Published on May 10, 2023

Tattoos are pretty damn cool. And there's no better way to show off how badass you are than by getting a tattoo in a place that's visible to everyone. After all, what's the point of having a tattoo if no one can see it?

If you’re considering getting a hand tattoo? Congratulations! You're about to permanently commit to a piece of art that will be with you for the rest of your life.

But if you’re still uncertain about what exactly you want, before you take the plunge, check out these hand tattoo ideas to see if you can find some inspiration. 

Hand Tattoo Meaning

A tattoo is like a story. It can tell others about who you are or what you believe in.

So, when people go for some visible tattoos on the hand, they usallycchoose something meaningful.

Of course, being meaningful isn't obligatory.

You can ink yourself in just about you like so be it a skull or flower pattern, it doesn't have to have any deep significance, you can get it just because you think it looks cool.

Best Designs for Hand Tattoo

With such a visible placement, it's crucial that you ensure that the elements that go into your Tattoo Design, such as placement, geometry, colors, size, etc. 

So, let’s take a look at the list we've made of the best hand Tattoo Designs the internet has to offer.

1. A Face Tattoo

Face Tattoo on hand

Photo credit: Instagram

This artwork's level of detail and craftsmanship is impeccable, and the overall effect is incredibly charming.

The dot-work style gives the tattoo a fantastic sense of depth and dimension.

Kudos to the tattoo artist for making it appear almost three-dimensional despite using only black ink.

It's truly a work of body art that will bring a smile to your face every time you look at it.

2. Minimalist Butterfly Hand Tattoo

Butterfly Hand Tattoo

Photo credit: Instagram

This itsy-bitsy small Hand/ Finger Tattoo is the perfect piece to any fashion-savvy gal's repertoire.

It's a delicate and minimal design but still makes a statement. It looks almost like an ornament on the little finger.

3. Starfish Hand Tattoo

Starfish Hand Tattoo

Photo credit: Instagram

This stunning starfish tattoo is a true work of art and a beautiful tribute to the great Salvador Dali.

The intricate design is an excellent replica of Dali's famous Starfish brooch.

The artist took full advantage of the hand's anatomy and geometry to position parts of the starfish’s body running down the fingers, adding a lot more depth to the piece.

The tattoo artist has also done a phenomenal job of capturing the essence of the original piece.

The starfish symbolizes hope and protection, so this tattoo will inspire the wearer to have faith during challenging times.

4. Flower Hand Tattoo

Flower Hand Tattoo

Photo credit: Pinterest

Starting off simply with a Flower Hand Tattoo.

Flowers come with a breath of different symbolism associated with them, so you really have no shortage of choice when it comes to what you want your Hand Tattoo to symbolize.

This lovely little Flower Hand Tattoo is super cute, spreading its vines from the index finger up to the wrist. 

5. Butterfly Hand Tattoo

Butterfly Hand Tattoo

Photo credit: Pinterest

Butterfly Tattoos symbolize life cycles, how that change is a natural part of life, or how that change and transformation is possible, whether it be physical or emotional.

This Butterfly Hand Tattoo is absolutely gorgeous, with elegant Blue Butterflies fluttering over this woman's hand. 

6. Dragon Ball Hand Tattoo

Dragonball Hand Tattoo

Photo credit:

If you are a lover of Akira Toriyama’s shonen manga masterpiece, then try out a Dragon Ball Tattoo.

This Hand Tattoo is of Majin Vegeta. Majin Vegeta is the form Vegeta became when he allowed himself to come under the influence of Babidi, gaining a significant boost in his power from his influence.

7. Rose Hand Tattoo

Rose Hand Tattoo

Photo credit: @alicerosetattoo

A Rose Tattoo symbolizes themes of love, beauty, royalty, and sensuality.

Your Rose Hand Tattoo can come in any number of colors you feel like, which can alter the symbolism, or you can just keep it in black ink like in this cute design running down the thumb. 

8. Lion Hand Tattoo

Lion Hand Tattoo

Photo credit: @tatuajesi.r

Lion tattoos have many symbolic meanings, including power, courage, royalty, pride, loyalty, guardianship, and fearlessness.

Despite often being called the ‘King of the Jungle, ’ Lions don’t actually live in the Jungle and live more in the savannahs, grasslands, and shrublands of Africa and India.

This Lion Hand Tattoo is gorgeous with a power lion with amber eyes. 

9. Blue Dragon Tattoo On Hand

Blue Dragon Tattoo On Hand

Photo credit:

If you’re looking to add a bit more power and mysticism to your Hands, then try out a Dragon Tattoo.

This Blue Dragon Tattoo on the hand is absolutely incredible with it and some leaves spanning over all the hand and the fingertips.

In Chinese culture, the Blue or Azure Dragon represents power, strength, the approach of Spring, and new life.

10. Tiger Hand Tattoo

Tiger Hand Tattoo

Photo credit: @skinztattoostudio

Unlike the Lion Hand Tattoo, if you want the real King of the Jungle inked where you can always see him, try out a Tiger Hand Tattoo.

Tiger Tattoos symbolize power, pride, independence, nature, freedom, courage, trust in one's own instincts, beauty, and poise under pressure, just to name a few.

This Tiger Tattoo is breathtaking, with a gorgeous Tiger Face with jewel-like eyes. 

11. Skeleton Hand Tattoo

Skeleton Hand Tattoo

Photo credit: @4everdeee

If you want to give your hand a more creepy aesthetic, then try getting a Skeleton Hand Tattoo.

A Skeleton Tattoo can symbolize many things, from death, acceptance, and rebirth, or remind people of equality, that we're all the same under the flesh.

However, I think this design is more because the client just thought it looked cool, but it does look nice inbuilt into the Rose Tattoo. 

12. Tribal Hand Tattoo

Tribal Hand Tattoo

Photo credit: @emmanuel_item

Tribal Tattoos are a type of body art that have their origins in my tribal cultures, from ancient Egypt, Polynesia, Africa, and Southeast Asia. Tribal Tattoos symbolize many things, including animals, elements of nature, or important cultural symbols. This Tribal Hand Tattoo is inspired by the Nsibidi symbol “Àlà” [earth goddess] Daalụ.

13. Skull Hand Tattoo

Skull Hand Tattoo

Photo credit: @simonecovallero_tattoo

Skull Tattoos are another form of Skeleton Tattoo that carry with them the same symbolism of death and rebirth. This Skull Tattoo looks incredible with 3-dimensional effects and smoke coming from the Skull's mouth. The Skull also has a worn appearance to it with its lack of teeth and some cracks too. 

14. Creepy Moon Hand Tattoo

Creepy Moon Hand Tattoo

Photo credit: @highwaterstattoo

This Creepy Moon Tattoo comes from Highwaters Tattoo who specialize in creepy Tattoo imagery. A Moon Tattoo usually symbolizes growth and change or the passage of time. This Moon Tattoo is terrific with its creepy aesthetic and shiny elements and I love how the Moon is wresting on the clouds.  

15. Fu Dog Hand Tattoo

Fu Dog Hand Tattoo

Photo credit: @gloriatattoo

Fu Dogs are traditional Chinese architectural ornaments that are symbolic statues that are thought to protect buildings from evil spirits and threats. This Mythological Tattoo has a fierce-looking Fu Dog with smoke effects and some other great detailing to boot. 

16. Uchiha Itachi Naruto Hand Tattoo

Uchiha Itachi Naruto Hand Tattoo

Photo credit:

If you are a lover of the Naruto franchise, then think about getting a Naruto Tattoo. Uchiha Itachi was a shinobi of Konohagakure's Uchiha clan who served as an Anbu Captain. This Anime Tattoo is fantastic with the eye of Uchiha crying blood while being surrounded by crows and feathers. 

17. Tribal Butterfly Hand Tattoo

Tribal Butterfly Hand Tattoo

Photo credit: @y2k_tattoo

Tribal Butterfly Tattoos take inspiration from Tribal Tattoo Designs. Tribal Tattoos are known for their symmetrical and geometric patterns. This Tribal Butterfly Tattoo is really great and comes as part of a larger design of an amalgamation of other designs such as sparkles, love hearts and other butterfly tattoos. 

18. Swallow Hand Tattoo

Swallow Hand Tattoo

Photo credit: @itoutattoo

Swallow Tattoos are said to have originated with sailors as they are said to have received a swallow or bluebird tattoo for traveling 5,000 nautical miles (9,260 km), and a second for traveling 10,000 nautical miles (18,520 km), on either side of the chest or at the base of each thumb. Swallow Tattoos symbolize loyalty, protection, and good fortune, to name a few.  

19. Insects Hand Tattoo

Insects Hand Tattoo

Photo credit: @equilattera

If you’re an entomophile (people who love insects), then check out this neat design. This insect hand tattoo is absolutely gorgeous, with excellent detailing that makes both the Dragonfly and Scorpion look like they are made of glass as they shimmer and I love the nice added pink hues around the sides of both insects. 

20. Medusa Hand Tattoo

Medusa Hand Tattoo

Photo credit: @osullivanink

If you’re looking for another style of Ancient Mythical Creature Tattoo, then check out this Medusa Tattoo.

The Medusa or Gorgon is a woman with living snakes in place of hair. In the original tales, her appearance was so hideous that anyone who looked upon her was turned to stone. However, modern interpretations have made Medusa more beautiful with her having powers to turn you to stone rather than it just being her hideous looks. 

21. Oni Hand Tattoo

Oni Hand Tattoo

Photo credit: @blxcoxttt

If you want to add a little more of a demonic edge to your Hand Tattoo, then try out a Japanese Hand Tattoo. This Yokai (Japanese Demon) Tattoo has an Oni on one side and a Skull Tattoo on the other. Oni live in caves or deep in the mountains and are known for their superhuman strength and evil nature, manifesting in their propensity for murder and cannibalism.

22. Clock Hand Tattoo

Clock Hand Tattoo

Photo credit: @bandos_tattoos

If you’re someone who has trouble with procrastinating or is just awful at keeping track of time, a Clock Hand Tattoo can be used as a constant reminder that you need to be somewhere or have something to do. On a serious note, a Clock Tattoo can represent significant life events, symbolize the passing of time, or serve as a reminder of mortality and the impermanence of life. 

23. Sword Hand Tattoo

Sword Hand Tattoo

Photo credit:

If you want to add an edge to your Hand Tattoo, consider getting a Sword Tattoo. Sword Tattoos can symbolize things such as strength, courage, protection, justice, and honor. This Sword Tattoo runs from the middle of the of the hand down to the middle with added wings and an eye. 

24. Christ Hand Tattoo

Christ Hand Tattoo

Photo credit: @thorone

If you want to show off your faith, then consider getting a Christ Tattoo on your hand. Religious Tattoos are a great way to devotion to your religion, with it being a constant reminder of your faith and commitment. If you don’t want an image of Christ on your hand but still want to show your devotion, consider a symbol of religious belief such as a Celtic Cross Tattoo

25. Ship Hand Tattoo

Ship Hand Tattoo

Photo credit: @pols_tattoo

If you’re someone who sails or wishes to sail the seven seas, consider getting a ship Tattoo on the hand. Ship Tattoos symbolize new journeys/beginnings, home, good luck, a way of life, direction, bravery, honor, or even a troubled past. This ship tattoo done by pols_tattoo is incredibly detailed and done in an old sea map style. 

26. Viking Hand Tattoo

Viking Hand Tattoo

Photo credit: @badgerkingtattoo

If you love Viking iconography, then check out this amazing Viking Hand Tattoo done by Nordic and Celtic Free Hand Tattoo artist.

This super cool design is of Thor’s Hammer Mjölnir, which he used as both a devastating weapon and as a divine instrument to provide blessings.

27. Helm Of Awe Hand Tattoo

Helm Of Awe Hand Tattoo

Photo credit: Facebook

Following on from the Viking Tattoos, check out this amazing Helm of Awe Tattoo Design. The Helm of Awe or Ægishjálmur in Old Norse, is a symbol rooted in Norse mythology, revered for its protective powers. Historically, it was believed to grant strength and invincibility in battle, often inscribed on armor or weaponry.

28. One Piece Hand Tattoo

One Piece Hand Tattoo

Photo credit: alexie

If you love Eiichiro Oda’s pirate adventure masterpiece, then consider getting a One Piece Tattoo.

One Piece follows the adventures of Luffy as he goes on a quest to become the Pirate King by locating the fabled treasure of Gol.D.Roger the titular One Piece. This One Piece Tattoo is of Luffy’s brother Ace, along with his iconic Ace (with the S crossed out) Tattoo on the fingertips. 

29. Heart Hand Tattoo

Heart Hand Tattoo

Photo credit: @mr.k_tattoo

Heart tattoos have many meanings that include love, friendship, passion, and commitment. Heart Tattoos can also represent unity, harmony, self-love, and personal growth. This Heart Hand Tattoo by Mr.K is super cool, having each side of the Tattoo on the ulnar side of the hand, with the heart having chains attached and being made out of spikes. 

30. Gamblers Hand Tattoo

Gamblers Hand Tattoo

Photo credit: @hustle_tattoos

If you’re someone who fancies themselves as a betting man or woman, then check out this Gambler Hand Tattoo. Card Tattoos often symbolize good fortune, luck, and faith, or like this design, it is probably just to let people know that you’re a big-time gambler and love the thrill of risking it all. 

31. Spider Lily Hand Tattoo

Spider Lily Hand Tattoo

Photo credit: @tattoodo

Spider Lilies are a common symbol in East Asia representing death. They are associated with sad memories, like the death of a loved one or last goodbyes. In Japanese and Chinese cultures, the red spider lily is thought to guide the dead to reincarnation. It's often found in graveyards during the Buddhist holiday of Ohigan.

32. Spider Hand Tattoo

Spider Hand Tattoo

Photo credit: @__fresh1

This next design isn’t for the Arachapohic type, but if you are a lover of our eight-legged friends why not a Spider Tattoo. Spider Tattoos can symbolize acceptance of fate and destiny while in other cultures, spiders are seen as protectors, guarding against evil spirits.

33. Trypophobia Hand Tattoo

Trypophobia Hand Tattoo

Photo credit: @sadgirltattoo

Trypophobia is an aversion or repulsion to objects like honeycombs and sponges that have repetitive patterns or clusters of small holes. While I personally don’t have trypophobia, this design still has an uncomfortable feel to it with its multiple eyes and close-quarters holes. 

34. Jujutsu Kaisen Skuna Hand Tattoo

Jujutsu Kaisen Skuna Hand Tattoo

Photo credit: @justinelucyy

Jujutsu Kaisen has become one of the most popular animes in recent times following the story of Yuji Itodori as he joins a secret organization of Jujutsu Sorcerers to eliminate a powerful Curse named Ryomen Sukuna, who dells within Yuji. This Skuna Anime Tattoo is of how Skuna talks to Itadori when not in control of his body to mock and belittle him.

35. Jellyfish Hand Tattoo

Jellyfish Hand Tattoo

Photo credit: @island_ink345

Jellyfish Tattoos symbolize love, resilience, survival, faith, and adaptability. In the healing art of Reiki, jellyfish are said to live a life of complete trust and surrender, and water currents take them exactly where they need to be. Although it is called a Jellyfish, a Jellyfish doesn’t classify as a Fish Tattoo because it is an invertebrate.

36. Creepy Tendon Hand Tattoo

Creepy Tendon Hand Tattoo

Photo credit: @brvnogonzalez

If you’re really looking to gross out your friends, family, or strangers, then consider getting a Creepy Tendon Tattoo Design like this by Bruno Gonzalez who specializes in organic, dark fantasy horror tattoos. This design is creepy and gross, showing the tendons of the hands being pushed through by a family of eyeballs. 

37. Baphomet Hand Tattoo

Baphomet Hand Tattoo

Photo credit: @ratbabyclothing

The Baphomet was a deity that the Knights Templar were accused of worshipping that then became incorporated into various occult and Western esoteric traditions. While the Baphomet is a symbol of balance in various occult and mystical traditions, it has occasionally purported to be a deity or a demon.

38. Wolf Hand Tattoo

A Wolf Tattoo can symbolize family, loyalty, strength, courage, and protection. Depending on different cultures, the Wolf symbolized other different things such as, willpower, and survival to the Norse, familial ties, and spiritual guidance to the Native Americans, and to the Celts the wolf was a protector and a guide to the otherworld.

39. Elephant Hand Tattoo

Elephant Hand Tattoo

Photo credit: Pinterest

Elephant Tattoos can symbolize many things from strength, loyalty, wisdom, good luck, family, and community. This Elephant Hand Tattoo is done in a Henna Tattoo style, which can symbolize health, wealth, peace, joy, kindness, and protection from evil. 

40. Ghost Destiny Hand Tattoo

Ghost Destiny Hand Tattoo

Photo credit: @angel22_tattoo

If you are a lover of Video Game Tattoos, then check out this Ghost Tattoo from the Destiny Franchise. The Ghost is a companion to the Guardians within the Destiny Universe, created by the Traveller to locate and resurrect deceased individuals capable of wielding the Light to support their Guardian in combat against the forces of the Darkness.

41. Minimalist Cat Tattoo On Hand

Minimalist Cat Tattoo On Hand

Photo credit: Pinterest

If you are a lover of felines or have one yourself, then consider getting a Cat Tattoo.

A Cat Tattoo can represent freedom due to its notably independent nature, but it can also symbolize resilience and survival. This Fine Line Minimalist Cat Tattoo is super cute with the cat having a small oink scarf. 

42. Kistune Hand Tattoo

Kistune Hand Tattoo

Photo credit: Pinterest

A Kitsune is a fox spirit with paranormal abilities, a cunning intellect, and a close relationship with humans. A Kitsune is known to have the ability to shapeshift into a human or other forms to trick or fool human beings. So, a Kitsune Tattoo might represent the wearer's tricky and cunning personality. 

43. Koi Hand Tattoo

Koi Hand Tattoo

Photo credit:

Koi Fish Tattoos represent themes of perseverance, strength, and a relentless pursuit of personal goals. This is due to the ancient tale of a Koi that battled up a waterfall and was rewarded by the Gods for his perceverance by being transformed into a Mighty Dragon. 

44. Phoenix Hand Tattoo

Phoenix Hand Tattoo

Photo credit: Facebook

A Phoenix is a Mythological bird known for its ability to be reborn from its ashes whenever it is close to death. A Phoenix Tattoo can symbolize rebirth, life, growth, and longevity, while in ancient Greece, the Phoenix is associated with the Sun God.  

45. Japanese Mask Hand Tattoo

Japanese Mask Hand Tattoo

Photo credit: Pinterest

Japanese Mask Tattoos can have many meanings depending on what type of mask you choose. Oni, Hannya, Kistune, Noh, and Samurai Masks are just a few Japanese Mask styles that all have different meanings. This Oni Mask is used to ward off evil spirits and is excellently done, looking extremely realistic. 

46. Bear Hand Tattoo

Bear Hand Tattoo

Photo credit: @inkgallerynj

If you’re looking for a different type of ferocious predator that isn’t the Lion or Tiger, then try out a Bear Tattoo. Bear Tattoos have many symbolic meanings, including strength, courage, and connection to nature. This Bear Tattoo is extremely realistic, with a ferocious-looking Bear showing his teeth mid-roar. 

47. Dream Catcher Hand Tattoo

Dream Catcher Hand Tattoo

Photo credit: Pinterest

Dream Catchers are a Native American tradition that is believed to protect sleepers from negative dreams and allow good dreams to pass through. A Dream Catcher Tattoo symbolizes spiritual protection, good luck, and body protection. This Dream Catcher Tattoo is beautiful, with nice detailing on the feathers and some cute little butterflies, too. 

Here is a clever idea for your hand Tattoo. Place something like a Crocodile's mouth over your index finger and your thumb, and you will end up with an interactive Tattoo that lets you open and close your Tattoo’s mouth. 

49. Behelit Berserk Hand Tattoo

Behelit Berserk Hand Tattoo

Photo credit: Reddit

If you’re a fan of the Berserk series, then check out this super cool Berserk Tattoo of the Behelit. Behelits are highly spiritual stone objects that act as keys that link a deep layer of the Astral World to the Physical World. This Anime Tattoo is super cool with great detailing especially on the veins within the eye of the Behelit. 

Where To Get Your Hand Tattoo

While the hand might only be a small part of your body, there is a surprising amount of space to get creative with your hand Tattoo designs. Let’s check out the best locations for your hand Tattoo. 

1. Dorsal Tattoo Ideas

Dorsal Tattoo Ideas

Photo credit: Reddit

The dorsal side of your hand is the most obvious location to get your hand Tattoo. The dorsal side offers the most amount of space and is the easiest location to show off even when you aren’t really trying. The dorsal side is best for highly detailed picture-type Tattoos like this Eye of Horus Tattoo, as there isn’t much movement on this side of your hand. 

2. Palm Tattoo

Palm Tattoo

Photo credit: Pinterest

The palm is probably best used for comedic-style hand tattoos unless the design wraps around the hand for a more dynamic effect. Due to its conceal-and-reveal type nature, the palm is a great Hand Tattoo location for those who have a keen sense of comedic timing like with this Simpsons Tattoo. 

3. Side Hand Tattoo

Side Hand Tattoo

Photo credit: Byrdie

The side of the hand is perfect for people who want minimalist-style tattoos that have a deep personal meaning. The side of the hand is often used for Cursive Font Tattoos by women, usually with one word that has a significant meaning to them. But you can also choose to have any design, such as a small dagger, palm tree, sunset, etc.  

4. Funny Finger Tattoo Design

Funny Finger Tattoo Design

Photo credit: Pinterest

Finger Tattoos are another minimalist form of tattoo, but depending on how you use them, they can be extremely clever. Usually, finger Tattoos are used to display some kind of word or short sentence that has some meaning to the wearer, but you can also be witty with your design and have a dynamic piece like this fishing rod and fish Tattoo design. 

5. Knuckle Tattoo Idea

Knuckle Tattoo Idea

Photo credit: Pinterest

Last but not least, the Knuckles. Knuckle Tattoos, much like Finger Tattoos, usually have a sentence displayed across them to send some kind of message. Usually, it is a small sentence consisting of two words both with four letters each, e.g. Born Free or Self Made. Or, like this Tattoo Design, you can go for something simple like a ring or ribbon around one or more knuckles. 

6. Above the Thumb and Index Finger

hand tattoo above thumb

Photo credit: Instagram

Show your faith with pride with a praying hand tattoo. It will remind you of the power of prayer and inspire you never to give up hope.

The realistic tattoo itself looks incredible. The artist captured the intricate details of the hands, from the delicate folds of the skin to the veins and bones beneath, using just black ink.

This content was created by tattoodesign. If you see this on another site, it has been stolen.


So ends our journey through the cool world of Hand Tattoos. We hope that with our help, you’ve been inspired by the perfect Hand Tattoo design or idea that speaks to you the most, but if you’re still undecided, why not check out these amazing Leg Tattoo Designs, these Chest Tattoo Designs, or these Arm Tattoo Designs to get ever more inspiration. 

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