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  • Angela Mazzanti

    Angela Mazzanti

    United States There’s nobody quite like Angela Mazzanti. The California rapper, influencer, and model is a unique force in the entertainment world, and she’s only getting bigger and better with each passing day.Who is Angela Mazzanti?’Angela Mazzanti is a rapper, influencer, and model from California. She is best known for her hundred tattoos on her…

  • Tascha Punkt

    Tascha Punkt

    Germany With over 176,000 followers on Instagram and growing. Whether she’s in Milan one week or Los Angeles the next, this German-born model is jet-setting the globe and creating beautiful images for her fans. Other Models

  • Jaz


    The United States I know what you want and it’s in my IG bio 😇 22 years old top 2% creators•peep twitter Other Models

  • Zephanie Monroe

    Zephanie Monroe

    Los Angeles, California Zephaniah Monroe, revered as one of the most prominent tattoo models in the industry, is a Los Angeles-based artist with a flair for eye-catching body art. This talented model has carved a niche for herself, combining her love for tattoos with high fashion. Known for her exquisite ink art and strikingly beautiful…

  • Erica Fett

    Erica Fett

    United States Most people know Erica Fett as an American tattoo model and cosplayer, but many people don’t know that erica is also a successful businesswoman. Erica started modeling in 2010 while finishing her Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice. Her work has been featured in books, magazines, and tv shows such as Playboy, Maxim, Elite Online…

  • Alysha Nett

    Alysha Nett

    United States Alysha Nett is one of the world’s top tattoo models and has appeared in magazines and television shows all over the world. She got her start in Kansas but quickly moved to Philadelphia and then Los Angeles, where she’s been living for the past few years. Alysha is known for her passion for…

  • Aleen


    Israel Aleen is a tattoo model who has worked hard to get to where she is. She is a self-respecting woman who knows that you have to work for what you want in life. She isn’t afraid to put in the hard work, and this attitude has helped her achieve success. Aleen is also a…