son Gohan was named in honor of him.

33. Fusion Dragon Ball Tattoo

Fusion Dragonball Tattoo

Photo credit: @ebvan_

Another cool dynamic Tattoo you can go for is the Goten and Trunks fusion Dance. You can either get Goten on one part of your body, like the hand or leg, and get Trunks on the opposite limb, or alternatively, you can get one character on your body and the other on a friend's. 

34. Father And Son Dragon Ball Tattoo

Father And Son Dragonball Tattoo

Photo credit: @chinox.tattoo

If you have a good relationship with your father, then consider getting a Goku and Goten/Gohan tattoo. This Tattoo is dedicated to the wearer's father who passed away, with the scene coming from Goku's return to Earth from the afterlife to take part in the World Martial Arts Tournament at the beginning of the Buu Arc. 

35. Planet Vegeta And Planet Earth Tattoo

Planet Vegeta And Planet Earth Tattoo

Photo credit: @crazydbz

Here is another clever little matching Tattoo Design. With this piece, we have the shape of both Goku's and Vegeta's heads, but inside each of them is an incredibly detailed rendition of both planets Earth, which Goku holds as his home planet, while Vegeta’s head has planet Vegeta within his, the planet he was the Prince of.

36. Cute Buu Tattoo

Cute Buu Tattoo

Photo credit: @videogametatts

If you’re looking to have a Dragon Ball Tattoo that is a little more cute, then check out this adorable Majin Buu with an ice cream. This version of Majin Buu was the first to be on screen but was the third form of Majin Buu after having absorbed both the South Supreme Kai and the Grand Supreme Kai. 

37. Goku V Frieza Tattoo

Goku V Frieza Tattoo

Photo credit: Reddit

Honor one of the most iconic fights in manga and anime history with this Goku vs Frieza Tattoo. One of the most humorous topics for fans of Dragon Ball Z to discuss is how the fight lasted far, far longer than stated within the show. 5 minutes was the countdown given by Frieza, with the events taking place over 19 episodes! That's about 8 hours long! 

38. Piccolo Tattoo

Piccolo Tattoo

Photo credit: Pinterest

Piccolo was the final reincarnation of King Piccolo who later went on to reunify with Kami becoming the ‘Nameless Namekian’ once again. Originally a villain, Piccolo would eventually become one of the strongest non Saiyan Z Fighters after having coming to care about Gohan through training him.

39. Buu Boo Tattoo

Buu Boo Tattoo

Photo credit: @videogametatts

Here is a clever Dragonball Tattoo design. Considering that the final antagonist of the Dragon Ball Z series is called Buu, and the ghost character from the Super Mario franchise is called Boo, fuse the two together to create this Dragon Ball Video Game Tattoo we like to call Buu Boo. 

40. Cell Tattoo Idea

Cell Tattoo Idea

Photo credit: @suskitattoos

Some people may not know that Cell was never actually intended to be the main antagonist after Frieza. Toriyama’s editor, Kazuhiko Torishima, expressed his dissatisfaction with Androids 19 and 20 as the main antagonists and then also with 17 and 18, who replaced them, so Toriyama was forced to create Cell. 

Tien is one of the strongest Earthlings in the Dragon Ball franchise. Tien was an unwitting antagonist during the run of Dragon Ball before he realized he was on the wrong side with the help of Master Roshi. Tiens finest moment in Dragon Ball Z is when he attempts to slow down Imperfect Cell to let Android 18 escape, almost costing him his life. 

42. Goku Black Tattoo

Goku Black Tattoo

Photo credit: Pinterest

Goku Black is an alternate timeline Goku whose body was swapped with the help of the Dragonballs with Zamasu, the Supreme Kai of Universe 10. Goku Black, along with another Zamasu, aims to destroy all mortals. Having grown accustomed to Goku’s body, Zamasu, as Goku Black, was able to transform into the now iconic Super Saiyan Rose.

43. Beast Gohan Tattoo

Beast Gohan Tattoo

Photo credit: @ivanpelegrinmedina

Beast Gohan is the latest transformation within the Dragon Ball franchise. While some people believe that Beast Gohan is inspired by the meme Gohan Blanco, there is no confirmation that that is true. In this form, Whis recommended Gohan as the next God of Destruction, which Beerus declined, stating he wasn’t the right man for the job. 

44. Custom Dragon Ball Tattoo Design

Custom Dragonball Tattoo Design

Photo credit: @gamer.ink

You don't have to settle for your standard Dragon Ball Tattoo Designs if you want a Dragon Ball Tattoo. You can go crazy with your Design if you so choose, like this amazing Custom Freiza Tattoo that looks absolutely incredible.

45. Baby Vegeta Dragon Ball GT Tattoo

Baby Vegeta Dragonball GT Tattoo

Photo credit: @ivanpelegrinmedina

One of the coolest concepts to come from Dragon Ball GT was the development of the Tuffle race which we had heard about during Dragon Ball Z’s run. The Tuffles were the original inhabitants of Planet Plant before the Saiyans wiped most of them out. In Dragon Ball GT Baby was the last living member of the Tuffle race who went to Earth to destroy the last of the Saiyans and restore his kind. 

46. SSJ4 Tattoo

SSJ4 Tattoo Idea

Photo credit: @ivanpelegrinmedina

While Dragon Ball GT isn’t so popular with fans, one thing from Dragon Ball GT that seems to be universally adored is the SSJ4 transformation. In order to obtain the SSJ4 form, a Saiyan must first transform into an Oozaru and then regain their consciousness. 

47. Dragon Ball X Evangelion Tattoo

Dragonball X Evangelion Tattoo

Photo credit: @sarahkeeley

Here is a cool crossover design between Dragonball and Evangelion. This Dragon Ball X Evangelion Tattoo is of Eva Unit 1 but with Frieza’s color scheme. Evangelion follows the battles against Aliens, known as Angels that the Eva Pilots undertake in their attempt to stop a world-ending cataclysm. 

48. Tiny Dragon Ball Tattoo

Tiny Dragonball Tattoo

Photo credit: @kikinoland

Much like the Simple Dragon Ball Tattoo, if you want to get yourself some Dragon Ball Ink but want to keep it somewhat discrete, try out this Tiny Dragonball Tattoo. This super tiny Dragon Ball Tattoo of Goku and some Dragonballs measures in at a minuscule 4cm.

49. Lovers Dragon Ball Tattoo

Lovers Dragonball Tattoo

Photo credit: @leoborjaa

If you have that special someone in your life that you want to get a matching Dragon Ball Tattoo with, then check out this Tattoo Design. This super adorable design has both a young Chi Chi and Goku, one on each person's arm. Goku marries Chi Chi because he promised it to her when they were children and because he doesn't like to break promises. Unfortunately for Goku, he wasn’t aware of what marriage meant and thought it was a type of food. 

50. Dragon Ball Crossover Tattoo

Dragonball Crossover Tattoo

Photo credit: @amyjeantattoos

If you want to show your love for more than just one of your favorite anime franchises, then check out this cool Dragon Ball Crossover Tattoo. This Design incorporates the ‘Big Three’ Shonen Anime by having a One Piece Tattoo of Luffy’s Straw Hat, a Naruto Tattoo of Naruto’s headband and a Dragonball Tattoo of the Four Star Dragonball. 

51. Ed Ed And Eddy X Dragon Ball Tattoo

Ed Ed And Eddy X Dragonball Tattoo

Photo credit: @dragonballtattoos

Anyone who grew up watching Cartoon Network in the late 90’s to early 2000’s will be well aquinted with this character. This Cartoon Tattoo is of Plank the imaginary friend of Jonny 2x4, who is a plank of wood with a pair of eyes and a mouth drawn on. Perhaps Jonny is a huge fan of Dragonball and wanted to dress Plank up as one of his favorite characters. 

52. Yamcha Dragon Ball Tattoo

Yamcha Dragonball Tattoo

Photo credit: @suskitattoos

Anyone who knows Dragon Ball knew that this was coming. Sadly, even though Yamcha is one of the most powerful humans in all of the Dragon Ball Universe, he could never escape the meme of his death at the hands of the Saibamen. The meme became so famous that it has appeared in multiple different animes and was even re-created in the seventieth episode of Dragon Ball Super ‘A Challenge From Champa! This Time, a Baseball Game!’

53. Mr.Popo Tattoo

Mr.Popo Tattoo

Photo credit: @signos_ta2

Mr.Popo is a deity who serves as the attendant to Earth’s Guardian on The Lookout. Mr.Popo was born in the Other World in the distant past and was sent to Earth to become the attendant to each successive Guardian of the planet. By the time of Dragon Ball Z, Popo was over 1,000 years old. Despite controversy over Mr.Popo’s appearance, even having his color changed to Blue in some media depictions, Mr.Popo is actually based on Hindu and Buddhist Deity Mahakala

54. Mr.Satan Tattoo

Mr.Satan Tattoo

Photo credit: Pinterest

If you’re someone who embodies the spirit of doing none of the work but getting all of the praise for it, consider getting yourself a Mr.Satan Tattoo. Mr. Satan, also known as Hercule in some dubs, is the World Martial Arts Champion and ‘Earth's protector.’ Despite his egotistical and sometimes cowardly behavior, Mr.Satan has proven his bravery, like when he risks his life to get Android 16's head near Gohan, and his kindness toward Majin Buu played a pivotal role in the defeat of Kid Buu. 

55. Ultra Instinct Tattoo

Ultra Instinct Tattoo

Photo credit: Reddit

Ultra Instinct, or Migatte no Gokui, is an ultimate technique that separates the consciousness from the body, allowing it to move and fight independently of a martial artist's thoughts and emotions. Goku achieves this state by breaking his "self-limiting shells" and tapping into the deeper potential within after resisting the explosion of his own Spirit Bomb. 

56. Minimalist Dragon Ball Tattoo

Minimalist Dragonball Tattoo

Photo credit: @dragonballtattoos

This is another cute couple Dragon Ball Tattoo but with a Minimalist Design of Chi Chi and Goku. You will notice that Goku’s hair, while still black, is in its Super Saiyan form. Well, in episode 195, "Warriors of the Dead," Goku and Pikkon are sent to hell to put a stop to Cell and Frieza, who are causing terror along with the Ginyu Force. In the previous episode's preview, it was shown that Goku transforms into SSJ, However, the animators changed it at the last second, so the transformation would be a surprise for Pikkon during the tournament, leaving Goku’s hair up but still black. I need to thank my brother for that piece of trivia!

57. Japanese Style Dragon Ball Tattoo

Japanese Style Dragonball Tattoo

Photo credit: @legion_vkn

Although based off of Chinese culture, if you want to honor Dragonball's Japanese routes, try getting your Dragon Ball Tattoo in a Japanese art style. This Dragon Ball Tattoo is incredible, with Son Goku looking out over the horizon with a deep red sun in the background and cherry blossoms overhead. 

58. Buu Ice Cream Dragon Ball Tattoo

Buu Ice Cream Dragonball Tattoo

Photo credit: @anotheryearofdisaster

Here is another cute and inventive design. This Dragon Ball Tattoo has Majin Buu as a cute little ice cream and cone. Buu would use his magic powers to transform things into the stuff he loved (food!), so perhaps Buu got so hungry at some point that he turned himself into an ice cream. 

59. Vegeta Bulma Tattoo

Vegeta Bulma Tattoo

Photo credit: @dragonball.tatts

Moving away from solely Goku and Chi Chi romantic Dragon Ball Tattoos, why not try out a romantic Vegeta and Bulma Tattoo instead? This Dragon Ball Tattoo Design has both Vegeta and Bulma sitting on a motorbike together. My favorite part of it is Vegeta's iconic pink Badman shirt, the first piece of clothing ever given to him by Bulma. 

60. Goku Eating Tattoo

Goku Eating Tattoo

Photo credit: @romo.ink

If you are a massive food lover, then check out this Dragonball Tattoo Design. Following one of the pillars of the Turtle Hermit Way, Goku was never one to shy away from food, a character trait that was also common in all the Saiyans and Saiyan Hybrid children. 

61. Dragon Ball X Demon Slayer Tattoo

Dragonball X Demon Slayer Tattoo

Photo credit: @kris_osinski

If you love Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, then check out this great design by Krzysztof Osiński who primarily focuses on Anime and Cartoon Tattoo Designs. Here, we have Goku in his Ultra Instinct form with the Hanafuda earrings and Japanese Warding Mask from Demon Slayer. Goku is also wielding a Kunai to represent the Naruto franchise. 

62. Dragon Ball Yin Yang Tattoo

Dragonball Yin Yang Tattoo

Photo credit: @stil.dos

If you want to pay tribute to the Chinese philosophical concept of Yin-Yang, then this is the design for you. In this Dragon Ball Tattoo, we have two of the Saiyan Space Pods. Saiyan Space Pods are bathysphere-like spaceships used by Saiyans and Frieza's henchmen for interplanetary travel in Dragon Ball. 

63. Krillin Tattoo Idea

Krillin Tattoo Idea

Photo credit: @kaleijawstattoos

Krillin is the strongest human in the entire Dragon Ball franchise and best friend of Son Goku. Although he had a brief rivalry with Goku when they both trained under Master Roshi, the two became lifelong friends. Krillin became a prominent Z Fighter despite being often overpowered by his enemies. 

64. Beerus Tattoo

Beerus Tattoo

Photo credit: @themanyao

Beerus is the Universe 7 God of Destruction. He was the main antagonist of the God of Destruction Saga but would later become a supporting character in later sagas. Beerus was originally conceived as a villainous character who infects people with evil and is the one who gave the Saiyan race their ruthless characteristics; however, Toriyama changed this and his original design. 

65. Ultra Ego Tattoo

Ultra Ego Tattoo

Photo credit: @chrishouse_tattoo

Ultra Ego or Wagamama no Goku'i is the divine transformation used by Vegeta that utilizes the Ultra Ego ability and the power of destruction. Ultra Ego was created by Toyotarou, the writer and illustrator of the Dragon Ball Super manga, and it was added to the story after Toriyama greenlit it.

66. Flying Nimbus Tattoo

Flying Nimbus Tattoo

Photo credit: @idryx_tattoo

While Nimbus has only made sporadic appearances in Dragon Ball beyond the original Dragon Ball series, it is still undoubtedly one of the most iconic pieces of imagery from the Dragon Ball franchise. Goku was given Nimbus by Master Roshi as compensation for saving Turtle. Nimbus was a way for Goku and his family to fly around at high speeds without using up any energy.

67. Goku V Vegeta Tattoo

Goku V Vegeta Tattoo

Photo credit: @animemasterink

Honor one of the greatest rivalries in Shonen Manga by getting a Dragon Ball Tattoo from where it all started. This Dragon Ball Tattoo depicts the iconic moment when Goku in his Kaioken form and Vegeta both shoot their signature Ki Blast moves, the Kamehameha and Galick Gun. Goku only manages to outmatch Vegeta’s Galick Gun by pushing his Kaioken to x4.

68. Bulma Tattoo

Bulma Tattoo

Photo credit: @anime.cwb

Bulma is the first character other than Goku to ever appear in the Dragon Ball franchise, making her the first human character retroactively to be introduced into the series after Goku’s origin as a Saiyan came to light (if he could be considered human in the original Dragon Ball). Bulma is loosely based on the character Tang Sanzang from Journey to the West. 

69. Master Roshi Tattoo

Master Roshi Tattoo

Photo credit: @animemasterink

Master Roshi is a perverted hermit and martial arts master. Despite his lecherous tendencies, Roshi is extremely respected. He serves as the master of many of the Z fighters and is the inventor of the Kamehameha. At the start of the series, Master Roshi is over three hundred years old and provides various stories to explain his longevity. 

70. Fortuneteller Baba Tattoo

Fortuneteller Baba Tattoo

Photo credit: @tattoo_foox

Fortuneteller Baba is a witch and the sister of Master Roshi. Baba, apart from Mr.Satan, is the only character never to die throughout the franchise in the main timeline. Baba has been fortune-telling for more than 500 years and will tell anyone the future for a small fee of Ƶ10,000,000. This Dragon Ball Tattoo also serves as a Harry Potter Tattoo with the Sorting Hat from the Harry Potter franchise. 

71. Holographic Sticker Dragon Ball Tattoo

Holographic Sticker Dragonball Tattoo

Photo credit: @kateperets_tattoo

Believe it or not, this is actually a Tattoo. This Goku Tattoo is made to look like a Holographic Sticker with the folds and lighting effects included that make this Dragon Ball Tattoo look like it is the real deal. 

72. Songebob X Dragon Ball Tattoo

Songebob X Dragonball Tattoo

Photo credit: @alycat.tattoos

Another clever idea for your Dragon Ball Tattoo is to have a crossover with the Spongebob franchise. This funny design takes some of the similarities in design and color between Patrick Star and Majin Buu to depict an image of Patrick training at the gym in the hopes of having his dream body. 

73. Dragon Ball Dinosaur Tattoo

Dragonball Dinosaur Tattoo

Photo credit: @superb_tattoos

The Dragon Ball franchise has had no shortage of Dinousars in its run with it being a returning gag to have someone being chased by one. This scene comes from Goku and Krillin’s milk delivery training during the original Dragon Ball run, but Gohan, Chi Chi, Trunks, and Goten have all also been chased by Dinosaurs during the entire Dragon Ball franchise history. 

74. Puar Tattoo

Puar Tattoo

Photo credit: @heirjesstattoos

Puar is a shape-shifter and is Yamcha's lifelong best friend. Puar's design was based on the character Pingyao from Akira Toriyama's early depiction of Dragon Ball called Dragon Boy. Puar is based on creatures from Japanese mythology, as well as a shapeshifting character from Journey to the West.

78. Gotenks Ghost Tattoo

Gotenks Ghost Tattoo

Photo credit: @rika.loli

This Dragon Ball Tattoo is based on Gotenks' signature move, the Super Ghost Kamikaze attack. Kamikaze Ghosts are somewhat intelligent beings created by the user's ki, which resembles the user in personality and appearance. Super Buu could even use the Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack after absorbing Gotenks.

79. Wu-Tang Korin Tattoo

Wu-Tang Korin Tattoo

Photo credit: @illustday

If you’re a fan of both the Wu-Tang Clan and Dragon Ball, you need to get this Wu-Tang Korin Tattoo. The Wu-Tang Clan is an American hip-hop musical collective formed in Staten Island, New York City, in 1992, while Korin is the 800-year-old martial arts master cat who lives in Korin Tower. Perhaps Korin is a big fan of their music!

80. Squishmallow Dragon Ball Tattoo

Squishmallow Dragonball Tattoo

Photo credit: @hattitattoo

I’m not sure how the Prince of Saiyans will feel about this Design. However, this Dragon Ball Tattoo has Vegeta done in a Squishmellow style. Squishmellows are a brand of soft, egg-shaped, and squishy stuffed toys that are a cross between a pillow and usually a stuffed animal, exactly how Vegeta would like to be portrayed!

81. Pokemon X Dragon Ball Tattoo

Pokemon X Dragonball Tattoo

Photo credit: @threefatespittsburgh

Fuse your love of Dragon Ball with your Love of Pokemon with this funny Pokemon X Dragon Ball Tattoo Design. This Dragonball Ink has the Squirtle Squad from the Pokemon Anime dressed up and posing as the Ginyu Force, the elite mercenary group hired by Frieza to help aid in conquering Planets. 

82. Goku Biting Buu Tattoo

Goku Biting Buu Tattoo

Photo credit: @nicklimpz

While Goku may be a martial arts master, he still isn’t beyond throwing out the rule book and biting his opponent when things aren’t going his way. At the end of the Buu saga, during Vegetas speech of respect toward Goku, Buu takes a bite out of Goku's arm only for Goku to grab him by his head tentacle and biting him back on the head.

83. Goku Biting Beerus Tattoo

Goku Biting Beerus Tattoo

Photo credit: @illustday

As stated before, Goku has bitten many of his opponents. King Picollo on his thumb, Frieza on his tail twice! Both Broly and Whis on the hand, and he flicked the God of Destruction's head, screamed in his ear, and, of course, bit him on the tail. As Whis said, there really is nothing beneath him when it comes to combat. 

84. Toriyama Tattoo

Toriyama Tattoo

Photo credit: @heytherejsenny

Last but by no means least, wrapping up our ultimate list of Dragon Ball Tattoos is with the avatar of the manga genius and creator of Dragon Ball himself, the great Akira Toriyama. Robotoriyama makes several major appearances in Dr. Slump, as well as the Dragon Ball franchises known by Akira, the Ultimate Ruler of the Dragon World. Thank you so much to Akira Toriyama for creating the Dragonball Universe and creating so many of my own personal childhood memories. 

Where To Get Your Dragon Ball Tattoo 

Now that we’ve seen some of the best Dragonball Tattoo Designs let’s check out where you should consider getting one on your body. 

1. Dragon Ball Tattoo On The Leg

Dragonball Tattoo On The Leg

Photo credit: @brandon_bec

If you live in a hot climate and wear shorts quite often or head to the beach, then a Leg Dragon Ball Tattoo might be just the place for you. The leg is a great place if you don't like pain due to the area having a lot of fat, which will dull the pain, and it offers a decent amount of space to get a nice-sized tattoo. 

2. Dragon Ball Tattoo On The Back

Dragonball Tattoo On The Back

Photo credit: @gayagatto

The back is the place to go if you want to go crazy with your Dragonball Tattoo Design. The back has so much space on a relatively flat plane, so it’s the best place for large and intricate designs. This gorgeous back Tattoo of Shenron is amazing. It has him flying up into the sky with clouds and stars around him in a great rendition of a Chinese Dragon Tattoo Design

3. Chest Dragonball Tattoo Designs

Chest Dragonball Tattoo Designs

Photo credit: @tatouagemagazine

If you want to show off your Dragonball Tattoo with pride then get on straight onto the chest. The chest is a great place for any tattoo, as it is a real showpiece area that really catches the eye. This Dragonball Tattoo is incredible, being fully spread across the chest with Shenron, Master Roshi, Goku, Chi Chi, Kame House, and a few Dragonballs.  

4. Shoulder Dragonball Tattoo Ideas

Shoulder Dragonball Tattoo Ideas

Photo credit: Facebook

The Shoulder is a cool place for your Dragon Ball Tattoo, particularly if you utilize it properly. The rounded shape of the shoulder means it has great synergy with circular  Designs as shown with this Tattoo. This Tattoo is super cool of Goku’s first battle against Vegeta with the moon in the background surrounded by two different color Ki auras. 

5. Dragon Ball Tattoo Idea On The Arm

Dragonball Tattoo Idea On The Arm

Photo credit: Reddit

Finally, we have the arm, the quintessential place to have your Tattoo if you want to show it off as often as possible. Unless you have arms as big as Broly, there isn’t a huge amount of space for a big tattoo on the arm, but it is still one of the easiest places to display your ink. This Design is of Future Trunks splitting Frieza in half with his sword, probably one of his most iconic moments. 


So ends our incredible quest to gather the ultimate Dragon Ball Tattoos. We hope that your wish has been granted and you’ve found the design of your dreams.

But hey, if you still aren’t certain, we have other Japanese inspired Tattoo Designs for you to check out, like these Japanese Dragon Tattoos, or if you like going fishing like Son Goku, check out these cool Dragon Fish Tattoo Designs

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