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Published on May 27, 2022

People want to capture the beauty of nature and put it on their bodies. Butterfly tattoos are popular and are seen on celebrities, including Britney Spears, Drew Barrymore, Mariah Carey, Queen Latifah, and Ariana Grande

A white butterfly tattoo can be done in a variety of styles. You don't just have to pick a butterfly tattoo. You could add flowers or a skull and create a new meaning behind the design. 

This popular choice for a tattoo style is particularly common in women because a butterfly tattoo can also represent femininity.

They're so versatile and suit any place on the body. You could get a butterfly tattoo on your wrist, arm, shoulder, or foot. 

White Butterfly Tattoo Meanings

The meaning behind a butterfly tattoo can vary across cultures around the world. Traditionally, the white butterfly tattoo means lies in representing the afterlife as the white butterfly wings are reminiscent of angel wings. 

They can represent new life or a fresh start. Butterfly tattoos are also known to symbolize hope.

Butterfly tattoos also commonly represent transformation or journey. In the case of a white inked butterfly tattoo, it can also be a symbol of surrender because the white flag is traditionally associated with surrender.

Best White Butterfly Tattoo Styles

White ink is incredibly delicate and can create some beautiful butterfly tattoos. Let's look at some of the best tattoo styles for white butterflies.

Tiny Butterfly and Flower Tattoo

Tiny Butterfly and Flower Tattoo

(Credit: Ink Style Mag )

The white butterfly and flower tattoos are beautiful and delicate. You could get one on each wrist or get a matching one with a friend.

Fine Line Butterfly Tattoo

Fine Line Butterfly Tattoo

(Credit: TattooFilter )

A popular choice for a delicate butterfly tattoo is to get a fine line tattoo. It looks terrific on this person's upper arm.

The tattoo design demonstrates the fragility of butterfly wings and, potentially, the owner. It's a minimal tattoo and won't take too long to do. 

Half Butterfly Half Flower

Half Butterfly Half Flower

(Credit: CustomTattooDesign )

This outline tattoo of half of a monarch butterfly with its other wing made up of delicate flowers is an excellent example of light shading. A skilled tattoo artist can achieve this, giving it a black and white effect.

This realistic style is suitable for a monarch butterfly, which commonly represents the afterlife, the loss of a loved one, or the human soul.

Watercolor Tattoos

Watercolor Butterfly Tattoos

(Credit: Pinterest )

This white butterfly watercolor tattoo on the shoulder blade is an eye-catching design that looks like an actual butterfly.

The watercolor tattoo style is an excellent way to show the vibrance and fragility of the butterfly's wings. While this tattoo is white, people can get watercolor tattoos in bright colors, reflecting the beauty. 

Butterfly Skull Tattoo

Butterfly Skull Tattoo

(Image Credit: Pinterest )

This particular tattoo style represents both death and life at the same time. Skull tattoos are often merged with butterfly tattoos for this reason. Butterflies represent life, and the skull represents death.

Where Are the Best Places to Get White Butterfly Tattoos?

There are many excellent locations on the body to get your next tattoo. If you only have one or two, you'll have plenty of options.

For seasoned tattoo lovers, it might just be wherever you have some empty space. Here's some inspiration for where you can get your next ink. 

Foot Tattoo

white butterfly foot Tattoo

(Credit: WildTattooArt )

This realistic butterfly tattoo design is perfectly placed on the foot. The butterfly design is in a realistic style, with light shading and multiple colors. It looks almost like a butterfly landed right on the owner's foot.

Shoulder Butterfly Tattoo

Shoulder Butterfly Tattoo

(Image Credit: Pinterest )

These two white butterflies flutter along the person's shoulder in a watercolor design. The shoulder is an excellent place for people to show off their butterfly tattoos.

Behind the Ear

Behind the Ear white butterfly tattoo

(Image Credit: Our Mindful Life )

Behind the ear is another excellent place to show off a butterfly's beauty. However, it's a sore spot to get tattooed as it's right on the skull.

Where To Get Your Tattoo

If these tattoo designs have inspired you, there are plenty of places to get one of your own.

Most tattoo artists will work with you to ensure your butterfly design is perfect, and they'll help you pick the correct body part. Here are some tattoo models and artists to get you started: 

Wrapping Up

White butterfly tattoos are a beautiful design choice, and they are so versatile. The butterfly represents lots of things across different cultures.

It's associated with new life, surrender, transformation, and hope. Getting a butterfly on your body is a great idea, and there are so many different tattoo styles to choose from.

You can choose a variety of tattoo styles, like an American traditional, old school, or tribal butterfly tattoo. While white ink is beautiful , you can also get a y ellow butterfly or even a blue butterfly. If you're thinking about getting a butterfly tattoo for your next ink, and there's some space on your body, why wait?

If you're looking for more butterfly tattoo ideas, be sure to check out the list below! These designs are all beautiful and perfect for any occasion.

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