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Published on May 10, 2023

So im guessing you've clicked on this article simply because you've seen some images floating across the internet or an old video of Kristen Bell rocking some serious ink on her body and questioned yourself why you don't remember ever seeing her with Tattoos before. 

Well I'm here to answer your questions and put your mind at ease, the answer is no, Kristen Bell doesn't have any Tattoos, not that we know of anyway, but most certainly not of the volume that you might of thought she had. 

But why are so many people tricked into believing that one of the sweetest actresses on the planet is the quintessential Tattoo Godess of Hollywood, well let's find out.   

Does Kristen Bell Have Tattoos?

So, we've already established Kristen Bell doesn't have any Tattoos (thet we are aware of) but why exactly have been people convinced or second guess themselves as to why she does? 

Well it all began back in the glorious year of 2012 when images of Kristen Bell began circulating all over the internet with her body covered from temple to toe in an amalgamation of small to medium sized Tattoos from, Hearts, Yin-Yang, Stars, Shamrocks, you name it, she had it. 

But what exactly are these images? Where they just doctored by a fan using photoshop to decieve the masses or did Kristen Bell have Tattoos and had them all removed? Well we have your answers. 

The Images Showing Kristen's Tattoos

Kristen tattoos

The reality is that these images came from a skit Kristen Bell filmed for the comedy video website Funny or Die. In the skit Kristen Bell claims she has over 214 professional Tattoos on her body, 9 of which she claims to have done herself. 

She claims she has Tattoos such as Taz the Tazmanian Tiger to represent a "Whirlwind past relationship", this is due to Taz from the Looney Tunes franchise is known for spinning like a tornado, a comic representation of actual Tazmanian Devil spinning behaviours. 

She also hilarious claims to have Steve Urkel the character from Framily Matters and Stefan Urquelle the alter ego of Steve Urkel on each shoulderblade to represent the 'duality of man.'

The rest of the video mostly goes over an interviewer asking her a variety of questions about her Tattoos from her favorite, one she regrets, and the longest she's been in makeup for a film, all while we enjoy a supercut of the 12 to 14 hours it takes to have all of her ink covered. 

Kristen Bell's Game Of Thrones Tattoo

Another time people had been dupped into thinking the likeable Hollywood actress has Tattoos was during the Season 6 premiere screening of Game of Thrones held at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. 

At the event Kristen Bell and her husband Dax Shepard appeared with matching grey tank tops reading 'Stark in the streets, wilding in the sheets,' a pun on the Stark family name and the Wildlings from the Game of Thrones T.V series. 

Both we're also sporting matching Tattoos that said 'Ours is the Fury' the House Baratheon phrase and 'Winter is coming' one of the most famous phrases from the series. 

However, Kristen would upload to instagram to state how their Tattoos were in fact just temporary, and that at one point, she lifted a cantaloupe in the air and said "this egg shall change history" as she ran out the fire exit. 

Kristen Bell's relationship

Kristen Bells relationship

While it's uncertain if Kristen Bell has a small Tattoo hidden somewhere away from the public eye, one thing that is certain is that her long time husband Dax Sheppard does. 

Rather than wear a wedding ring as he doesn't do jewelery, Daz Sheppard opted to get a tattoo of a bell to honor his wife and show that he is taken. 

The reason for the Bell is simple because his wife's surname is Bell (who would of thought). However what you might not know is that on the Bell are three little letters, K,L, and D, K being for his wife, L for his eldest daughter Lincon and D for his youngest daughter Delta. 

Will Kristen Bell Ever Get A Tattoo?

While it is still uncertain to this day if Kristen Bell does actually have Tattoos, she has said in an interview with The Motherly Podcast that she is considering getting one in honor of her children. 

Speaking on the Motherly Podcast Kristen is quoted as saying: “I mean, at one point I'm going to get a little back tattoo that says 'there's no such thing as other people's children' because there's just not, I mean, I believe it to my core because everyone you pass on the street was celebrated when they were born."


So there you have it, to this day we still don't know if Kristen Bell actually has any Tattoos, but one thing is for certian that she does seem to like to joke about having them a little bit. 

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