Incredible One Piece Tattoo Ideas

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Published on April 4, 2024

Yohoho, One Piece nakama (friends)! Whether you're sailing the New World every week from the comfort of your couch, binge-watching the latest adventures on Crunchyroll, eagerly awaiting Studio Witt's animation reboot, or diving into Netflix's live-action adaptation, the world of One Piece has undoubtedly captured your heart.

Perhaps you've even braved the Grand Line on your own, immersing yourself in Eiichiro Oda's epic saga through the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump's manga.

No matter your entry point, one thing's certain: the spirit of adventure, the power of friendship, and the unwavering pursuit of dreams have resonated with you.

Now, have you ever considered taking your love for One Piece a step further? What if you could embark on a new journey, one that leaves a permanent mark on your body? Have you ever considered getting One Piece tattoo ideas?

This article will be your guide, your personal treasure map to the world of One Piece tattoos.

We'll navigate the diverse options, from iconic symbols to beloved characters, helping you find the perfect design to represent your unique connection to this legendary series.

So, gather your crew, raise your Jolly Roger, and prepare to set sail on a voyage to discover the perfect One Piece tattoo!

Table of Contents

Best One Piece Tattoo Ideas 

Jolly Roger Tattoo Designs

If you’re going for  One Piece Tattoo Ideas, why not go one of the most iconic pieces (is that a pun?) of pirate iconography.

The Jolly Rodger is the symbol of the pirate, they were flown to identify and intimidate their enemies so what better way to show your pirate allegence than to adorn yourself in the Jolly Rodger of your favorite Grandline crew.

1. Heart Pirates Jolly Rodger Tattoo

Heart Pirates Jolly Rodger Tattoo

Photo credit:

First on the Jolly Rodger list is the flag of Trafalgar Law's Heart Pirates. The Heart Pirates' Jolly Roger is a smiley face with six protrusions.

The smiley is almost certainly in Donquixote Rosinante, Law's guardian who told him to always keep smiling after curing him from lead poisoning. 

The outer indents make it look like a virus, appropriate to Law's profession as the Surgeon of Death. The smiley face itself is similar to Doflamingo's Jolly Roger who is Laws nemesis. 

2. Realistic Mugiwara Pirates Jolly Rodger Tattoo

Realistic Mugiwara Pirates Jolly Rodger Tattoo

Photo credit: Reddit

With the success of the live action interpretation of One Piece, how about a more realistic interpretation of the iconic designs such as this Mugiwara (Strawhat) Pirates Jolly Rodger.

It's a bit haunting so i'm not if it would fit Luffy's style, but non the less here it is.

3. White Beard Pirates Jolly Rodger Tattoo

White Beard Pirates Jolly Rodger Tattoo

Photo credit: Facebook

No one said you had to pay total respect to the source material, so check out this stylized version of the White Beard Pirates Jolly Rodger. 

White Beard was second only to Rodger and after Rodgers death, Newgate was considered the strongest man in the One Piece world.

White Beard never cared for the One Piece because family was his greatest treasure. So if you to are a family man, honour Whitebeards legacy with this spectacular design.

4. Individual Straw Hat Crew Tattoo 

Individual Straw Hat Crew Tattoo

Photo credit: @onepiece.tatts

While none of these appeared in the main series itself, why not ink yourself with these super cool individual Jolly Rodger designs for your One Piece Tattoo Ideas.

It's cool to think what it would have been like if each of the Mugiwara pirates led a crew as captains and who knows, it might still happen yet.

This has all the designs in one including both ships helms, but you can just choose which ever of the Mugiwara crew speaks to you the most.

Franky is my personal favoite due to his incredible theme song and his comedic moments, like when he blew himself up in Vegapunk's lab.

5. Luffy's First Jolly Rodger

Luffy's First Jolly Rodger tattoo idea

Photo credit: Tattoodo

Just for fun, or for those who are deep into their references, why not go for Luffy’s first-ever attempt at the Straw Hat Jolly Rodger before Usopps alterations for the better. Thank goodness for that! 

One Piece Tattoo Ideas of Character Tattoos

1. Favorite Character Tattoo

Zoro character tattoo

Photo credit: Pinterest

An obvious choice for a One Piece Anime Tattoo Ideas is to get your favorite character. With over 1000 characters in the series, there's no shortage to choose from. 

How about this Wano Zoro in his 3 sword style with Haki.

I'm pretty sure this is right before he uses his Purgatory Oni-Giri on Killer, but correct me if i'm wrong.

2. Different Characters Tattoo

Different Characters Tattoo

Photo credit: Pinterest

You don't have to settle for just one of your favorite characters, so why not go for a collage of different characters.

You can choose anything from all the Strawhat crew, other crews, heroes (just dont include Luffy or Zoro in that category), villains or a mix of any of the characters that are your personal favorites.

Surely someone out there will go for the Foxy crew right!... Right?

3. Gomu Gomu Gigant Pistol

Gomu Gomu Gigant Pistol tattoo

Photo credit: Crunchyroll

Here’s a great idea, considering Luffy’s body is made entirely out of rubber and can adjust his size, you can take advantage of the concept by making a super cool tattoo to real-life piece of art.

As you know, Luffy’s gear 3 allowed him to gigantify his hand, so why not make your hand Luffys.

But you don't have to stop there, you can even take this idea to your foot to replicate Luffy’s Gomu Gomu no Stamp move.

4. Character Fusions Or Imitations 

chopper zoro tattoo

Photo credit: Ranker

How about a fusion of your favorite characters for your One Piece Tattoo Ideas. It's not uncommon for members of the strawhat crew to imitate each other like when Robin used her Hana Hana no Mi powers to help Luffy look like Chopper or when Luffy mocked both Sanji and Zoro during their excursion in Skypiea.

Even Ussop gets involved like when he imitated both Robin and Crocodile. Maybe this is an alternate reality where Chopper became the master of the 3 sword style, or maybe its just Chopper trying to imitate Zoro to be more brave, who really knows!

5. Kaido Dragon Tattoo

Kaido Dragon Tattoo

Photo credit: Reddit

Blending traditional style with an Anime twist, why not go for the Captain of the Beast Pirates in his Dragon form.

A Dragon tattoo is so versatile it can go almost anywhere on the body and if you love One Piece and Dragons, Kaido is the perfect choice for you.

White Beard was the strongest man in the One Piece world, but Kaido was considered the strongest creature amoung all living things, and "if it's one-on-one, Kaido will win". So based on that, who do you think would win in thier primes? 

6. Devil Fruit Tattoo

Devil Fruit Tattoo

Photo credit: Reddit

When it comes to One Piece, the Devil Fruits are subtle images that embody the characters themselves. Be it Ace’s, now Sabo’s Mera Mera No Mi, Katakuri’s Mochi Mochi No Mi, or Black Beards Yami Yami No Mi, each devil fruit is directly connected to each of those characters. The Gomu Gomu No Mi is all you need to see to know it’s from our protagonist Luffy, but the added touch of the Strawhat on top is a great choice. Consider Devil Fruits have a will of their own, I thought it appropriate to fit in the character sub-heading.

Lore accurate tattoos

1. Surgeon Of Death Tattoo

Surgeon Of Death Tattoo

Photo credit:

If you’re an anime purist then lore accurate One Piece Tattoo Ideas are perfect for you.

Lets start with the Surgeon of Death, dawning Trafalgar Law’s iconic hand ink will make you feel like everytime you lift your hands, you yourself will be able to active the powers of your very own Ope Ope no Mi powers, ROOM!

2. Nami's Pin Wheel and Tangerine

Nami's Pin Wheel And Orange

Photo credit: Reddit

The iconic pinwheel and orange is perfect for anyone who loves the feisty Cat Burglar Nami.

Tattooed after the defeat of Arlong by the StrawHat crew, the Tangerine pays homage to both Nami’s adoptive mother and sister while the pinwheel represents Genzo, the closest person Nami had to a Father.

The Tattoo also represents moving on from the trauma of her past by covering over the tattoo she was forced to get from Arlong while she was in servitude to him while trying to save Cocoyashi Village.

3. Ace's Tattoo 

Ace's Tattoo

Photo credit: Tattoodo

Ace’s iconic tattoo is the crossed-out S in his name.

It is up for debate whether the S was always intended to be a foreshadowing by Oda Sensei to represent Sabo, Luffy and Ace’s childhood friend and sworn brother.

But considering how many years it takes for little tidbits of information from the One Piece author to pay off, I think I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and say it absolutely was.

4. 2 Years Tattoo

2 Years Tattoo

Photo credit:

Equally you can ink yourself with Luffy’s variation of the Ace tattoo.

After healing from his trauma at Amazon Lily with the help of everyones favorite Fishman Jimbei, Luffy returned to Marine ford with this mark.

While Luffy’s was only temporary as a signal to his Nakama to reunite after 2 years rather than the 3 days they originally planned, let's hope yours will last even longer.

5. Sun Pirates Tattoo

Sun Pirates Tattoo

Photo credit: Reddit

While the Sun Pirates symbol is placed on the body through the painful process of a branding iron (Ouch!), you’ll be forgiven for not going down the same route as they did to cover the mark of the Celestial Dragons.

The Sun Pirate mark is one of the more versatile lore-accurate tattoo ideas you can choose from, as the mark appears on multiple different characters on different parts of their bodies, so really it's up to you to choose where exactly you want to place it.

Iconic moment tattoos

1. Gear 5

Gear 5 tattoo

Photo credit: Reddit

One Piece is filled to the brim with iconic moments that people re-watch or read the entire series all over again just to try and recapture the moment they first witnessed it.

But if you want to relive that moment for you every day, why not immortalize the moment with some of these great One Piece Tattoo Ideas.

Luffy’s Gear 5 transformation into the SPOILERS! are you gone? Ok, Sun God Nika is a moment that, for some, is on par with if not exceeding, other iconic transformations like Goku into SSJ.

2. Nothing Happened One Piece Tattoo

Nothing Happened Ome Piece tattoo

Photo credit: @cutecrab_

A personal favorite scene is Zoro’s sacrifice to save his crew. Faced with the seemingly unstoppable ‘Tyrant’ Bartholomew Kuma, Zoro offers to take all the pain and suffering Luffy built up in his battle with Gecko Moria.

Expecting to die, Zoro throws himself into the paw shaped ball, writhing in pain, only for the screen to go black.

However, Sanji finds Zoro still standing, covered in pools of his own blood. When asked what happened, Zoro simply responds, ‘Nothing happened’.

This Tattoo is perfect for anyone who’s inspired by those who choose to save others at the expense of their own safety.

3. Gear Second Tattoo Idea

Gear Second One Piece tattoo

Photo credit: Pinterest

It's up to you to decide which is more iconic, Luffy’s gear 5 laugh or his Gear 2 pose.

But being the first power-up of the series and being referenced in other anime and even by athletes at the Olympics, you can't go wrong with a Gear 2 tattoo. 

4. God Usopp One Piece Tattoo Designs

God Usopp Tattoo

Photo credit: @donniebydesign

If you’re looking for inspiration in your daily life, then how could you go wrong with God himself plastered onto your arm?

The God Usopp scene is probably one of the most iconic comedic moments standing beside scenes like Enel’s fear face or Luffy’s afro reveal.

The God Usopp tattoo is a symbol of your faith as a follower of Usopp after his bravery from liberating the people of Dressrosa from Sugar’s Hobi Hobi no Mi powers.

5. One Piece Manga Panels Tattoo

manga panel tattoo

Photo credit:

You don't have to settle for just one moment, why not go for 3. Nami’s cry for help is a moment a lot of One piece fans claim is the moment they knew One Piece was special, myself being one of those.

Robin's admittance that she wants to live is perfect for those who fight on if face of the adversities of life, and Usopp bravely declaring just who he is is perfect for those who take life head on no matter how scary it may be.

Other One Piece Tattoo Designs

1. Marco and Rayleigh Tattoo

Marco and Rayleigh Tattoo

Photo credit: Pinterest

Marco and Rayleigh have been two instrumental characters in the one Piece journey who aren’t a part of the main cast themselves. Both Rayleigh and Marco were the vice captains of their respective crews and some of the most powerful men in the One Piece World. This Marco Pheonix Tattoo with Rayleigh boasts stunning colors and great detail that really show off the characters in all their glory. 

2. Chopper Eating Cotton Candy Tattoo

Chopper Eating Cotton Candy Tattoo

Photo credit: @magavengeance

If you know anything about Chopper other than being the crew doctor is that he adores cotton candy, so much so that he’s been nicknamed ‘the cotton candy lover.’ Chopper first had a taste of cotton candy during the Long Ring Long Land arc, where the Foxy pirates set up a fair to distract some of the crew before the start of the Davy Back Fight. 

3. Brook Tattoo Idea

Brook Tattoo Idea

Photo credit: @animemasterink

Brook was originally a part of the Rumbar Pirates before they all met their demise after entering the Florian Triangle. Having eaten the Yomi Yomi no Mi, Brook's soul returned to his body. Unfortunately, too much time had passed before Brook’s soul could find his body, leaving him only a Skeleton but with his Afro still intact. 

4. Soul King Tattoo

Soul King Tattoo

Photo credit: @onepiecetattoos

After having his shadow saved from one of the seven warlords, Gecko Moira, Brook joins the adventures of the Strawhat Crew as their musician. During the two-year time skip, Brook became a world-famous Rock Star, now sporting the name ‘Soul King.’ 

5. Impel Down Tattoo

Impel Down Tattoo

Photo credit: @onepiecetats

Impel Down was an underwater maximum security prison under the control of the former Chief Warden Magellan. Luffy’s brother Ace, after being handed over to the World Government by Blackbeard, was sent to Impel Down for a public execution. Luffy infiltrates the prison and, with the help of other known pirates such as Crocodile, Buggy, Mr.3, and Jinebi, tries to escape Impel Down and rescue Ace. 

6. Jinbe Tattoo Design

Jinbe Tattoo Design

Photo credit: @onepiecetattoos

Jinbe is currently the tenth and, as of now, the final member of the Strawhat crew. Jinbe was originally a member of the Sun Pirates under the command of Fisher Tiger. After Fisher Tiger's death, Jinbe became the captain of the Sun Pirates but then became one of the seven warlords to improve relations between Fishmen and Humans. Jinbe eventually renounced his Warlord role and eventually joined the Strawhat pirates during the Wano Country Arc. 

7. Chopper Monster Point Tattoo

Chopper Monster Point Tattoo

Photo credit:

Chopper, along with his abilities to transform into both a Human and Reindeer form and the ability to speak to both Humans and Animals granted to him by the Hito Hito no Mi, also used his scientific intelligence to create the Rumble Ball. This drug grants him further abilities, but if he abuses the power of the Rumble Ball, he transforms into his Monster Point, an ability that grants Chopper super size and strength, yet comes at a cost. 

8. Newgate’s Last Stand One Piece Tattoo

Newgate’s Last Stand One Piece Tattoo

Photo credit: @kokkas_tattoo

After the defeat of Ace at the hands of Akainu, Whitebeard stays behind to give his crew enough time to escape. However, Blackbeard appears to mock and belittle his former captain before ultimately killing the captain of the Whitebeard Pirates, but not before Whitebeard can let out one last cry of ‘The One Piece Is Real,’ starting a resurgence in the search by pirates for the fabled treasure. 

9. Ace Tattoo

Ace Tattoo

Photo credit: @best_anime_tattoo

Luffys sworn brother Ace first appeared during the end of the Drum Island Arc. After Blackbeard had killed a fellow crew member to acquire the Devil Fruit he had found, Ace went on a quest to hunt him down. Unfortunately for Ace, he was defeated by Blackbeard and handed over to the World Government and sentences to execution. 

10. Dragonball X One Piece Tattoo

Dragonball X One Piece Tattoo

Photo credit: @videogametatts

If you’re a fan of both One Piece and Dragonball Tattoos, then check out this great design. Dragonball was the late Akira Toriyama’s manga masterpiece, which led directly to the inspiration of other manga series such as One Piece and Naruto

11. Wanted Poster One Piece Tattoo

Wanted Poster One Piece Tattoo

Photo credit: @borto_tattooer

Nothing is more exciting in One Piece than waiting to see the updated bounty posters. Bounty Posters are wanted posters that are issued by the World Government to make the public aware of dangerous criminals and encourage civilians to help capture them. Bounty Posters aren’t always a reflection of an individual's power, but more is to determine how dangerous they are to the World Government themselves. 

12. Sanji Brush Stroke Tattoo

Sanji Brush Stroke Tattoo

Photo credit: @onepiece.tatts

Sanji was the fifth member of the Straw Hat crew. Vinsmoke Sanji, or Black Leg Sanji, was the third son of the Vinsmoke family, a royal family who ruled the Germa Kingdom. Having not shown prowess like that of his brothers and sister, his father, Vinsmoke Judge, allowed Sanji to flee his family, where he became a cook on the Baratie before being picked up by Luffy. 

13. Going Merry And Thousand Sunny Tattoo

Going Merry And Thousand Sunny Tattoo

Photo credit: @onepiecetattoos

Probably the most overlooked members of the Stawhat crew are the ships that carry them from place to place. The Going Merry was originally gifted to the Strawhat Pirates at the end of the Syrup Village arc by Kaya. After long and tumultuous journeys, the Going Merry could not carry on any farther so Frank helped build the crew the Thousand Sunny before he too joined the crew. 

14. Chopper And Boa Handcocks Snake Tattoo

Chopper And Boa Handcocks Snake Tattoo

Photo credit: @jorgecz_tattoo

Although there has never been an official meeting of the pair, you can get a Tattoo of Chopper and Boa Handock’s snake Salome. Salome is a large white snake with pink spots, a pale yellow underside, and black horizontal lines. Hancock can use Haki to harden Salome and use it as a weapon. She also uses Salome as her throne and often travels with it.

15. Merry And Sunny Chibi Tattoo

Merry And Sunny Chibi Tattoo

Photo credit: @eostattoo

If you want to honor the Thousand Sunny and the Going Merry but don’t want to ink yourself with the entire ship, then try out these adorable little Chibi versions of the iconic duo. This adorable little design is inspired by the Klabautermann, the spirit of the ship that watches over the crew when treated right. 

16. Nami Tattoo Idea

Nami Tattoo Idea

Photo credit: @babyblue_ttt

Nami the Cat Burglar was the third member of the Strawhat crew. Adopted by Bell-mère, Nami lived in Cocoyasi Village with her mother and sister Nojiko in a poor yet peaceful life until the day Arlong came. Noticing Nami’s ability to draw sea charts, Arlong made her an unwilling member of his crew with the promise that he would set her village free if she amassed 100,000,000 berries. Arlong ultimately betrays Nami before he is defeated by Luffy, with Nami committing to the crew from that point onward.  

17. Zoro Tattoo

Zoro Tattoo

Photo credit: @_hokutonokev

Second in command of the Straw Hat Crew is Roronoa Zoro. Zoro is the master of the Three Sword Style, a swordsmanship style he created during his childhood training in Shimotsuki Village. Zoro meets Luffy as a captured criminal awaiting his execution at the hands of the Marines before being freed by Luffy and joining the crew. 

18. Lucy Tattoo

Lucy Tattoo

Photo credit: @soya.tatuajes

Lucy was the mysterious, unknown fighter who appeared in the Corrida Colosseum during the Dress Rosa arc. Lucy has a number of powers, including conqueror’s Haki, stretchy limbs, and the Dragon Claw Fist, almost as if he is the perfect blend of both Luffy and Sabo, strange!

19. Pokemon X One Piece Tattoo

Pokemon X One Piece Tattoo

Photo credit: @videogametatts

If you’re a fan of both One Piece and the Pokemon series, then check out this amazing design. This One Piece X Pokemon Tattoo design has the Pokemon Aipom dressed up in Luffy’s iconic attire. The reason for it being Aipom is because Luffy’s full name is Monkey.D.Luffy with Aipom being a Monkey, and probably because Aipoms tail looks somewhat like Luffy’s Gear 3. 

20. Usopp Tattoo

Usopp Tattoo

Photo credit: @gumawawa

Usopp is the fourth member of the Straw Hat Crew, having joined at the end of the Syrup Village arc. Usopp is known for his lies and his dream of becoming a brave warrior of the sea. Usopp once left the crew but rejoined later after sending his friend Sogeking in his place to save Robin from CP9. 

21. Shanks Saves Luffy Tattoo

Shanks Saves Luffy Tattoo

Photo credit: @vincenzo_mollica17

What could be a more iconic moment than what started it all? Having been captured by bandits, Shanks sets out to rescue Luffy. However, in his attempts to rescue him, both come under attack from a Sea King which ultimately takes Shanks arm. It is still up for debate whether someone as powerful as Shanks intended for it to happen to inspire Luffy, but we will just have to wait and see. 

22. Franky Tattoo

Franky Tattoo

Photo credit: @widgedidthis

Franky the Cyborg is the shipwright and eighth member of the Straw Hat Crew. Franky was initially an antagonist during the Water 7 arc but joined the crew after helping to build the Thousand Sunny. This Tattoo depicts when Franky destroyed the blueprints of the ancient weapon Pluton to keep it from the World Government’s grasp. 

23. Friends Forever Tattoo

Friends Forever Tattoo

Photo credit: @anime_tattoosz

At the end of the Alabasta arc Princess Vivi elects to stay behind and take care of her home country of Alabasta. Unable to reply to her cries as it would directly link her to the Straw Hat Pirates, the crew lifts their arms to show the mark they used to identify themselves from Mr.2’s clone ability. The mark stands as a testament to their friendship, no matter how far apart they are. 

24. Origami Jinbe Tattoo

Origami Jinbe Tattoo

Photo credit: @axel_alien

If Jinbe is your favorite character, then check out this unbelievable origami Jinbe Tattoo by axel_alien, who specializes in origami-style Tattoos. Jinbe is a master of Fishman karate and feels personally responsible for setting Arlong loose on the world, leading to Nami’s grief. However, having already learned the plight of the Fishman species, Nami chooses to forgive him.  

A new trend in the Tattooing world is embroidery tattoos.  Embroidery tattoos, also known as patch tattoos, are a unique style of tattooing that mimics the look of embroidered fabric directly onto the skin. This is a beautiful design of the Straw Hat Jolly Rodger on the wrist in an embroidery tattoo design. 

26. One Piece Brothers Tattoo Idea

One Piece Brothers Tattoo Idea

Photo credit: @randhir_pardeshi

If you have brothers of your own, then you might love this One Piece Tattoo of brotherly affection. Luffy met Ace after his grandfather Garp sent him to live with the mountain bandit Dandan. They both met Sabo, a runaway from an upper-class family. The three form a strong bond and become sworn brothers after sharing a sake cup together. 

27. Chopper And Law Tattoo

Chopper And Law Tattoo

Photo credit: @onepiecetattoos

Maybe not an ‘iconic’ moment, but certainly a memorable one. After the body swap shenanigans, Franky immediately used Chopper’s rumble to transform into monster point to chase down and battle the Yeti Cool Brothers. Now, having been returned to their normal bodies, Law needs Chopper’s help to look for medicine for the kidnapped children. Unable to walk, the Straw Hats tie Chopper to Law's head, leaving him thoroughly unimpressed. 

28. Three Swords Tattoo

Three Swords Tattoo

Photo credit: @sebastian_tattoo

If you just want to pay homage to Zoro and his three-sword style but don't want to get a full Zoro Tattoo, try getting inked with just three of his swords. Zoro has had five katanas in total during the One Piece series as of now in the Sandai Kitetsu, The Wado Ichimonji, Enma, Shusui, which he returned to Wano, and Yubashiri, which was destroyed by Marine Captain Shu during the Buster Call at Enies Lobby.

29. Doflamingo Tattoo

Doflamingo Tattoo

Photo credit: @joker_merino_tattoo

Doflamingo is the captain of the Donquixote pirates and as well as the most influential underworld broker under the codename "Joker.” Doflamingo became the King of Dressrosa after taking the throne from Riku Doldo III. He ruled the country tyrannically until he was stripped of his positions as a Warlord of the Sea and king after he was defeated by Monkey D. Luffy

30. Buggy Tattoo

Buggy Tattoo

Photo credit: @isnardbarbosa

Buggy was a former apprentice of the Pirate King Gol.D.Roger and now the figurehead leader of the Cross-Guild, featuring notable pirates Dracule Mihawk and Crocodile. Buggy was one of the first antagonists of the series and has since gone on to be one the series long running returning characters, meaning he may play a more important role within the future of the series. 

31. Ryuma Tattoo

Ryuma Tattoo

Photo credit: @mana_tattooist

Shimotsuki Ryuma was a legendary samurai hailing from the Shimotsuki Family of Wano Country. Ryuma's corpse and sword were stolen by Gecko Moria before the start of the series, with Ryuma’s corpse being reanimated by Brook's shadow and turned into a General Zombie. Brook attempted and failed to reclaim his shadow from Ryuma, until Zoro came along and defeated his corpse, saving Brook’s shadow and claiming. the legendary sword Shusui.

32. Stuffed Luffy Tattoo

Stuffed Luffy Tattoo

Photo credit: @soya.tatuajes

If there is one thing you need to know about Luffy is his love for food, particularly meat. After each arc or whenever Luffy runs out of energy, it is not uncommon for him to stuff his face with obscene amounts of food, which bloats his body into a ball-like shape. So, if like Luffy and you have a love for food, try out this design. 

33. Sun God Nika Tattoo

Sun God Nika Tattoo

Photo credit: @animemasterink

Nika is the name of a mythical warrior who was revered as the Sun God by the slaves of the Celestial Dragons. Nika's legend has also been passed down for generations in the nearly extinct Buccaneer race, and a form of his legend has been passed down amongst the giants of Elbaf. Luffy ate the formerly named Gomu Gomu no Mi, and after years of training and experience, awakened his fruit to have powers similar to the that of the Sun God Nika. 

34. Robin Tattoo

Robin Tattoo

Photo credit:

Nico Robin is the seventh member of the Straw Hat Crew. Robin was a child prodigy archeologist from the island of Ohara. Upon learning that the archaeologists of the Island were studying the secrets of the Void Century, the government had the island destroyed. Robin escaped with the help of former admiral Aokiji, but not before letting slip that she could read the ancient texts. Knowing that she has the ability to read the forbidden language, the government ruthlessly hunts down Robin in an attempt to imprison or kill her before she can learn of the world's secrets.  

Frequently Asked Questions Related to One Piece Tattoo Ideas

What Does Luffy's Tattoo Mean?

Luffy's tattoo is a cryptic message to his crew, signaling a change in their reunion plans from three days to two years.

This is indicated by the "3D2Y" inscription on his arm, with the "3D" crossed out.

This moment is pivotal as it also leads to significant developments like Zoro's training with Mihawk and deeper insights into the Haki, a crucial power in the "One Piece" world, which has three types: Kenbunshoku, Busoshoku, and Haoshoku.

What Does A Zoro Tattoo Mean?

Zoro's tattoo encapsulates the essence of his character, reflecting traits such as honor, loyalty, and an unwavering will to persevere.

As a master swordsman in the "One Piece" series, Zoro is not just a fighter but a symbol of dedication and steadfastness.

His tattoos can be seen as a homage to his journey, the challenges he overcomes, and his deep-seated commitment to his goals and companions.

Why Does Ace's ASCE Tattoo Say ?

Ace's tattoo is a heartfelt tribute to significant figures in his life. The "A" symbolizes his own name, "S" for Sabo, his sworn brother, and "E" for Edward Newgate, also known as Whitebeard, whom Ace regarded as a father figure.

The "C" originally believed to be a mark for "crybaby" as a nod to Luffy, adds a layer of personal meaning, representing the bonds and memories Ace cherished with his brothers and father figure.

What Does Nami's Tattoo Mean?

Nami's tattoo is a profound representation of her personal growth and the liberation from her traumatic past.

The mikan (tangerine) and pinwheel design pay homage to her adoptive mother, Bell-mère, and her father figure, Genzo, respectively.

This emblematic transformation from her initial tattoo, which was associated with her subjugation, to one that symbolizes love and remembrance, underscores Nami's journey of resilience and the reclaiming of her identity.

bottom line

From the perilous climb of Reverse Mountain to the treacherous currents of the Grand Line and beyond the unforgiving expanse of the New World, our journeys alongside the Straw Hats have been nothing short of epic.

Now, you can etch that odyssey onto your skin. One Piece offers a vast canvas of inspiration, from the iconic Jolly Rogers to the devil fruit designs or the unforgettable moments we’ve witnessed.  

Whether you choose a symbol that embodies your own inner pirate spirit or a scene that resonates with a personal connection to the story, a One Piece tattoo allows you to carry a permanent piece of this beloved adventure with you wherever you go.

So set sail once more, find your perfect tattoo design, and proudly display your love for One Piece, a testament to the enduring power of friendship, perseverance, and the unwavering quest for the ultimate treasure!

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