Black Dragon Tattoo Designs

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Published on December 8, 2023

Do you feel like you’ve been left in the dark searching for the perfect Black Dragon Tattoo? Well, you’re in the right place.

We’ve ventured through the depths of the internet and pulled some of the greatest Black Dragon Tattoos we could find from the void. So Embrace the dark and let's go on a journey that is the Black Dragon Tattoo. 

The Symbolism of Black Dragons

Dragons have dated back centuries in almost every country throughout the world.

These beasts are usually depicted as Gods to be worshipped or foul beasts that a mighty hero needs to slain. 

While stories of Dragons vary greatly, often so do their colors.  So, what does a Black Dragon symbolize? 

China was the first country to have a physical representation of a Dragon uncovered in the form of a Jade statue, and in Chinese culture, the Black Dragon known as 黑龍 (Hēilóng), also know as "Dark Dragon" or "Mysterious Dragon" 龍(Xuánlóng), is the Dragon God of the north and the essence of winter.

The Black Dragon is irascible, responsible for floods and disasters, a bringer of bad fortune. 

In modern media, Black Dragons have much more symbolism than their ancient counterparts and have been depicted as having a variety of powers and techniques they never had before.

It’s not uncommon for Black Dragons to have powers over Darkness and Void with abilities to breathe darkness fire or suck anything in with their void powers.

To find our more about Dragon Tattoos, check out our article here: What Does A Dragon Tattoo Mean?

Best Black Dragon Tattoo Designs

If you’re interested in Dragon Tattoos or Black Dragon Tattoos in particular and looking to be inspired, then we’re here to help.

Let the shadows converge as we take a look at some of the best Black Dragon Tattoos there are on the internet.

1. Chinese Black Dragon Tattoo

Chinese Black Dragon Tattoo

Photo credit: Bored Panda

Starting off where it all began. The Black Chinese Dragon is often linked to catastrophes like storms and floods but also revenge and vengeance. While Asian Dragons are often depicted as benevolent beings, it became popular to associate the black dragon with criminal gangs, giving them a darker connotation. This Back Black Dragon tattoo pays homage to traditional styles with both its look and its art style. 

2. European Black Dragon Tattoo

European Black Dragon Tattoo

Photo credit: bdcustomtattoos

While European Dragons have no symbolism associated with them in ancient tales, the black dragon is often associated with the most fearsome of these beasts in TV, film, and video games. The contrast in the colors on each side makes it look like the sun is shining on one side of this Dragon Tattoo design as he turns back to potentially re-engage his adversary.

3. Tribal Black Dragon Tattoo

Tribal Black Dragon Tattoo

Photo credit: Pinterest

Black is the usual go-to color when it comes to Tribal Tattoos, and this Tribal Dragon Tattoo is no different. Tribal Tattoos come from a range of indigenous tribes and cultures. While there are no records of tribes inking themselves with Tribal Dragon Tattoos, you can, of course, get your Dragon Tattoo in the tribal tattoo design if you so choose. This is a typical but excellent Tribal Dragon Tattoo Design with bold lines, geometric and symmetrical patterns, and curves. 

4. Minimalist Black Dragon Tattoo 

Minimalist Black Dragon Tattoo

Photo credit: Next Luxury

For those who don't want to go over the top with their Black Dragon Tattoo, you can always keep things simple with a Minimalist Dragon Tattoo. Minimalist Black Dragon Tattoos are easy to cover up, but also add a touch of class and elegance to your skin. This little Dragon family are super cute and will make an adorable tattoo alone or would be a great edition to your growing tattoo collection. 

5. Yin Yang Black Dragon Tattoo

Yin Yang Black Dragon Tattoo

Photo credit: @ciel_tattoos

In Chinese philosophy, Yin and Yang are two opposing forces that, when together, form a whole. A Yin Yang Dragon Tattoo is a great idea, considering both the Dragon and the Philosophy come from China. I particularly love this tattoo design as it pairs the white European Dragon with the Black Chinese Dragon which is great symbolism of how these two distinctive Dragons come together to form the mythology of the Dragon.

6. Black Dragon Tiger Tattoo 

Black Dragon Tiger Tattoo

Photo credit: Pinterest

The Tiger and the Dragon are two of the most sacred animals in Chinese myth. They are two opposing forces that represent the universe. The dragon represents heaven and spirit, while the tiger represents earth and matter. A Dragon Tiger Tattoo carries the symbol of universal balance, and this design is super cool, acting like a neck ornament that wraps around the back of the neck. 

7. Black Floral Dragon Tattoo

Black Floral Dragon Tattoo

Photo credit: Our Mindful Life

Adding Flowers to your Black Dragon Tattoo can deepen its significance and meaning. With so many Flowers to choose from, there is a lot of symbolism to depict. Dragon Rose Tattoos are for those who love a bit of romance while Dragon Cherry Blossom Tattoos are for those who want to pay respect to Japanese culture. This Floral Dragon Tattoo is extremely feminine and gracious with its deep red florals and gracious-looking Dragon. 

8. Celtic Black Dragon Tattoo 

Celtic Black Dragon Tattoo

Photo credit: Next Luxury

Unlike their European kin, the Celtic Dragon is a benevolent rather than malevolent being. Celtic Dragons were believed to live in a different realm and blessed the land wherever they flew. This Celtic Dragon Tattoo is done in the traditional Celtic art style and is depicted with its tail in its mouth to symbolize  the cycle of nature and immortality.

9. Black Dragon Kalameet Dark Souls Tattoo 

Black Dragon Kalameet Dark Souls Tattoo

Photo credit: Pinterest

Desendend of the primordial archdragons, Black Dragon Kalameet, managed to survive the extermination of the Dragons by the Lords due to his immense strength. Kalameet is different from the original archdragons as he was born with a single orange eye in the center of his head. As tough as some of the Dark Soul bosses are, Black Dragon Kalameet is one of the toughest there is, so good luck!

10. Ganondorf Demon Dragon Zelda 

Ganondorf Demon Dragon Zelda

Photo credit: @hemi_tattoo

Having given up in his fight against the Hero of Hyrule and the Sword that seals the Darkness. The King of Evil in a last desperate attempt, devours his tear and transforms into a Dragonified version of himself. While not particularly hard, the final battle in Tears of the Kingdom is a great ending spectacle to an amazing game. Like other Sword Dragon Tattoos the Dragonified King of Evil wraps around his own sword, symbolising his fighting spirit even after losing his sense of self. 

11. Maleficent Dragon Tattoo Sleeping Beauty Tattoo

Maleficent Dragon Tattoo Sleeping Beauty Tattoo

Photo credit: Pinterest

We just had the King of Evil, now for the Mistress of Evil, so for the Disney aficionado or particularly Disney villain aficionados, check out this Maleficent Dragon Tattoo. After having her attempts to kill Prince Phillip by lighting and thorns foiled, Maleficent transforms herself into a huge Black Dragon before Prince Philip's now enchanted sword pierces her heart and she falls over the cliff to her death.

12. Jabberwocky Alice In Wonderland Tattoo

Jabberwocky Alice In Wonderland Tattoo

Photo credit:

Perhaps a controversial choice, however the Jabberwocky in the 2010 remake of Alice in Wonderland certainly has a lot of Dragon like elements and inspirations to its design. The Jabberwocky was one of the evil minions of the Red Queen. The Jabberwocky appears during the Frabjous day to do battle with Alice before she beheads the foul beast. After the battle the blood of the beast was used to send Alice back home. “Off with your head!”

13. Ender Dragon Minecraft Tattoo

Ender Dragon Minecraft Tattoo

Photo credit: @jaid_ink

Dragons come in all shapes and sizes, even blocks! The Ender Dragon guards the end gateways. It was the first Mob Boss added to Minecraft two years after its original release. The Ender Dragon got his name from the Enderman, who got his name because he appears near the end of the game….. Go figure! 

14. Bahamut Final Fantasy Tattoo 

Bahamut Final Fantasy Tattoo

Photo credit: @videogametatts

One of the most prominent summons in Final Fantasy history, the Bahamut has appeared in 38 Final Fantasy games, including one of his own and in other series such as the Super Mario RPG series. This Black Dragon Tattoo is amazing and shows off the Bahamut's ultimate attack, the Megaflare.

15. Alduin Skyrim Tattoo 

Alduin Skyrim Tattoo

Photo credit: Reddit

This Black Dragon Head Tattoo belongs to none other than the World Eater and primary antagonist of the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Aludin. According to Nordic myth, Aludin destroyed the last world to begin a new one, so is perceived as both a creator and a destroyer. This Tattoo, only being the head of Aludin, really shows off the detail of the antagonist's face as well as his long, winding tongue. 

16. Deathwing World Of Warcraft Tattoo

Deathwing World Of Warcraft Tattoo

Photo credit: Pinterest

Once one of the five Dragon Aspects and leader of the Black Dragonflight, Deathwing was driven mad by the Old Gods and turned against the other Aspects. Deathwing even abandoned his title of Aspect of the Earth in favor of becoming the Aspect of Death. In the final battle, Deathwing aimed to bring about a second cataclysm to end the world before being destroyed by the Demon Soul. 

17. Toothless How To Train Your Dragon Tattoo

Toothless How To Train Your Dragon Tattoo

Photo credit: Art Immortal Tattoo

For something a little cuter, go for the Alpha Dragon and lovable giant winged pussycat Toothless. Toothless is the icon of the How To Train Your Dragon franchise and the partner of Hiccup. If you want to be a little more romantic with your Toothless Black Dragon Tattoo, then add Tootless’s mate, the White Light Fury. This is a super adorable design and can even be styled as a Yin Yang Tattoo too. 

18. Red Eyes Black Dragon Tattoo 

Red Eyes Black Dragon Tattoo

Photo credit: Reddit

Fans of Yu-Gi-Oh will love a Red Eyes Black Dragon Tattoo. Red Eyes Black Dragon was one of the signature cards used by Joey Wheeler after winning it from Rex Raptor in the Yu-Gi-Oh anime. There is great detailing on this design, particularly around the mouth, and the use of negative space looks really great. 

19. Giratina Pokemon Tattoo

Giratina Black Dragon Tattoo

Photo credit: @chrisjtattoo

Fans of Pokemon would never forgiven me if I didn't add in one of its most famous Black Dragon Pokemon Giratina. Giratina is the 487th Pokemon in the franchise and comes in two forms being its altered as shown and his origin form. 

Representing antimatter, Giratina is one of the three Pokemon of myth in the fourth generation and was the mascot of the Pokemon Platnium game

Where To Get Your Black Dragon Tattoo

Where you get your Black Dragon Tattoo can drastically improve its style and visual appeal if positioned correctly on the body. Your body anatomy paired with the anatomy of the tattoo will be a crucial element to making your new Black Dragon Ink looking as impressive as it can be. 

1. Black Dragon Tattoo on The Back

Black Dragon Tattoo on The Back

Photo credit:

For those who are looking to go all out, try out a full Back Dragon Tattoo. This is the quintessential piece for those of you who are serious about their Black Dragon Tattoos, and you’ll have the peace of mind knowing your chosen guardian spirit will always be watching your back.

2. The Collarbone With Black Dragon Tattoo

The Collarbone With Black Dragon Tattoo

Photo credit: Cuded

This Collarbone Tattoo perfectly shows off how tattoo design anatomy can pair with bodily anatomy to pull off truly unique designs. This incredible Black Dragon Tattoo comes to life in this 3d effect of the Dragon coiling around the collarbone. It really shows off the creativity of tattoos and tattoo artists.

3. Black Dragon Tattoo on The Leg and Arm

Black Dragon Tattoo on The Leg and Arm

Photo credit: Pinterest

For those who want to show off their Tattoo as much as possible, the leg and arm are the perfect places for their Black Dragon Tattoo. This Koi Dragon Tattoo on the arm is perfect for showing off on a hot summer day and symbolizes the transformation from a difficult journey.

4. The Ear With Black Dragon Tattoo

The Ear With Black Dragon Tattoo

Photo credit: Pinterest

If you’re looking for something a little more modest, then go for a behind-the-ear Black Dragon Tattoo. Behind the ear is a great way to keep your Tattoo hidden when speaking directly to someone, but still lets you keep all the symbolism associated with the design. This Dragon is eating his own tail, symbolizing the circle of life and the interconnectedness of all things. 

5. Black Dragon Tattoo On The Chest

Black Dragon Tattoo On The Chest

Photo credit: Pinterest

Last but certainly not least the chest. The chest is perfect for those who like to show off their Black Dragon Tattoo with pride. Men have a lot of room to work with when it comes to a Chest Dragon Tattoo with so much space on the pectoral muscles, while women might have more limitations. This Black Dragon Tattoo is extremely elegant, starting from the back of the shoulder and ending on the upper chest above the breast. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does A Black Dragon Tattoo Mean?

The meaning of a black dragon tattoo varies from person to person, depending on personal experience and what stories they wish to tell.

These motifs act as coping mechanisms for individuals dealing with their struggles. They are also a powerful reminder of how far you've come in your life's journey towards overcoming your challenges.

What Do Dragon Tattoos Symbolize?

Dragon tattoos symbolize power, strength, and wisdom. The meanings attached to dragon tattoos may differ from person to person because each person has their own unique experience and perspective on life.

What Does The Black Japanese Dragon Mean?

In Japanese mythology, the black dragon represents balance, good luck, and freedom. These creatures are assumed to be powerful and magical, crucial for success in a person's life journey. 

Are Dragon Tattoos Lucky?

In ancient China, dragons represented strength, wisdom, and good luck. In modern times, tattoo enthusiasts often view dragons as symbols of luck and protection.

They believe dragon tattoos can safeguard them from harm and bring good luck to the wearer.

Final Thought  - Black Dragon Tattoo

So ends our journey through the depths of Black Dragon Tattoos. We hope you embrace the Darkness of our chosen designs and will carry your Black Dragon Tattoo into the shadows wherever you go. But if Black Dragon Tattoos don’t make you feel less alone in the dark, check out these Burning Hot Red Dragon Tattoos, these Electrifying Yellow Dragon Tattoos, these Refreshing Blue Dragon Tattoos, or these Enlightening White Dragon Tattoo designs. 

Just like a Black Dragon will cover the land in a blanket of Darkness, so too must you cover your skin in a blanket of Tattoo aftercare relief. If you’re considering getting a Black Dragon Tattoo, then you should prioritise your Tattoo aftercare treatment with these products to soothe your pain and let the darkness subside. 

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