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Published on May 27, 2021

Japanese dragon tattoos are an art form in themselves. The Japanese have always been fascinated by dragons, and from the earliest times, they have used them as a symbol of power and strength.

They are also associated with water, as well as being protectors of knowledge and wisdom.

If you want to get a Japanese Dragon tattoo, you can choose from several different designs that I have discussed in this article.

Japanese Culture

Dragons are a common theme in Japanese art, literature, and popular culture. Dragons are strongly associated with the Emperor of Japan, who is often compared to one.

In ancient Japan, there were many stories about dragons that were told by the people living there at the time.

One such story tells of how Emperor Jimmu was riding on horseback when he saw an enormous serpent flying through the sky towards him; this was believed to be a sign from heaven that he would become emperor someday.

Shinto Religious Belief

The dragon is an important symbol in the religion of Shinto, which is practiced by a majority of Japanese people. 

The dragon's head is considered to be sacred. If you see a picture of a dragon with its mouth open, it means that it has breathed fire on something.

Japanese Dragon Tattoo Ideas

1. Floral Japanese Dragon Tattoo

Floral Japanese Dragon Tattoo

Photo by jjdesigns

A floral Japanese dragon tattoo is perfect if you want something that's both feminine and fierce. 

You can use any type of flower to create this design. This tattoo would look great on someone who likes flowers and wants an edgy tattoo design.

2. Traditional Japanese Dragon Tattoo

Traditional Japanese Dragon Tattoo

These types of tattoos are done in black ink only and their style is usually quite simple and straightforward.

They have a very traditional look to them and are great for someone who wants something that looks like it came from the past.

These traditional Japanese tattoos can be done in a realistic style, or in a cartoonish version if you want something that has more personality.

The traditional dragon tattoo can be placed anywhere on the body but it is most placed is on the back, chest area, or shoulder blade area.

If you're looking for something more discreet, you can get a small traditional Japanese dragon tattoo on your wrist or ankle as well.

3. Modern Japanese Dragon Tattoo

Modern Japanese Dragon Tattoo

Modern dragon tattoos are similar to traditional dragon tattoos but they have more detail to them and they use more vibrant colors than black ink alone.

Modern Japanese dragons usually have more intricate designs than traditional ones and they may have multiple heads or horns as well as other accessories if you'd like them to appear more detailed than just a simple outline.

They are usually placed in places where they can be seen easily by others such as on your upper arm or chest area so that everyone knows that you're a true fan of these powerful mythical creatures.

4. Colorful Japanese Dragon Tattoo

Colorful Japanese Dragon Tattoo

The dragon tattoo can mean many different things depending on the colors used in the design.

Black and Grey Japanese Dragon Tattoos

The Black and grey Japanese dragon tattoos are always in demand. The black Japanese dragon tattoo is thought to bring wealth and good health to those who wear its image on their body as a tattoo.

There are many stories about how people came into contact with black dragons that led them to become rich overnight or cured them of illness

The Grey Japanese Dragon Tattoo

Another design that you can try is the grey Japanese dragon tattoo because of its simplicity and how cool it looks when done well.

This style is great for someone who doesn't want too much detail in their tattoo, but still wants something that stands out from other tattoos they might see around town. The grey color will make your tattoo look more like an oil sketch than anything else.

Yellow Dragons

The yellow dragon represents the sun or summer season in Chinese culture. It is a sign of good fortune and happiness in Japan, where it is considered a symbol of prosperity and good health.

It also represents wealth, power, authority, and success; therefore, many people choose to get a tattoo of this mythical creature when they want to improve their life situation.

Blue Dragons

Blue dragons have been used in tattoos for centuries because of their beauty, strength, and power over water. The color blue represents calmness and tranquility while also expressing love and healing energy.

It can represent loyalty, trustworthiness, wisdom, intelligence, and intuition when used as an accent color or background color in your design.

Green Dragons

Green dragons are often associated with nature and the environment, so they make a great choice for someone who is interested in conservation and protecting the environment. They also represent balance and harmony, which is why they are often depicted as having two heads.

One green dragon tattoo was worn by Bruce Lee. You can also see this dragon tattoo in many other movies, including Kill Bill Vol 1 & 2, The Matrix Reloaded, and Return of the King.

5. Japanese Dragon Leg Tattoos

Japanese Dragon Leg Tattoos

The dragon tattoo can be placed on many different parts of the body such as the back, chest, or even leg or foot.

Japanese or Chinese dragons can be a great idea for legs. It will make your legs look more attractive and sexy.

You can place it on either side of the leg and it will look amazing. Dragon tattoos are usually large and colorful so they are perfect for covering up scars and stretch marks.

If you have some marks on your legs, then you should definitely get a Japanese dragon tattoo done because it will hide those marks and make them look more beautiful.

6. Japanese Dragon Back Tattoos

Japanese Dragon Back Tattoos

Where you place your Japanese dragon tattoo depends on where you want it to be seen most often.

For example, if you want people to see it when you wear tank tops or swimsuits, then you might want to get it on your upper arm or shoulder blade so it shows up when you raise your arms overhead during workouts or activities like swimming or surfing.

The back is another popular spot for these tattoos because they can be seen from behind easily when someone sits down in a chair or bends over to tie their shoes in public places like restaurants or movie theaters.

7. Japanese Dragon Sleeve Tattoos

Japanese Dragon Sleeve Tattoos

Photo by Jesie J

There are many different types of sleeve tattoos available today, including full sleeves and half sleeves.

A full sleeve tattoo is when all the skin on your arm is covered by one piece of artwork, while a half sleeve only covers part of your arm.

Because of their size, full sleeves tend to take longer to complete than smaller designs do.

This means that you should make sure that you have enough time before getting one done so that you don't have to rush through any part of the process and risk making mistakes during the healing process.

Getting a Full Sleeve Japanese Dragon Tattoo

If you are interested in getting a full sleeve dragon tattoo, then there are plenty of choices for you when it comes to these types of tattoos.

A full sleeve Japanese dragon tattoo will include 1 large image or 2 images that cover your entire arm from shoulder to wrist joint.

If you want all 2 pieces included in your sleeve, then they should all fit together or flow from one piece into another seamlessly without any breaks or interruptions between each piece except maybe for a small break at the wrist joint.

8. Japanese Dragon Chest Tattoos

Japanese Dragon Chest Tattoos

The chest area is one of the most common places to get a tattoo done because it's easy to conceal with clothing if you don't want people to see it all the time. 

It's also an ideal place for those who don't like tattoos on their legs or arms because it allows them to show off their ink without being too noticeable.

Japanese Dragons on the chest area

Japanese dragons on the chest area are popular designs among men. They're also a great choice for women as well. The dragon symbolizes strength, power, and courage. 

A dragon chest tattoo is a great way to show off your inner strength while still being subtle enough to wear at work or school without drawing too much attention to yourself.

Japanese Symbols On the Chest Area

You can also add Japanese symbols to your dragon chest tattoo design if you want to make it more meaningful than just having some cool-looking artwork on your body.

You can also choose between a black and white version of a dragon or a colored version of one if you prefer something more colorful than just black ink on your skin.

9. Japanese Dragon Shoulder Tattoo

Japanese Dragon Shoulder Tattoo

Another great place to put a Japanese Dragon tattoo is on the shoulder blade area. You can also choose to place it on your arm or leg as well.

The Shoulder Blade Area

This area is often used for larger tattoos because it makes them more visible and there is enough space to put one.

If you want to show off your new ink, then the shoulder tattoo is the best place to put it. You will be able to see your tat from all angles, even if you wear short sleeves or tank tops.

Japanese Dragon Shoulder Tattoo Design Ideas

There are various types of Japanese Dragon Shoulder Tattoos designs that you can choose from depending on your preference.

Some people like getting dragon wings tattooed onto their shoulders while others prefer having dragon’s heads with horns inked onto their bodies.

10. Dragon and Tiger Tattoo

Dragon and Tiger Tattoo

Photo by Hoover

Tigers are one of the most powerful animals in the world, so it makes sense that you would want to get one tattooed on you. Tigers represent strength, courage, ferocity, and even royalty if they have stripes on their bodies.

The dragon is a symbol of power, strength, wealth, and luck. It can also represent water, rain, and the wind. The combination of dragon and tiger tattoo makes for an extremely strong tattoo design that looks great on any body part.

11. Japanese Dragon and phoenix tattoo

Japanese Dragon and phoenix tattoo

The tattoo is comprised of two mythical creatures: the dragon and the phoenix. Both animals are prominent in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean cultures. The dragon symbolizes good luck and power while the phoenix represents rebirth and life.

The dragon and phoenix tattoo may be done as an image or symbolically. If you choose to have it done as an image, then it will be a very detailed piece of art that you can cherish forever.

However, if you choose to get it done as a symbol then it will be much easier to place on your body without having to worry about covering up any part of your skin.

12. Japanese Dragon Head Tattoo

Japanese Dragon Head Tattoo

You can have a Japanese dragon head tattooed on your body instead of having the whole animal tattoo.

The dragon's head is usually depicted with horns on top of its head, eyes that are closed or half-closed, and whiskers on each side of the mouth.

The Japanese dragon head tattoo can be placed on various parts of the body including shoulder blades, hips, back, or chest area.

The common colors used in Japanese dragon head tattoos are red, black, blue, and yellow. The red color symbolizes fire while blue represents water; two elements that combine to create life itself according to eastern philosophy.

13. Small Japanese Dragon Tattoo

Small Japanese Dragon Tattoo

If you want to get a dragon tattoo but don't have room for a large piece of art on your body, then you should consider getting a small one.

This is a very nice-looking small Japanese dragon tattoo. The artist has done a great job in drawing this dragon, and the color combination is also very good. 

It will be a good idea to get this tattoo inked on your arms, shoulders, back, or legs because these are some of the best places for these tattoos to be inked.

14. Japanese Dragon Ball Tattoo

Japanese Dragon Ball Tattoo

Photo by Tattood

Dragon Ball is a Japanese anime series that has been around for over 30 years now. The series has inspired tattoos as well as other art forms like video games, movies, and more.

The main character in the series is Goku who was sent to Earth to destroy it but then he becomes a hero instead.

Goku is joined by his friends Krillin, Yamcha, Tien Shinhan, Chiaotzu, Yajirobe, and Piccolo who help him defeat his enemies.

The series is filled with action, adventure, and comedy. It also has some romance involved in it as well as some mystery elements too.

If you want something unique for your next tattoo, then you should consider getting one based on this popular anime series.

15. Japanese Fire Dragon Tattoo

Japanese Fire Dragon Tattoo

The fire dragon is one of the most powerful and feared creatures in Japanese mythology. It can fly through the air at great speeds, breathing fire and wreaking havoc wherever it goes.

In Japan, the dragon is viewed as a symbol of strength and power. Many Japanese warriors have chosen to wear tattoos of this mythical creature on their bodies as a tribute to their strength and courage.

A fire dragon tattoo is usually a huge tattoo that covers most of an arm or leg. The body of the dragon may be covered with flames or spikes, or it may be partly covered by clouds or smoke.

Fire Dragon Tattoo Designs

There are various types of designs for fire dragon tattoos including designs that will cover a large area of your body but there are also smaller designs that will only cover part of your body such as an arm or leg.

There are also shoulder blade designs that can be placed on either side of your back or even on your upper legs if you want something more discreet than having one large tattoo covering most of your body.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Japanese Dragon Tattoos

What does a Japanese dragon tattoo symbolize?

A Japanese dragon tattoo is a popular choice for men and women. It symbolizes strength, courage, honor, good luck, wisdom, and power.

Dragons are part of the Japanese culture and they have always been regarded as powerful creatures. They are associated with water and rainbows as well.

In Japan, the dragon is known as “Ryu” which means “dragon” in English.

The Japanese people believe that each color has its own meaning so if you want to get a tattoo then you should know what color would suit you best according to your personality type.

Tips for Getting the Best Japanese Dragon Tattoo

Getting a Japanese dragon tattoo can be a very rewarding experience if you know what you’re doing. Here are some tips for getting the best Japanese dragon tattoos:

Get an Artist That Specializes in Japanese Style Tattoos

You don’t need to go to Japan to get a good one; there are plenty of talented artists all over the world who can create amazing pieces for you if you find the right one.

If possible, look at their portfolio before hiring one so that you can see examples of their previous work firsthand; this will give you an idea of what kind of design would look best on your body type and skin tone.

Choose The Right Colors for Your Tattoo

You can have multiple colors or just one color depending on how elaborate or simple you want it to be.

If you want something intricate, then you should consider using several different colors so that it looks more realistic and beautiful when finished.

Know the Kind of Dragon you will be Getting

A good rule of thumb is that if you don't know what something means, ask your artist before he or she begins work on your skin.

Dragons are a popular tattoo motif and there are many different styles and meanings associated with them.

For example, in Chinese culture, the dragon represents good luck and prosperity while Japanese dragons symbolize strength, courage, and wisdom.

Choose Your Style

You can choose from many different styles of Japanese Dragon Tattoos- from traditional Asian-inspired designs to modern interpretations of the mythical creature. 

For example, some artists will give their dragons wings while others keep them plain without any appendages at all.

You might also want to consider whether or not you want an Eastern or Western-style dragon tattoo since they have different characteristics.

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