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Published on May 3, 2023

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Dragon cherry blossom tattoos are very popular. These tattoos are often large, dramatic, and bursting with color, but not always.

There are several styles to choose from, and this tattoo is a good choice if you want a tattoo with the fierceness, boldness, and bravery of the dragon but with the beautiful pink hue of the cherry blossom.

Dragon Cherry Blossom Tattoo Meanings

The aesthetics are often very beautiful in this tattoo style. Lots of effort goes into the designs, and while they are often feminine, this is not always the case.

They come in many forms, such as a yin yang dragon tattoo with cherry blossoms or a simple tattoo design with black ink. But these are often meaningful tattoos showing that you have the strength to take on life.

When paired with a Japanese dragon tattoo , Chinese dragon tattoo , blue dragon tattoo, or another type of dragon, the cherry blossom is a popular and powerful symbol.

The cherry blossom tattoo meaning is all about the freshness of life and the passing of time , along with the importance of cherishing every moment. The powerful dragon tattoo, meanwhile, is a reminder to be strong and fight back when life is hard.

Best Dragon Cherry Blossom Tattoo Styles

There are many popular styles of this tattoo style, including the following:


These simple and delicate designs often feature a black dragon against the skin, usually in the Asian style, accompanied by a few light pink blossoms.

Bold Tattoo Style

This style features the same black dragon and pink cherry blossoms but with harder lines that stand out more.

Focus on the blossoms

A slightly different take on this design makes the cherry blossoms the main focal point, with the dragon hidden behind them.

Abstract Style

The dragon in this style of tattoo is made up of more basic lines instead of intricate details.

Best Designs for Dragon Cherry Blossom Tattoo

Here are some beautiful designs for this style of tattoo to give you some inspiration:

Ferocious Dragon Cherry Blossom

Ferocious dragon

This fierce dragon is a sight to behold. It covers the length of the spine, and it has a ferocious and incredibly detailed face. The back provides the perfect canvas for large, dramatic tattoos like this. (Credit: @modoink_vivi)

Twirling dragon Tattoo

Twirling dragon

This dragon is almost dancing as it twirls up the arm, surrounded by pink and blue cherry blossoms. (Credit: @venomink_tbc)

Bold dragon

Bold cherry dragon tattoo

This bolder design features a very bold black outline for the dragon. It is simpler in detail but no less dramatic. (Credit: @lostjake_lostart)

Soaring dragon

Soaring dragon

The dragon in this tattoo is soaring away from the cherry blossom. The detail is exquisite, and every scale is clear. The cherry blossom looks like fire, and it uses a deeper blood-red rather than light pink that lends a dramatic air to it. (Credit: @litosart)

What Are the Best Places to Get Dragon Cherry Blossom Tattoo?

There are many popular places for getting a dragon cherry blossom tattoo. Here are some examples:

Dragon Cherry Blossom on Arm

Dragon Cherry Blossom Tattoo on Arm

The forearm is an excellent choice for a dragon cherry blossom tattoo. The bold outline of the dragon shows up well on the smooth skin, and it’s a good choice if you want everyone to see your tattoo. (Credit: @sonya_fakas)

Dragon Tattoo on Torso

Torso Dragon Cherry Blossom Tattoo

The torso provides the perfect large space for a truly dramatic tattoo that you can show off when you want to but keep hidden away at other times. (Credit: @hailintattoo)

Dragon Cherry Blossom on Back

Dragon Cherry Blossom Tattoo on Back

The back is a popular area for a large dragon and cherry blossom tattoo. The tattoo often goes down the spine, with the dragon curling around the blossom as in this beautiful example. (Credit: @ksunelltattoo)

Where to Buy

You can choose many places to get a superb dragon cherry blossom tattoo, but it’s important to choose carefully. Here are a few of our recommendations for artists and resources to get you started, check them out!

Other Tattoo Ideas

If you’re not sure about the cherry blossoms, there are plenty of other dragon-based tattoo ideas you might like. Here are some other guides you might want to check out:


The dragon cherry blossom tattoo is a classic design that you can interpret in many different ways, and there are many styles to choose from.

This tattoo could be perfect for you if you want a large, colorful tattoo rich with meaning.

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