White Dragon Tattoo Ideas

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Published on April 22, 2024

Are you searching for the perfect White Dragon Tattoo but feel like you’ve been left in the dark? Well, you’re in the right place.

We’ve scoured the internet in hopes of brightening your day with some of the best White Dragon Tattoos we could find. So let’s go on the enlightening journey that is the White Dragon Tattoo. 

White Dragon Tattoo Meaning

No matter where you go in the world, it seems like Dragons or Dragon like creatures have popped up on each continent of the world throughout history.

Dragons take on many shapes and forms, from Deities to be worshipped to beasts needing to be slain.

Just like the stories of old vary on what Dragons are and how they behave, so do the colors of these mythical beasts. So, what does a white dragon symbolize? 

China holds the first known depiction of Dragons, and in Chinese culture, the White Dragon known as 白龍 (Báilóng), is the Dragon God of the West and the essence of autumn. 

In Japanese mythos, the White Dragon embodies qualities of wisdom, purity, and divine guidance. 

Thanks to modern media, White Dragons boast much more symbolism than their ancient counterparts and have been depicted as having a variety of powers and techniques that never existed in the old tales.

Within media, it’s not uncommon for White Dragons to possess powers of Light and Ice with abilities to shoot beams of light or have ice breath, respectively. 

If you’re interested in Dragon Tattoos or White Dragon Tattoos in particular and looking to be inspired, then we’re here to help.

Let’s shine a light into the darkness and take a look at some of the best White Dragon Tattoos we could find.

White Dragon Tattoo Designs

1. Chinese White Dragon Tattoo

Chinese White Dragon Tattoo

Photo credit: Google

Let’s begin with one of the earliest renditions of Dragon designs with the Chinese White Dragon Tattoo. Chinese White Dragons can symbolize a number of things, from death and rebirth to holiness and purity.

It’s quite difficult to find any traditional Dragon Tattoo on the internet that is colored in mostly white ink. So many of the examples will have to use skin color to represent the white of the Dragon.

Nonetheless, this White Dragon Tattoo is very impressive, with great detailing and respect for the traditional design. 

2. White Ink On Black Background Dragon Tattoo

White Ink On Black Background Dragon Tattoo

Photo credit: Lemon8

You can debate whether this is a Black Dragon Tattoo with white outlining or a White Dragon Tattoo on a black background, but it’s hard enough to find White Dragon Tattoos as it is, so I think you know where I stand on this one. This design obviously isn’t for the faint of heart. It’ll require you to spend a long time under the needle blackening out your body to get the background right for the White Dragon design, but my goodness, it is stylish when all is said and done. Bravo to the artist and the client for going through a long and painstaking process. 

3. Small White Ink Dragon

Small White Ink Dragon

Photo credit: Ink-match

Of course, you don't actually have to commit to blackening out your body just to have some white ink, as this White Dragon Tattoo shows. This cute little design is both subtle and elegant, so it’s a lot easier to keep discrete if you’re worried about needing to keep it low-key with your Dragon Tattoo.

4. Japanese White Dragon Tattoo

Japanese White Dragon Tattoo

Photo credit: TattooNOW

Finally a colored in traditional White Dragon design. This White Dragon Tattoo is done in the traditional Ukiyo-e art style and depicts the white Dragon alongside the hero Saginoike Heikuro. The Ukiyo-e style is a genre of Japanese art that was popular in the 17th to 19th centuries. The term ukiyo-e (浮世絵) means picture or pictures of the floating world.

5. European White Dragon Tattoo

European White Dragon Tattoo

Photo credit: The Flash Tattoo

If you prefer your Dragon Tattoo to have wings, then go for a European White Dragon Tattoo. European Dragons don't have any symbolism when it comes to their colors in folklore. However, modern interpretations have given White Dragons abilities such as light and ice powers or associate the White Dragon with either the Sun or the Moon.

6. White Dragon Tiger Tattoo

White Dragon Tiger Tattoo

Photo credit: Emito.net

The Dragon and Tiger represent the Universe in Chinese myth with the Dragon representing the Universe and Spirit, while the Tiger represents Earth and matter. This Dragon Tiger Tattoo looks incredible with the powerful black ink Tiger on the left with white clouds and the Elegant White Dragon on the right with black clouds. 

7. UV Light White Dragon Tattoo

UV Light White Dragon Tattoo

Photo credit: Pinterest

Here is a really cool idea: imbue your White Dragon tattoo with some UV Tattoo Ink and bring your White Dragon Tattoo’s fire to life. You can choose a variety of places to put your UV ink on your dragon's body, from the eyes, back spines, fire, and teeth, or you can make your entire dragon out of UV. The choice is yours. 

8. Ice Dragon Tattoo 

Ice Dragon Tattoo

Photo credit: World Tattoo Gallery

This White Dragon Tattoo is sure to run a chill down your spine! In modern media, White Dragons, as well as Blue Dragons, have often been depicted as having Ice or Snow powers in contrast to their fire-breathing Red Dragon Tattoo kin. So, if fire breathing isn’t your thing, then cool off with this ice-cold, ice-breathing White Dragon Tattoo design. 

9. Simple White Dragon Tattoo

Simple White Dragon Tattoo

Photo credit: Next Luxury

For those who want a White Dragon Tattoo but not looking to go all out, try a simple White Dragon Tattoo. These designs won't take up too much space and will look simple (as the name suggests) and elegant at the same time. This design is super nice and cute and possibly has Celtic Dragon Tattoo design elements in it also. 

10. White Dragon with Florals 

White Dragon with Florals

Photo credit: Our Mindful Life

Adding florals to your White Dragon Tattoo can increase the symbolism of your ink, depending on what flower you choose to go for. With its deep connection to Japanese culture, you will often see Dragon Tattoos paired with cherry blossoms to signify death and rebirth, which is also the symbolism of the White Dragon. This Dragon Floral Tattoo has a stopwatch with the Dragon eating its own tail, which is often a symbol of the circle of life, death, and rebirth, so cherry blossoms might have been an ideal touch to add to this design's symmetry also.

11. Blue Eyes White Dragon Yu-Gi-Oh Tattoo

Blue Eyes White Dragon Yu-Gi-Oh Tattoo

Photo credit: Reddit

Fans of Yu-Gi-Oh would never forgive me for not including Seto Kaiba’s most iconic monster card, Blue Eyes White Dragon. While the card itself is powerful in its own right, the actual monster the card is based on is far more powerful and is one of the most powerful monsters in the Yu-Gi-Oh universe, even being a match to Obelisk the Tormentor and Slifer the Sky Dragon.

12. Haku Spirited Away Dragon Tattoo

Haku Spirited Away Dragon Tattoo

Photo credit: Pinterest

While only appearing for a brief yet bloody time, Haku’s Dragon form is one of the most iconic designs of Spirited Away, along with No-Face. Haku, being a river spirit, takes the form of an Asian Dragon due to his design being based on the Mizuchi, a Japanese Dragon deity who lives in an aquatic habitat or is otherwise connected to water. 

13. Falkor The NeverEnding Story Tattoo

Falkor The NeverEnding Story Tattoo

Photo credit: tattoo-ideas.com

Falcor the luckdragon is one the main characters from the NeverEnding Story novel and films. Coming from the world of Fantasia, Falkor is a wise, optimistic, and sophisticated White Dragon who gives advice to those who have lost hope, and his openness to making friends means a lot to all those he encounters. A Falcor White Dragon Tattoo is perfect for those who are always looking to make new friends and who love to try and brighten up people's day. 

14. Light-Fury How To Train Your Dragon Tattoo

Light-Fury How To Train Your Dragon Tattoo

Photo credit: Google

For those looking to add a little romance to their White Dragon Tattoo idea, the as-of-now nameless Light-Fury Dragon from the How to Train Your Dragon series is perfect. After falling in love after the events of the third film, Toothless and the Light-Fury have three offspring known as the Night-Lights. Combine your Light-Fury White Dragon Tattoo with a Toothless Black Dragon Tattoo to embody the symbolism of love and romance wherever you go. 

15. Palkia Pokemon Tattoo 

Palkia White Dragon Pokemon Tattoo

Photo credit: @Pol tattoo 

While Pokemon has many, many Dragon-type Pokemon in its roster to choose from, you might be surprised to know that it only has 2 White Dragons to choose from, Palkia and Reshiram. We’ve already done the Black and White contrast with the Light-Fury and Toothless, so I’ll opt not to go for Reshiram and Zekrom here and instead go for the master of Space and mascot for the 4th generation Pokemon Pearl game Palkia. Palkia was a feared deity in Sinnoh's myth and worshipped by the Pearl Clan. He is known for his violent clashes with his counterpart, Dialga, the master of time. 

16. Light Dragon Legend Of Zelda Tattoo

Light Dragon Legend Of Zelda Tattoo

Photo credit: @jerritattoos

The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kindom hasn’t even been out for a whole year yet, but the Light Dragon appears to have captured the hearts of many like no Dragon in the series has before. The Light Dragon guards the Master Sword until the hero, Link, has enough power to reclaim the sword that seals the darkness and vanquish the evil that torments Hyrule. Like other Sword Dragon Tattoo Designs, the Light Dragon encircles the Mater Sword, representing that the sword itself is imbued with the power of the Dragon. 

17. Divine Dragon Sekiro

Divine Dragon Sekiro

Photo credit: @sophievtattoo

The Divine Dragon is an ancient god that wields a colossal sword made of magic that is based on the seven-branched sword, one of the oldest relics in Japan. The Divine Dragon commands the power of winds and the Everblossom. The Divine Dragon was unkillable, so instead Sekiro uses the Mortal Blade to slice into the Dragon’s left tear duct to obtain the Divine Dragon's Tears inside after stunning it with lightning.  

Where to get your White Dragon Tattoo

Choosing where to get your White Dragon Tattoo is equally important as the design itself.

The anatomy of the body paired with the anatomy of the tattoo design will elevate the artistry of the piece when paired in the right place.

So, let’s check out the best White Dragon Tattoo placement ideas. 

1. White Dragon Tattoo On Chest

White Dragon Tattoo On Chest

Photo credit: mehrnegar

Those who want to show off their White Dragon Tattoo with pride should opt for the chest. The chest offers a lot of room for heavy detailing atop the pec for men, but for women, the chest might not be ideal as the anatomy of the breast isn't ideal for the Dragon design unless your tattoo artist is particularly creative. But worry not ladies, the shape of the breasts do offer a variety of different design choices when it comes to Dragon tattoos you are sure to love. 

2. White Dragon Tattoo Design On Leg and Arm

White Dragon Tattoo Design On Leg and Arm

Photo credit: Our Mindful Life

For those looking to show off their ink as much as possible, the leg and arm are the perfect place to get your White Dragon Tattoo. The arm is the easiest place to show off any tattoo as apart from the face it’s one of the least likely places you need to cover on your body. If you live in cold climates, then the leg might not be a good a choice as the arm, but in hot climates, the leg is perfect. 

3. Getting White Dragon Tattoo On Ear

White Dragon Tattoo On Ear

Photo credit: Google

Behind the Ear is perfect for those who want something a little more modest yet still stylish. Behind the ear, your tattoo can't be seen from head-on but can still show off from a side profile. Behind the ear means it’s minimalist by design, so you can't go too overboard with your design choices here I'm afraid. 

4. White Dragon Tattoo Idea On Back

White Dragon Tattoo Idea On Back

Photo credit: Pinterest

Finishing up with the back. The back offers the most space for you to go wild with your White Dragon Tattoo design. With so much space and with a relatively flat surface, you can choose as much detailing and go for almost any style you like. But don’t forget, the greater the piece, the greater the time you’ll be under the pen, so come prepared. 


Having pierced through the darkness with our light, our journey has alas come to an end. We hope that we have shed new light on the magical world of White Dragon Tattoos and you have been blessed with a new ray of hope on your journey to get your perfect Dragon ink.

But if White Dragon Tattoos didn’t light up your soul, perhaps these Yellow Dragon Tattoos will shock you, these Red Dragon Tattoos will set your heart on fire or these Blue Dragon Tattoos will have you awash with inspiration.

Just as the light from a White Dragon can ease the darkness, so too can proper tattoo aftercare ease your pain and discomfort.

 If you’re considering getting a Dragon Tattoo of your own, then it's vital you have the perfect tattoo aftercare products to soothe your pain and bring light back into your life as soon as possible.

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