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Published on May 24, 2022

A dragon tattoo is a symbol of strength, courage, and wisdom. The dragon has been a part culture of some people such as the Chinese since ancient times. There are many different kinds of dragons. Some are fierce and beautiful while others are wise and magical.

The meaning behind a dragon tattoo depends on the kind of dragon you get inked on your body. Are you getting a Chinese dragon? A European dragon? Or maybe even a mythical creature not found in nature?

Know The Kind of Dragon You Will Get

Whatever kind of dragon you choose for your tattoo, it's important to know about its history and what it means so that you can make sure that your new ink aligns with your personality before committing to it permanently.

What Does a Dragon Tattoo Symbolize?

There are Chinese dragons, Japanese dragons, and European dragons. Each type of dragon has its own characteristics but they all share similar traits such as having large wings or sometimes even no wings at all.

The tattoo is often associated with strength, power, and intelligence. It is also a symbol of good luck and is sometimes used as an amulet to ward off evil spirits.

Amazing Dragon Tattoo Design Ideas

There are various dragon tattoo designs that exist. If you have already decided on a particular style, have your tattoo artist draw it on you.

However, if you are still unsure about what kind of dragon tattoo design to get, we'll tell you more about each type below so that you can make an informed decision.

1. Japanese Dragon Tattoos

Japanese Dragon Tattoos

The Japanese dragon is a symbol of strength, wisdom, and success. The Japanese dragon tattoo represents these qualities in people who wear them.

The dragon is also a symbol of good luck in Japan. If you have this tattoo, you can expect good luck in many areas of your life such as career, business ventures, or even love relationships.

This is a mythical creature in Japanese folklore. The dragon has many similarities with Chinese dragons, but Japanese Dragon Tattoo also has some differences.

The dragon is unique from other dragons around the world in that it was used to represent water gods.

In addition to being associated with water gods, they were also thought to signify wisdom, success, and strength.

These traits were said to be passed down from heaven through these creatures when they died or were killed because they had lived so long without any problems or issues happening within their lives at all.

2. Chinese Dragon Tattoo

Chinese Dragon Tattoo

Chinese dragon tattoos are very popular with Chinese people as well as Westerners. The dragon is a symbol of power, wealth, and wisdom.

Smaller Chinese dragon tattoos may incorporate other symbols into the design such as clouds or stars. If you're looking for a unique tattoo design, then consider getting a Chinese dragon tattoo.

The Chinese dragon is one of the most well-known dragons in the world. The dragons are considered to be very powerful creatures who protect the people from danger and bring prosperity to their lives.

They also have some magical abilities such as controlling water and weather patterns. In ancient China, people believed that dragons could bring rain during droughts so they worshipped them as gods who brought prosperity to their lands.

They are usually associated with good fortune, luck, power, and authority because they were believed to be wise rulers who could control everything around them including human beings.

3. European Dragon Tattoo

European Dragon Tattoo

The European dragons are known to breathe fire at enemies when they attack them. A European dragon tattoo symbolizes fierceness, strength, and courage.

If you are looking for a unique design for yourself then this is definitely something that you should consider getting done because it will make people think twice about messing with you.

European Dragon

The term "European dragon" refers to any dragon found in European mythology. Although they are all similar in appearance, they do not necessarily share the same characteristics or abilities.

European dragons breathe fire and are often portrayed as evil, destructive creatures in stories, but they can also be a positive symbol of power and strength.

The European dragon can be found in many different stories, myths, and legends around the world. For example, Beowulf killed a dragon by cutting off its head with his sword.

In the story of St George and the Dragon, it was St George who killed the dragon by stabbing it with his lance.

The European Dragon Tattoo is usually placed on the arm or leg but you can also place it on your back or chest if you want to show off your tattoo to people who are not familiar with this type of design.

4. Colorful Dragon Tattoo

Colorful Dragon Tattoo

Dragon tattoos can be done in any color desired. If you want to get a colorful dragon tattoo, make sure that the colors used are bright and vibrant so that they stand out against your skin tone and do not fade over time.

The most popular color for a Dragon tattoo is red, which represents fire and power. It's also the most common choice among males.

Yellow is also used often because it represents earth but can vary from green (life) or blue (air). Black represents darkness or evil while white represents purity.

5. Floral Dragon Tattoo

Floral Dragon Tattoo

Some women prefer floral designs instead of traditional dragon artwork when they get their tattoos done because they want something more feminine looking instead of masculine-looking like some dragons tend to look when done using certain colors or shading techniques.

Floral designs allow women to get a dragon tattoo that is feminine but still has the same meaning as a more traditional dragon tattoo.

If you are interested in getting a floral dragon tattoo, here are some ideas that you may want to consider:

Floral Dragon Shoulder Tattoo

The floral dragon shoulder tattoo is a great design for women who love flowers, dragons, and tattoos. The design features a dragon with red flowers on its body, making it look very beautiful.

This tattoo can be placed anywhere on your body such as the chest, neck, or back but if you want to make it look more attractive, then place it at the back of your shoulder near your neck so that both men and women can see it easily when you wear sleeveless clothing.

Dragonfly Flower Tattoo

A great way to incorporate both flowers and dragons into your design is by having a dragonfly flower tattoo.

The dragonfly represents freedom and flight while the flower represents life and beauty. The two together make for an amazing design that shows both sides of one’s personality.

6. Classic Dragon Tattoo

Classic Dragon Tattoo

A classic dragon tattoo is one that depicts a traditional image of a dragon usually with wings, scales, horns, and tail inked in black ink or other dark colors.

These pieces have an ancient feel that makes them perfect for someone looking for something simple yet meaningful.

Classic dragon tattoos can come in many different forms, but most feature a dragon or dragons in flight or perched on rocks or mountainsides.

Some artists prefer to use an Asian style design with elegant curves and flowing lines while others opt for a more traditional style with bold colors and sharp edges.

7. Dragon Head Tattoo

Dragon Head Tattoo

Dragon Head Tattoo is probably the most common type of dragon tattoo for men. It can be done in black or grey, or even colored.

You can also see dragons with horns on the sides of their faces or ears that stick out from behind their eyes; these are known as horned dragons.

8. Traditional Dragon Tattoo Designs

Traditional Dragon Tattoo Designs

Traditional dragon tattoos are done in black ink with bold lines. They often feature dragons with scales or horns and wings that look like they were painted on by hand.

Traditional dragon tattoos work well as large pieces that cover large parts of your body or as small designs that can be worn discreetly on one's body without being noticed by anyone else but you.

Traditional dragon tattoos were made popular by sailors who used them as good luck charms while traveling at sea.

Today, traditional tattoos are often used as memorials of loved ones who have passed away or as symbols of strength in times of adversity such as illness.

9. Celtic Dragon Tattoo

Celtic Dragon Tattoo

The Celtic dragon symbolizes s trength, power, and protection. They are often used as symbols of war and courage by the Celtic people.

Nowadays, many people opt for this tattoo because they want to show their courage and bravery towards life and its challenges. This is why they choose this tattoo design to make them look more attractive and confident.

10. Bearded Dragon Tattoo

Bearded Dragon Tattoo

Bearded dragon tattoos are a great idea for those who like reptiles. The bearded dragon is a type of lizard that is native to Australia and New Guinea.

They are popular pets because they are easy to care for, and are colorful and interesting animals to look at. They have many different colors, including blue, orange, and yellow.

Bearded Dragon Tattoo Design Ideas

There are different kinds of bearded dragon tattoos that you can choose from, including those with just a single lizard or those with multiple ones. Some people also like to incorporate other symbols into their designs, such as flowers or leaves.

If you want to get a more realistic look for your tattoo, then you should consider getting it done by an artist who specializes in realism rather than one who specializes in other types of artistry.

11. Small Dragon Tattoo

Small Dragon Tattoo

A small dragon tattoo is a great way to show your love for these mythical creatures without getting an enormous piece of art on your body.

Smaller tattoos also look great when they are placed on areas of the body where they will be exposed often so you can enjoy looking at them every day.

There are many different types of small dragon tattoos that you can get if you want a piece that looks like it came right out of a fairytale.

You may choose to get one that looks like it was carved into stone or one that looks like it was painted on canvas. No matter what type of small dragon tattoo you choose, it will always look amazing on your body.

12. Back Dragon Tattoo Design

Back Dragon Tattoo Design

The back is a great place to get a dragon tattoo as it offers enough space. Since the dragon can cover your entire back, it's best to go to an artist who knows what they are doing.

Dragon tattoos can also be found on the upper arms, lower back, chest, shoulders, and legs.

13. Yin Yang Dragon Tattoo

Yin Yang Dragon Tattoo

Yin and Yang represent the two opposite forces in the universe. They are complementary opposites, like male and female, light and dark, fire and water, etc.

They are always in a close relationship with each other. For example day and night, life and death, good and bad, fortune and misfortune, etc.

Yin Yang Tattoo Has a Deep Meaning

Yin Yang Dragon Tattoo is a great tattoo design to get if you want something with meaning behind it.

When looking at this tattoo design you can see that there is not only one dragon but two dragons intertwined together to make one cohesive dragon with two heads.

 The dragons would represent yin-yang which is an important concept within Chinese philosophy that describes how things work together to create balance within your life.

14.Flaming Dragon Tattoo

Flaming Dragon Tattoo

Flaming Dragons are usually associated with fire, so they represent the power of fire, courage, and passion. They also represent change, renewal, and rebirth.

This tattoo design is a perfect choice for those who want to show their passion for life and love for freedom.

The flaming dragon tattoo is usually done in a red or orange color with a lot of detail on its scales, horns, and eyes.

Flaming dragons can have different color scales depending on the artist's preference such as blue or black scales instead of red ones.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Dragon Tattoos

Where should I put a dragon tattoo?

You can have a dragon tattoo done on any part of your body, but if you want it to look realistic, you should choose an area of your body where there is enough room for detail.

Some people choose to have their entire backs tattooed with a dragon design, while others like having just one shoulder or arm tattooed with a dragon design.

How to Choose a Dragon Tattoo Design?

When choosing a design for your dragon tattoo there are several things you should consider before making your final decision:

Type of Dragon

How to Choose a Dragon Tattoo Design

The first step in getting a dragon tattoo is to choose the type of dragon you want to have inked onto your body.

There are many different types of dragons in mythology, including Chinese dragons, European dragons, and Japanese dragons.

You can also choose between wingless or winged dragons depending on what type of design you want for your body art.


Once you've decided on the type of dragon you want, you'll need to decide how large it should be placed on your body.

Are you looking for something that covers most of your back? Or do you just want something small enough so it will fit nicely on your ankle or wrist?

If you're getting a smaller design inked onto your arm or leg, it will only take a little space on your skin.

If you're getting something larger like a full chest piece or back piece, then it will take up more space and fill more of your flesh with ink than other designs would do.

Determine where you want it placed on your body

body part for dragon tattoo

If you are thinking of getting a dragon tattoo, then you will need to decide where you want it placed on your body.

There are many different places where you can put it, but some are more popular than others. Some people like to get tattoos on their chest, lower back, or stomach because these areas of the body are not visible when wearing clothes.

If you want to show off your dragon tattoo, then consider getting it somewhere on your face or neck area.

This will make sure that everyone notices it right away. You could also place it on your shoulder or thigh area if this is something that interests you as well.

Choose A Tattoo artist based on their portfolio of work and reputation within the industry

Once you've decided where you want your dragon tattoo placed, it's time to choose an artist based on their portfolio of work and reputation within the industry.

A reputable artist will have plenty of experience working with clients who have similar tastes to yours, so they'll know exactly how to bring your vision to life without any issues along the way.

Are dragon tattoos evil?

Dragons have been around for centuries as powerful symbols that represent various qualities like power, strength, and wisdom.

They are often associated with the supernatural and sometimes even evil, but it all depends on what kind of dragon you're talking about.

A Chinese dragon is usually a good omen while European dragons were known for their destructive nature and ability to breathe fire.

These days, dragon tattoos can be seen everywhere from pop culture to fashion magazines. You will see them on celebrities such as Miley Cyrus or Rihanna; even the Kardashians have been spotted with dragon tattoos.

It’s no surprise then that so many people want to get their own dragon tattoos inked onto their skin.

Is a dragon tattoo lucky?

Is a dragon tattoo lucky

The dragon is a mythical animal that has been known to mankind since the beginning of time.

Those who get dragon tattoos often do so because they want them for their luck or fortune. Most people would associate this type of tattoo with luck because dragons are often portrayed as a source of luck in Eastern culture.

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In Western society, however, it’s uncommon for people to get dragon tattoos purely because they love the design itself rather than any symbolic meaning behind it.

Dragon Tattoo Design Tips

If you are thinking about getting a dragon tattoo, here are some tips to help you make an informed decision:

Keep It Simple

A dragon tattoo is one of the most complex designs that you can get inked on your body, so make sure that it's simple enough to be easily understood by other people.

If you want to get a large dragon tattoo on your back, for example, make sure that the image doesn't have too many details or shading, or else it might look like a mess when seen from behind.

Make Sure It Fits Your Personality

dragon tattoo fits personality

Before getting a dragon tattoo anywhere on your body, ask yourself whether it fits your personality and lifestyle or not.

If you're going to have it on an exposed part of your body such as your back or chest, then make sure that other people will understand what it represents otherwise it could look like just another random tattoo and not something special about you at all.

Consider Other Types of Creatures

Dragons are often depicted in combination with other animals such as unicorns or angels because they symbolize protection and good luck for their owners.

These combinations also make for very colorful designs that catch the eye easily when worn as tattoos on exposed areas like arms or legs.

If you don't have any favorite creatures yet, then it's time to start thinking about getting one tattooed on your body now.

Keep It Small

The most common mistake people make when getting their first tattoo is getting something too large or complicated.

Unless you have a lot of space on your body available for artwork, it's best to keep your first dragon tattoo small. The size should be proportional to your body type and not cover up too much skin area.

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