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Published on May 3, 2023

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It’s no surprise that the dragon tiger tattoo is so popular. This tattoo depicts two powerful creatures, one mythical, one real, and it is rich in meaning.

These tattoos are often colorful, bold, and intricate, and they look amazing anywhere on the body. But what are the specific meanings behind these tattoos? And which style would suit you best? Find out in our guide to the dragon tiger tattoo.

Dragon Tiger Tattoo Meanings

There is a lot of symbolism in this tattoo. It usually relates to extremes and especially how to get the right balance between them.

On the one side, you have the tiger, which represents hard power and determination . On the other, the dragon represents a softer power.

Both are fierce, powerful, and relentless. The idea is that you can achieve amazing things with the right balance, similar to that of the yin yang symbol.

The two cannot triumph individually, but they are unstoppable when together. An alternative is the dragon and phoenix tattoo, which have slightly different meanings.

Best Dragon Tiger Tattoo Styles

There is a wide choice of styles for this tattoo theme. Dragons are important in Chinese culture and Japanese culture, so you may want to get a Chinese dragon tattoo or a Japanese dragon tattoo along with a tiger. 

But there are other styles like the Celtic dragon tattoo. Here are a few of the most popular:

Detail Rich

Sometimes in black outline, these are works of art that depict everything down to the finest whisker of the tiger. They are often large and cover the back, chest, or leg.

Facing Off

A popular style is to get two separate tattoos, one of the dragon and one of the tiger, both facing off against each other.

Color Rich

These large tattoos are bursting with color and depict a bolder image of the tiger and dragon with rich green, yellow, orange, and more.

Best Designs For a Dragon Tiger Tattoo

There are many amazing designs out there for this tattoo style. Here are a few stunning examples we have come across:

Color explosion

Color explosion dragon tiger tattoo

This dramatic tattoo is a stunning work of art that depicts the tiger and dragon in all their glory. (Credit: @feitornan)

Full canvas

dragon tiger tattoo Full canvas

The back displays a large, dramatic, and colorful display of the dragon and tiger surrounded by flowers. (Credit: @mattbeckerich)

Two faces combined

dragon tiger two faces combined tattoo

This interesting take on the tattoo sees half a dragon’s face joined by half a tiger’s face skillfully combined. (Credit: @toppdoggtattooz)

Harmonious balance

Harmonious balance dragon tiger tattoo

This depiction presents a more harmonious balance between the tiger and the dragon, entwined with pink cherry blossoms for a more feminine effect. (Credit: @northyorkink)

Black outlines

dragon tiger black outlines

The dragon and tiger in this tattoo don’t feature colors other than black, but the effect is still dramatic as the two predators size each other up in an uneasy dance. (Credit: @inkstitutiontattoostudio)

What Are the Best Places to Get a Dragon Tiger Tattoo?

Depending on the size and style of the tattoo you want to get, there are several popular places you could choose to get a dragon and tiger tattoo:

Full arm

dragon tiger tattoo sleeve

This dramatic sleeve is all black with a faint hint of red, and it skillfully explores the balance of power between the tiger and dragon. (Credit: @ninjamie_tattoo)


chest dragon tiger tattoo ideas

The chest is the perfect place to place two separate tattoos, one of the tiger and one of the dragon, in an uneasy face-off. (Credit: @karma_ink_bali)


tiger dragon tattoo on back

The black tiger and the red dragon look beautiful in this stunning tattoo outline. (Credit: @addalilbitflavor)


tiger dragon tattoo on arm

This tattoo is rich in detail, featuring an all-black version of the Chinese dragon and the tiger facing off in a dramatic depiction. (Credit: @paulinaili)

Other Tattoo Ideas

The dragon is depicted in many different tattoo styles. If you don’t want a dragon and tiger tattoo, check out these guides to other dragon-based styles:


Few tattoos come as close to depicting the majesty, might, and power of dragon and tiger tattoos.

These tattoos are rich in meaning, but whether you love their significance or simply love how these look, this could be the perfect choice for your next tattoo.

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