Published on May 3, 2023

The dragon head tattoo is a popular choice for many people. Featuring a dragon’s head, often in the Asian style, it can be large, small, plain, or bursting with color. Read on to find out everything you need to know about these tattoos.

Dragon Head Tattoo Meanings

Dragon head tattoos usually feature Chinese dragons, but this is not always the case. They could also feature the Western dragon.

This version of the dragon has several meanings and is often used to represent good fortune, wisdom, strength, power, and peace.

People often get dragon head tattoos representing one or all of these qualities. These tattoos are beautiful and often rich in color. By focusing on just the head, great attention can be placed on the details and the colors.

There is another variation on this tattoo, which is the dragon skull tattoo . This represents mortality and is often used to signify that the person has overcome or is attempting to overcome a struggle like an addiction.

Best Dragon Head Tattoo Styles

You can choose from a wide range of styles when getting a dragon head tattoo. Here are some of the most popular:

Simple outlines

These simple tattoos can be any size, but they are often smaller. They are more of an outline of the dragon’s head, usually in black ink.

Abstract details

These tattoos feature more abstract details without going into the finer details of the dragon’s face.

Bold and colorful

These tattoos feature several colors and bold details for a more dramatic impact. They are often very large tattoos that cover a lot of skin.

Best Designs for a Dragon Head Tattoo

There are some truly outstanding dragon head tattoos out there. Here are some of the best designs we’ve come across for this style of tattoo to give you some inspiration for your own:

Classic style

dragon head tattoo in classic style

This style of tattoo represents the classic dragon often depicted in street festivals and bursting with color. (Credit: @bbrandonmurphyy)


Ferocious dragon head tattoo

The ferocious dragon’s head is surrounded by what looks almost like red flames for extra impact. (Credit: @bobthetattooer)

Black outline

Black outline dragon head tattoo

This simpler dragon head depiction features only black ink, but the detail is superb. (Credit: @halfbackwards)


Abstract dragon head

The more abstract head depicted in this tattoo has simpler lines and less detail, but the effect is impressive. (Credit: @juangougett)

What Are the Best Places to Get a Dragon Head Tattoo?

Your choice of where to get your dragon head tattoo will depend mainly on its size. Here are a few popular places to consider:


dragon head tattoo on back

The back provides the perfect canvas for this dramatic tattoo of a fierce dragon in all its splendor. (Credit: @asianinkandart)

Thigh Dragon Head Tattoo Ideas

dragon head on thigh

The thigh is another popular choice for dragon tattoos, like this color-rich design complete with flowers for a more feminine effect. (Credit: @mondaytattoo_hk)

Dragon Head Tattoo on Chest

chest tattoo dragon head

The chest is another large area perfect for detail-rich dragon head tattoos, like this splendid example. (Credit: @sentoel_)

Hand Dragon Head Tattoo

dragon head tattoo on arm

If you want something smaller, the hand can be the perfect place to show the world your dragon head tattoo. (Credit: @jasper_ink_)

Other Tattoo Ideas

Like the idea of a dragon tattoo in a different form? There are many styles to choose from other than a dragon head tattoo, so check out these guides for more info:


Dragon head tattoos are enormously popular, and they can be depicted in so many different styles to create almost any effect you want.

On top of that, these tattoos have great significance. Hopefully, you’ve found some inspiration here if you would like your tattoo in this style.

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