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Published on May 10, 2023

Are you in the market for a colorful butterfly tattoo? Butterfly tattoos have come into vogue in recent months and are symbolic of a fresh start. 

We've collected some of the best butterfly tattoo designs for you to choose from, as well as tattoo artists that can deliver your butterfly design in bold patterns and vibrant colors.

Colorful Butterfly Tattoo Meanings

There's a lot of information out there about the butterfly's symbolism, but bright colors and shapes can change the meaning every so slightly:

  • Orange monarch butterfly tattoos symbolize transformation and spirituality;

  • A black butterfly tattoo symbolizes intuition;

  • A white butterfly tattoo symbolizes innocence and purity (as does a simple butterfly tattoo design);

  • A yellow butterfly tattoo represents strength and friendship;

  • A realistic butterfly represents new life;

  • Blue butterflies are a lovely way of commemorating a lost loved one;

  • A series of small butterflies represent unity and friendship;

  • Butterflies with red roses symbolize romance;

  • A tiger butterfly tattoo represents gentleness and strength;

  • Two butterfly tattoos represent marriage.

Of courses, the beauty of body art is that the meaning varies from person to person. Chances are your tattoos carry a special meaning unique to you!

Colorful Butterfly Tattoo Meanings


Best Colorful Butterfly Tattoo Styles

The tattoo design you choose will ultimately depend on your skin tone, personality, and even your preferred tattoo artist. If it's your first tattoo, make sure that you research different styles before committing! Here are a few to consider:

The Realistic Butterfly Tattoo Design

Realistic Butterfly Tattoo Design


This classic and timeless design style makes it seem as though a real butterfly has landed on your body. The tattoo artist will usually use clever shadows and colors to make your tattoo stand out.

Giant Butterfly Tattoo/ Small Butterfly Tattoo

Small Butterfly Tattoo


Size matters when it comes to tattoo design, and you need to find an artist that can work with your body and your vision. Extra large and extra tiny butterfly tattoos require real skill!

Tribal Butterfly Tattoos

Tribal Butterfly Tattoos


If you are looking for color and drama, tribal butterfly tattoos are the way to go. They take their inspiration from Aztec and other Native American designs to create a beautiful butterfly tattoo in multiple colors.

Black Ink Dots

Black Ink Dots butterfly tattoo


If you want a black butterfly tattoo, look for someone who can create dot artwork. It may seem like a straightforward design style, but it's very difficult! Different patterns are created using a series of dots for maximum impact.

Best Designs For A Colorful Butterfly tattoo

Some tattoo styles lend themselves brilliantly to color, including traditional and neo-traditional tattoos, watercolor, Japanese and illustrative/realistic styles. Color can fade quickly, so make sure you choose an artist that specializes in colorwork.

A Single Butterfly

Single Butterfly


This simple and understated design uses shades of blue, white and black to create a soft and feminine blue butterfly design.


Shadow Butterfly tattoo


If you are considering a back or shoulder tattoo, you can add beautiful drawn-out details, including dramatic shadows to make your butterfly seem more life-like.

Single Color

Single Color butterfly tattoo


This dramatic butterfly ensemble uses red ink to create a trail of red butterflies and a truly unique piece of art.

Tiny Butterflies

Tiny Butterflies tattoo


These simple tiny butterflies use understated colors and thin lines to create a feminine, playful design.


Weightless butterfly tattoo ideas


Using a very simple drop shadow creates a weightless, realistic touch to the simple blue butterfly tattoo.


thick butterfly tattoo ideas


Bold lines and colors make for an impact flower and butterfly hybrid.

What Are the Best Places to Get a Colorful Butterfly Tattoo

Butterfly tattoos look good virtually everywhere. Celebrities have been spotted with butterflies on their feet, faces, backs and necks. Here are a few spots you might want to consider for your next tattoo:


butterfly tattoo on shoulder


This gorgeous blackwork monarch butterfly shows you exactly why shoulder tattoos are so popular when you want to add some color to your skin.


butterfly tattoo on sternum


The chest is usually where we tattoo issues that are closest to our hearts. Sternum tattoos usually follow your cleavage line (if you are a woman) or your breastbone (if you are a man), and can be a little painful…but so worth it!

The Back

butterfly tattoos on back


Your back is a great spot for butterflies. It’s not only discreet but very stable, so your tattoos are less likely to warp with weight gain or loss.

The Neck

butterfly tattoo on neck ideas


Neck and throat tattoos look incredible, but they aren’t for the faint-hearted. A tattoo on your throat tends to be quite painful as there are a lot of nerve endings (and very thin skin), so the odds of damage are high. Make sure you pick a reputable provider.

The Inner Arm

butterfly tattoo on inner arm


Two paper-like butterflies travel up the arm, moving along with you wherever you go. It’s one of the most beautiful spots for a colorful butterfly.

Behind The Ear

corlorful butterfly tattoo behind ears


You can easily tuck a small butterfly behind your ear, like this cute monarch butterfly.


There’s no better way of marking a new beginning than with a bright and colorful butterfly tattoo. You can emerge from your cocoon and start afresh with a new, beautiful butterfly design.

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