Kristen Bell Tattoos: Did Kristen Bell Fake A Tattoo?

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Published on May 10, 2023

Fans have wondered if Kristen Bell has any tattoos on her body. While many of them think she does. The actress has always kept a low profile, making it impossible to spot real ink on her. However, there are some rumors about the actress getting fake ink on her body.

In this article, we'll take a closer look at what Kristen Bell's tattoo is.

What is Kristen Bell's Tattoo?

While many people claim Kristen Bell has fake tattoos, others are certain they're real and have been on the actress since the summer of 2011. One of the videos that went viral on YouTube is a spoof of her ink.

In the video, Bell explains her tattoos and the meanings behind them. The video makes her look tatted and mocks her makeup and clothing. Regardless of what you think, we hope you enjoy watching Kristen Bell's tattoo video.

There are many myths about Kristen Bell's tattoos. The actress is not known to have any tattoos, but a 2012 viral video has made her look covered in fake ink.

Images Showing Kristen's tattoos

Kristen tattoos

The images that were made by Funny or Die were just for fun and satire, so don't be fooled. It was filmed in the studio, so Bell's tattoos don't necessarily exist on her body.

Despite this fact, fans of the actress have often wondered if she's going to get a tattoo. Although she has never revealed where her tattoo is, it's safe to say that her tattoo is in her armpit.

It's worth noting that both Bell and McCarthy have joked about getting tattoos. After all, they're both married and have two children. The older one is eight, while the younger one is six.

Kristen Bell's fake tattoos with DIY ink

Although the actress doesn't have a tattoo on her body, she has gotten DIY ink on her body with her husband. She even got a temporary chest tattoo when they premiered a new Game of Thrones season.

Despite these setbacks, Bell has kept herself busy as a professional actor and has been in a number of TV and film productions since then.

Kristen Bell's Left Ring Finger Is Not Real

The left ring finger of Kristen Bell is a prominent feature of her hands. The actress has 214 tattoos, nine of them self-made. She arrives on set at 3:30 am and spends between 12 and 14 hours getting her ink covered.

The actress has no regrets about getting tattoos. She considers the tats to be a part of her identity and is proud of them.

Kristen Bell's relationship

Kristen Bells relationship

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard have an impressively beautiful tat that honors both of them. Although Dax does not wear a wedding band, the actor recently got a tattoo of a bell on his left ring finger to honor Bell.

Dax Shepard also has other tattoos, including a cross-flags emblem from his Corvette on his back when he was 18. He also has a massive tree-like tribal tattoo on his right arm.

source: pinterest / Kristen Bell tattoo

Fans take on her left ring finger

Fans of Kristen Bell aren't the only people wondering about her tattoos. Some fans of the actress may not realize that it is a joke. Fans on Twitter have jumped to conclusions based on her appearance.

In 2007, Kristen and Dax Shepard met at a dinner party. They had recently split up their long-term relationships. They later went to a Detroit Red Wings baseball game and started flirting. They got engaged in 2010 and married in 2013.

In 2013, the couple welcomed their first child together. The ring is a symbol of love. But the question is who will wear it? It's unknown - she may have been wearing it in public for years.

Fans take on her left ring finger

Source: Pinterest / Kristen Bell left ring finger

Is Kristen Bell's Tattoo Real Or a faux tattoo?

Kristen Bell had a tattoo on her face, but it was not real. It was a prank! In 2012, she appeared in a sketch for the production company "Funny or Die" and explained that she was covering it up with cosmetics.

Some people have suggested that Kristen Bell is secretly covered in tattoos. While some say that she is heavily tattooed, others claim that she is just covering up her ink.

Other people have pointed out that many actors have gone viral for their tattoos. This article aims to debunk both rumors.

Kristen Bells Tattoo Real

Source: Pinterest / Kristen Bell

Theories surrounding Kristen Bell's tattoo

There are many theories about Kristen Bell's tattoo. The actress admitted that she regrets getting the tribal band on her wrist. However, it looks amazing. Bell also joked that she will do nine tattoos by herself.

Currently, she stars in Showtime's House of Lies. If the tattoo is real, it will surely be worth the trouble. If Kristen Bell's tattoo is not a prank, it's a fake.

Kristen Bell denies getting tattooed to save her wholesome image

Kristen Bell is one of Hollywood's sweethearts and is famous for her wholesome roles. She starred in the Disney classic Frozen and the romantic comedy Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

However, her leaked photos of Kristen Bell have revealed that she has secret tattoos. This has caused quite a stir on the internet. The star has denied getting a tattoo in an attempt to protect her wholesome image.

Kristen Bell Interview Claims on many tattoos

In addition to having fake tattoos, Kristen Bell has also denied a video that shows her with real tattoos. The video was a prank, but there are many fans of the actress who believe that she has tattoos on her body.

It was actually for an old skit that the actress remembered getting temporary tattoos which were faux tattoos. The famous American actress also gave credit to her makeup team.

But, there are some reasons why fans would think differently. The actress has admitted to having tattoos in the past, but she has never actually had them.

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