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Published on May 10, 2023

Peacocks are one of the few animals that truly embody the qualities of beauty and grace. These majestic birds have long been connected with a monarchy and have appeared in portraits of kings and queens in countries spanning from India to Europe.

Peacock tail feathers are said to have "A thousand eye-like circles" that are believed to support their ethereal quality and have given these colorful birds a deeper meaning of allure and mystery. 

Therefore, they are used to making fantastic tattoos. Peacock feather tattoos are popular tattoos that are widely accepted by many.

In this blog, I will guide you through your choice of a perfect and unique peacock feather tattoo by showing you the most unique, stylish, and best-looking peacock feather tattoo ideas this year.

What is a peacock feather tattoo?

The peacock feather tattoo is a vivid and striking tattoo with an intriguing peacock feather design.

Peacock feather tattoos are a subset of the larger category of bird feather tattoos, which are well-liked for their aesthetic attractiveness and adaptability to various body areas.

The peacock feather symbolizes more than decoration and stands for grace, majesty, grandeur, and luxury. 

It can be tattooed on the wrist of a woman as a constant reminder to treat herself with love and acceptance.

Some believe that the peacock feather serves as a symbol of protection and can drive away evil spirits.

The peacock feather tattoo is a stunning and vibrant image of a peacock feather with brilliant hues of this plumage, making it a remarkable artwork that will catch most people's attention.

What is a peacock feather tattoo

What does a peacock feather tattoo mean?

A peacock feather tattoo symbolizes beauty, wealth, and majesty. It is the ideal style for a lady who wants to serve as a constant reminder of the value of accepting and loving oneself.

Some people believe that the feather can serve as a symbol of protection and drive away evil spirits.

peacock feather tattoo mean

Best Peacock Feather Tattoos Design and their meanings

Peacock feather tattoos are powerful symbols of beauty and royalty and can be incorporated into various methods and styles, resulting in diverse peacock feather tattoo designs.

The designs are frequently carried out in color to capture the splendor of the peacock feather.

Here are 10 best-looking peacock feather tattoo designs of 2023.

1. Tiny peacock feather tattoos

Tiny peacock feather tattoos


If you want your tattoo to be private and would rather have a declaration made in private than out loud, tiny peacock feather tattoos better express your reserved views.

They are attractive tattoos with delicate designs of peacock feathers that are ideal for different people.

2. Large peacock feather tattoos

Large peacock feather tattoos


Body art is often a way for people to express their values and beliefs in the most public of places. And what better symbol could they choose than one that stands out even more – peacock feather tattoos!

These dramatic visuals will surely draw attention, making them an unforgettable mark of inspiration.

3. Floral peacock feather tattoos

Floral peacock feather tattoos


This peacock tattoo design is inspired by combining floral motifs with lovely peacock feathers.

Flowers play an important role in the various rites and rituals practiced by people in every nation on earth and are deep in symbolism in almost every culture.

4. Geometric peacock feather tattoos

Geometric peacock feather tattoos

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Geometric peacock feather tattoos are a growing trend at the moment peacock feather tattoo designs where geometric motifs are used in the design.

In some cases, this entails incorporating sacred geometry aspects into body art, while a geometric approach to a tattoo design is used in other cases.

The tattoos created with this technique can be highly interesting and distinctive.

5. Delicate peacock feather tattoos

Delicate peacock feather tattoos


Beautiful peacock feathers tattoos can be an ideal theme for delicate pieces of body art for both women and individuals with a softer sensibility. These tattoos are called delicate peacock feather tattoos.

6. Gray and black peacock feather tattoos

Gray and black peacock feather tattoos


A skilled tattoo artist can produce tattoos that stand out while reaching an elegance that other designs lack through precise linework, smooth gradations of black and gray tones, or black ink.

The tattoo is extremely amazing when tattooing something as intrinsically colorful as a peacock feather.

7. Color peacock feather tattoos

Color peacock feather tattoos


These are vivid colors and striking peacock tattoo designs with a striking appearance. The result can be jaw-dropping when this technique imitates such spectacular subjects as peacock feathers.

These feathers' intricate detail offers painters countless chances to showcase their talent and originality through coloring.

8. Dreamy peacock feather tattoos

Dreamy peacock feather tattoos


For some people, art is best suited to produce work that surrealistically reimagines the world. A peacock's beautiful feathers make wonderful subjects because of their vivid colors and patterns and the recognizable "eyes" held within each plume.

9. Peacock feather tattoos with words

Peacock feather tattoos with words


Incorporating motivational sayings, wisecracks, or significant anniversaries into tattoo language can elevate intriguing peacock tattoo designs to a new level.

Certain scripts are so artistically done that the ink and the words themselves become works of art that can be packed with meaning. It's a great idea to use words in a peacock tattoo.

Embark on a calligraphic adventure with our enchanting article on the Best Cursive Fonts for Tattooing!

10. Peacock feather tattoos with a flute

Peacock feather tattoos with a flute


For many, life would not be worth living without the joy that music brings. Some choose to express the significance of music in their lives by getting an instrument tattooed on their body.

Such a peacock feather tattoo idea becomes a tribute to the natural beauty of in the world around us when peacock feathers are added.

Typical Body Parts for Peacock Feather Tattoos

Body Parts for Peacock Feather Tattoos

Depending on the size and specific design, there are various places on the body to inscribe a peacock feather tattoo.

Here are popular body parts for peacock feather tattoos.

Ribs, chest, and stomach

Peacocks are flamboyant birds that can help you flaunt your abilities with pride. The color and beauty of a tattoo above the breasts on the chest can do more than catch people's attention.

Also, having the tattoo on your stomach just above your waistband can ignite curiosity and beauty.

Legs and Arms

The bird's long, bold, vibrant tail feathers can be shown up your arm or thigh, either straight up and down or twisted around to catch the attention more effectively.

On the arms, the inside of the forearm with the feather's evil eye over the wrist is one of the most popular positions.

Back (lower back and upper back)

The back can be used for massive peacock feather tattoo displays with their complete plumage spread over the length of the shoulder blades because it is the largest single canvas on the body.

When you want people to gaze a little lower, lower back tattoos with abstract heads and tail feathers are another choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are peacock feather tattoos good or bad luck?

Peacock feather tattoos are considered good luck in Japan, China, and India. Hindus connect the peacock with goddess Lakshmi, a benign deity who stands for tolerance, kindness, compassion, and fortune.

Do peacock feather tattoos require specific colors?

Peacock feathers are known for their vibrant hues. Tattoo artists can use a wide range of colors to capture the beauty of these feathers, including blues, greens, purples, and golds. However, you can also opt for black and gray ink if you prefer a more subtle or monochromatic look.

Are peacock feather tattoos suitable for both men and women?

Yes, peacock feather tattoos are popular among both men and women. While some designs may incorporate more feminine elements like flowers or delicate details, there are also bolder and more abstract interpretations that can appeal to anyone.

Conclusion - Peacock Feather Tattoo

A peacock feather tattoo is one of the most attractive and identifiable designs. The peacock represents the sun, kingship, nobility, and power.

Peacock feathers are popularly used for making fantastic tattoos that give a deeper meaning of allure and mystery.

Depending on the size, style, and body parts you want the peacock feather tattoo, there are different tattoo ideas ranging from color peacock feather tattoos, large or thin peacock feather tattoos, to even stylized peacock feather tattoos with words or flute.

A Peacock feather tattoo can represent pure, real love, immortality, and the bright side of life thanks to its grandeur and unmatched beauty.

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