Published on May 10, 2023

Thinking about getting a tattoo on your wrist? The wrist is an excellent spot for a tattoo for both men and women.

For women, it can be a delicate spot that looks extremely feminine, while for men, it can be a position for powerful Tattoo Designs to make you feel as if you’re wearing a gauntlet.

The wrist is a little canvas where you can make a statement or just say something personal as if you’re wearing your heart on your sleeve.

Ready to see some cool wrist tattoo ideas? Let’s dive in and find the one that speaks to you.

Do Wrist Tattoos Hurt?

Before we get started, perhaps you’re wondering about your own pain tolerance and how you might fair under the needle for a wrist Tattoo. Well…

Because of the bones and the thinness of your skin, Wrist Tattoo ideas can be a little more painful than other body parts, so speak to your tattoo artist about pain management and care options. 

The inner wrist closes the palm, and the area over the bone on the outer wrist is the most sensitive. Get enough sleep, stay hydrated, and avoid alcohol the day before and it should be manageable.

If you’re curious about the pain factor in tattoos, then don't miss out on our Tattoo Pain Guide: Where do tattoos hurt?

Wrist Tattoo Designs

Now that we know a little bit about Wrist Tattoos, let’s check out some of the best Wrist Tattoo ideas there are. 

1. Crown Wrist Tattoo

Starting off with this cool Tattoo Design. A Crown is perfect for those who have lofty ambitions. Crown Tattoo can symbolize power, legitimacy, victory, triumph, self-control, and glory. This Crown Tattoo has some lovely detailing with an intricate design near the tip and some nice gems added in. 

2. Tom And Jerry Tattoo

If you’re a lover of Cartoon Tattoos then why not get yourself a Tom and Jerry Tattoo? Tom and Jerry is an American animated media franchise and series created in 1940 by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. Tom and Jerry focuses on the rivalry between Tom the Cat and Jerry the Mouse as Tom tries to remove Jerry from the house and the behest of his owner. 

3. Phaya Naga Dragon

Phaya Naga Dragon

Photo credit: @nobodytattoo

If you love themes of power, wisdom, and good fortune, then you need to go for a Dragon Tattoo on your wrist. A Dragon on the wrist can range from a Chinese Dragon Tattoo to a Celtic Dragon Tattoo. This cool design is of a Phaya Naga Dragon from Thailand. 

4. Eye Wrist Tattoo

Eye Wrist Tattoo

Photo credit: @xlarart

An Eye Tattoo has many symbolic meanings, from protection, perception, and intuition to spirituality, wisdom, and insight. It can also symbolize the concept of seeing beyond the physical world or the concept of an all-knowing entity. This lovely dotwork eye Tattoo is done in an Ornamental style.

5. Thorn Wrap Tattoo

Thorn Wrap Tattoo

Photo credit: @needle.mistress

If you’re someone who has a prickly personality, why not consider getting a thorn wrap Wrist Tattoo? A Thorn Tattoo can symbolize pain, hardship, or struggle, but can also represent protection, serving as a reminder to be cautious and stay guarded. This Thorn Tattoo looks super cool with great black work and also gives the impression of being super painful. 

6. Aeroplane Wrist Tattoo

Aeroplane Wrist Tattoo

Photo credit: @gangwe_._jh._ng

If you’re like me and love to travel, think about getting a cute little Aeroplane Tattoo on your wrist. An Aeroplane Tattoo can symbolize themes of personal growth, freedom, adventure, and nostalgia. Currently, I’ve been to 26 countries across the World and been to every Continent apart from Antarctica, how about you? 

7. Susuwatari Tattoo

Susuwatari Tattoo

Photo credit: @zzizziboy

If you love Hayao Miyazaki’s work, then you should definitely love this Studio Ghibli Tattoo. This Wrist Tattoo is of the Susuwatari,  golf ball-sized, black, and fuzzy-haired beings who move by hovering around to do certain tasks. They are strong enough to lift objects many times their own weight and they make a squeaky murmuring sound when excited.

8. Dancheong Band

Dancheong Band

Photo credit: @zzizziboy

Dancheong is decorative coloring on wooden buildings and artifacts in the Korean culture. Meaning "cinnabar and blue-green", Dancheong carries various symbolic meanings. Based on five basic colors blue (east), white (west), red (south), black (north), and yellow (center). The five colors reflected the use of the yin and yang principle and the Philosophy of the five elements.

9. Dolphin Wrist Tattoo

Dolphin Wrist Tattoo

Photo credit: @nieun_tat2

If you love Animals and by extension, Animal Tattoos then check out this super cute minimalist Dolphin Tattoo. Dolphins with their playful and family-orientated nature carry with them symbolism of, freedom, joy, love, playfulness, care-free attitude, and family values. This adorable Tattoo by nieun_tat2 is lovely with a very minimalist style that this artist focuses primarily on. 

10. Dinosaur Wrist Tattoo

Dinosaur Wrist Tattoo

Photo credit:

I was a huge dinosaur kid growing up. I probably watched each of the Jurrasic Park films over 1000 times, dreaming that someday I would be able to see a Dinosaur in the flesh someday. So, if you love Dinosaurs like me, why not try out a Dinosaur Wrist Tattoo like this cute one that also comes with Woodstock from the American comic strip Peanuts. 

11. Elephant Wrist Tattoo

Elephant Wrist Tattoo

Photo credit: @truehopetattoo

Another cool Animal Tattoo idea for the wrist is to have an Elephant Tattoo.

Like the Dolphin, Elephants too have strong family bonds, but beyond that Elephants are also known for their great memories remembering the routes they take when travelling fast distances during dry seasons to find water and greener pastures. An Elephant Tattoo can symbolize Family ties, memory, wisdom, good fortune, and loyalty. 

12. Tiger Tattoo On Wrist

Tiger Tattoo On Wrist

Photo credit: @snehalquadros

Next up we have the true King of the Jungle (Lions don’t live in Jungles after all). The Tiger is the largest living cat species and while it is the true King of the Jungle, actually most Tigers live in forests. With Tiger Tattoos symbolizing a range of things from independence, ferocity, courage, and poise under pressure. 

13. One Piece Tattoo On Wrist Idea

One Piece Tattoo On Wrist Idea

Photo credit: @taurussuntattoo

Next up we have our first Anime Tattoo. This One Piece Tattoo is of the White Beard Pirates Jolly Rodger as well as Ace’s Mera Mera no Mi Devil Fruit. Portgace D. Ace was the 2nd division commander of the White Beard Pirates before being taken prisoner by the World Government, leading to an all-out war at Marineford where the Whitebeard Pirates and Luffy fought to rescue him. 

14. Cat Tattoo On Wrist

Cat Tattoo On Wrist

Photo credit: @saaehae

If you have one or one hundred feline friends at your home, why not honor them by getting yourself a cute little Cat Tattoo?

While cat's temperaments vary both from cat to cat and species to species, on average most cats are seen as independent and athletic creatures with keen hunting instincts. A Cat Tattoo can symbolize resilience and survival but also a mystery, intuition, or spiritual insight due to the cat's association with witches and witchcraft. 

15. Angel Tattoo On Wrist Design

Angel Tattoo On Wrist Design

Photo credit: @danny_tattoos

If you want to show off your faith, why not get an Angel Wrist Tattoo? An Angel is a great way to show your faith to other people as well as having a guardian protector with you wherever you go. An Angel Tattoo can symbolize faith, hope, love, freedom, innocence, and purity. 

16. Phoenix Tattoo Idea On Wrist

Phoenix Tattoo Idea On Wrist

Photo credit: @_sai_tattoo_addicts

If you love Mythological Tattoos, then go for this lovely Phoenix Tattoo on the wrist. The Phoenix is fabled for its ability to rise from the ashes upon nearing death, so a Phoenix Tattoo carries with it the symbolism of death, rebirth, resilience, and overcoming challenges. 

17. Fineline Wrist Tattoo 

Fineline Wrist Tattoo

Photo credit: @zong_theblackpeacock

Fine-line tattoos are characterized by their delicate and precise design. They use thin, crisp lines to create detailed and subtle imagery, often with minimal shading or color. This fine-line and Dot workpiece is really beautiful, acting as a bracelet on the wearer's wrist. 

18. Hands Wrist Tattoo

Hands Wrist Tattoo

Photo credit: @styx__tattoo

Here is a fun little Wrist Tattoo Idea. If you’re someone who feels lonely all the time and wishes you had someone to hold your hand all the time, why not get this fun Hands Tattoo on your wrist? This little guy will be the constant companion you need wherever you go always giving you comfort when you feel a little down. 

19. Snake Tattoo On Wrist

Snake Tattoo On Wrist

Photo credit: @mama.yaga

While snakes usually get a bad rap when it comes to fables and stories, they don’t carry exclusively bad symbolism of betrayal and deceit. Snakes can also symbolize rebirth, transformation, or renewal, as a snake sheds its skin as it grows and changes.

20. Orca Tattoo

Orca Tattoo

Photo credit: @bluewhaleink

The Orca otherwise known as the Killer Whale is a highly social family-orientated marine animal. Despite their ‘Whale’ name, Orcas are actually the largest Dolphin species in the world. An Orca Tattoo can symbolize freedom, protection, wisdom, and family values. 

21. Paw Print Tattoo

Paw Print Tattoo

Photo credit: @saradelara_tattoo

If you have your own pet and want to honor them, or just have a love of animals in general, particularly their cute little paws, think about getting a Paw Print Tattoo.

Paw Print Tattoos are a great minimalistic style tattoo to honor your furry friend if you don’t want to go for something like a full portrait. 

22. Smiley Face Tattoo

Smiley Face Tattoo

Photo credit: @romahtattoos

If you’re someone who has or aspires to have a positive attitude no matter what happens, try out a simple Smiley Face Wrist Tattoo Design. A Smiley Face Tattoo is an expression of joy, a commitment to staying positive, and a reminder to smile through life's ups and downs.

23. Star Wars Wrist Tattoo

Star Wars Wrist Tattoo

Photo credit: @videogametatts

If you love Georges Lucas’ space epic, then you need to get yourself a Star Wars Tattoo on the Wrist. Star Wars is a worldwide pop culture phenomenon, that spans from films, television series, video games, novels, comic books, and theme park attractions. This cool Star Wars Tattoo is of Han Solo and Princess Leia in their Lego forms. 

24. Crescent Moon Tattoo

Crescent Moon Tattoo

Photo credit: @tattooistsua

A Crescent Moon Tattoo is a sign of fertility, related to life and death. Since Crescent Moons appear just before and after a new moon, they can symbolize starting anew, turning a new leaf, or the hope of overcoming a situation. This lovely Crescent Moon design has the moon shining brightly with some added leaves as ornaments around the wrist. 

25. Motivational Quote Wrist Tattoo

Motivational Quote Wrist Tattoo

Photo credit: @rr.annalise

If you’re someone who needs a lift from time to time, then get yourself a Motivational Quote Wrist Tattoo. With a motivational quote inked to your body, you can gaze upon it anytime you feel like you need the inspiration to give you the push you need to keep heading toward your goals. 

26. Heart Wrist Tattoo

Heart Wrist Tattoo

Photo credit: @amourtattooinc

Well, with a heart on your wrist, you’re really embodying the saying ‘wearing your heart on your sleeve’. A Heart Tattoo can symbolize deep love, passion, and commitment or alternatively can symbolize loss and remembrance. This lovely little Tattoo Design is minimalist and fine line and sits lovely on the wrist. 

27. Origami Bird Tattoo

Origami Bird Tattoo

Photo credit: @tattooist_eq

Bird Tattoos are probably the quintessential imagery when it comes to freedom due to a bird's ability to soar high in the skies. However, there are many species of birds that all carry with them different symbolic meanings such as a Crane Tattoo symbolism of fidelity in Japan, to an eagle’s symbolism of patriotism in America. 

28. Koi Wrist Tattoo

Koi Wrist Tattoo

Photo credit: @sarastellatattoo

The Koi Fish Tattoo carries the symbolism of  strength, perseverance, and good fortune. In some Asian folklore, Koi fish are known for their ability to swim upstream and overcome obstacles, representing resilience and determination.

29. Bear Wrist Tattoo

Bear Wrist Tattoo

Photo credit: @hearttohandtattoo

Depending on what type of Bear Tattoo you choose to portray on your wrist, it can come with a variety of symbolism. The Bear is a symbol of strength, courage, and tenacity, but thanks to popular culture, it is connected with gentle friendship through teddy bears. In some movies, it is very docile and loyal companions with a love of honey.

30. Spider Tattoo On Wrist

Cubic Spider Tattoo On Wrist

Photo credit: @ygtattoos

Despite their often disliked reputation, Spider Tattoos are actually a popular Tattoo Design that carries profound symbolism of transformation, growth, and resilience. Also, much like the Tattooing artform, Spider’s art comes from their ability to weave incredibly intricate webs inspiring themes of creativity and artistic expression.

31. Butterfly Wrist Tattoo

Butterfly Wrist Tattoo

Photo credit: @steveokills

Last but not least, the quintessential Tattoo Design for expressing personal growth and transformation, the Butterfly Tattoo.

But beyond that, Butterflies are also a symbol of life cycles and how that change is a natural part of life. This lovely little Butterfly Tattoo sits elegantly on the wrist, making it a perfect partner to carry with you on your life’s journey.


So concludes are journey over some of the best ideas for the wrist.

We’ve brought you some amazing designs from incredible artists whose other artwork you can find by following the link from their featured images. 

But if you haven't been inspired by wrist ideas, check out these cool Hand Tattoo ideas, these Forearm Tattoo Designs, or these cool Finger Tattoos

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