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Published on May 3, 2023

Are you someone who has the warrior spirit of a Dragon and is searching for the perfect way to encapsulate your fierce essence? Well, look no further; we've battled our way over the internet and brought back our treasures of the best Sword Dragon Tattoos the internet has to offer. So get your sword and shield at the ready as we take you through into the fray that is the best Sword Dragon Tattoo Designs. 

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What Does A Sword Dragon Tattoo Mean?

Unlike the usual question of ‘What does a Dragon Tattoo mean?',  Sword Dragon Tattoos have a different meaning to your usual standard Dragon Tattoo. Sword Dragon Tattoos can symbolize an individual's ability to overcome any obstacle or defeat any opponent, no matter how big or small. Sword Dragon  Tattoos are a perfect design choice for anyone who has been through difficulties or who aspires to be able to surmount a life ordeal with determination and courage.

Sword Dragon Tattoo Designs

Now that we know what a Sword Dragon Tattoo means, let’s take a look at some of the best Sword Dragon Tattoos the internet has to offer. 

1. Standard Sword Dragon Tattoo

Standard Dragon Sword Tattoo

Photo credit: @hansanstudio

Starting off simply with this standard Sword Dragon Tattoo Design. The typical design of your Sword Dragon Tattoo will be to have the sword centered in the middle of your tattoo with either an Eastern or Western Dragon wrapped around it in some way. This is a really nice design of an Eastern Dragon with a medieval fantasy-style sword with a red gem at the center of the hilt and matching Red cloud flames from the Dragon Tattoo.  

2. Katana Sword Dragon Tattoo

Katana Dragon Sword Tattoo

Photo credit: @vic.ink_

You don’t have to settle with your standard medieval-style sword for your  Sword Dragon Tattoo. You can choose any sword imaginable, in fact, you don't even have to choose a sword. Axes, knives, daggers, and really any weapon you can think of are completely acceptable for your Sword Dragon Tattoo design, even if they don't particularly fit under the ‘Sword Tattoo’ category. 

3. Dragon Beneath The Sword Tattoo

Dragon Beneath The Sword Tattoo

Photo credit: @bium_tattoo

As stated previously, the standard design when it comes to the Sword Dragon  Tattoo is to have the Dragon up-right coiling around or resting upon the Sword in some way. But you can choose to have your Dragon any way you like with your design. This Dragon Floral Tattoo design is really nice, with a serpentine-looking Dragon having the Sword laying upon it and a bed of flowers giving it a very romantic fantasy feel. 

4. Elegant Dragon and  Sword Tattoo

Elegant Dragon Sword Tattoo

Photo credit: @bium_tattoo

While most standard Sword Dragon Tattoos come with an Eastern or Western stereotypical Dragon, you can choose to have a Dragon of your own style. The Dragon in this Katana Sword Tattoo is really excellent. The Dragon itself has such an elegant look to it, and I love the water droplets giving the Dragon an aquatic-type feel. 

5. Slightly Colored Sword Dragon Tattoo

Slightly Colored Dragon Sword Tattoo

Photo credit: @bium_tattoo

You can add a slight dash of color to really draw out your Sword Dragon Tattoo style. If you want to add color to your design but don't want to go all out, consider coloring in just some pieces of the Tattoo to add a little more depth. I love how the green color in this Sword Dragon Tattoo pops on the edge of the blade itself, as well as on the dangling ornament coming from the bottom of the blade hilt.

6. Demon Slayer Nichirn Blade Sword Tattoo

Demon Slayer Nichirn Blade Sword Tattoo

Photo credit: Reddit

Nichirin Swords are the main blades used in the Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba series. These blades are formed using Scarlet Crimson Iron Sand and Scarlet Ore and are specifically used to hunt down and destroy the minions of Muzan, the Demon King. Nichirin Swords change color based on the user, giving each blade a unique look. This Demon Slayer Anime Tattoo is excellently done with a Water and a Fire dragon representing water and fire breathing, the series' main power system. 

7. Tanjiro Sword Tattoo

Tanjiro Sword Tattoo

Photo credit: @coldchillchild

Following on from the last Demon Slayer Tattoo, check out this Tanjiro Dragon Sword Tattoo. Tanjiro is the main protagonist of the Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba series who is on a quest to return his sister to her mortal form after having been transformed into a demon after the slaughter of his family. Tanjiro broke his sword blade a few times but had two swords during the series having lost his first one after throwing it through Upper Moon 3 at the end of the Infinity Train Arc. 

8. Dragon With Pen Tattoo

Dragon With Pen Tattoo

Photo credit: @suryo.tattoo

The pen is mightier than the sword, or so they say, so why not change your sword for an even greater weapon with this design? The pen is mightier than the sword proverb was first written in 1839 by English novelist and playwright Edward Bulwer-Lytton in his play *Cardinal Richelieu. The phrase is a lesson on how the power of written words can influence, persuade, and change history more than violence can. 

9. Wyvern Sword Dragon Tattoo

Wyvern Sword Dragon Tattoo

Photo credit: @tattooer_intat

There is some debate on the corners of the internet as to whether a Wyvern counts as a Dragon, but considering I put a pen in place of a sword I’m obviously not picky with the details. Wyverns are two-legged winged Dragons unlike their four-legged brethren. This design is really nice, with the Dragon and Wyvern situated in front of a full moon. 

10. Double Dragon Sword Tattoo

Double Dragon Sword Tattoo

Photo credit: @soch.tattoos

You don't have to settle with just one Dragon. Double up with your Dragons like in this excellent Sword Dragon Tattoo Design. This design is absolutely excellent, with incredible detailing on both the Dragon's scales and the shimmering effects on the sword. The wings look more angelic than draconic, so it gives this design a coat of arms that feels like something out of a medieval fantasy epic. 

11. Golden Cudgel Sun Wukong Dragon Tattoo

Golden Cudgel Sun Wukong Dragon Tattoo

Photo credit: @jing.ink

Just like our previous Dragon Pen Tattoo, you can choose a different weapon to compliment your Dragon Tattoo. This Dragon Tattoo is of the Monkey King Sun Wukong’s Golden Cudgel and is protected by the Dragon King. The Golden Cudgel was a magical staff wielded by Sun Wukong in the 16th-century Chinese novel Journey to the West. The Ruyi Jingu Bang (Golden Cudgel) is gold in color, decorated with a coiling dragon, and can change size at the owner's will.

12. Dragon Sword Tattoo With Florals

Dragon Sword Tattoo With Florals

Photo credit: @harusisun

Adding florals to your Dragon Tattoo can increase its symbolic meaning. With so much symbolism attached to different kinds of flowers, you will have no shortage of designs and symbolism to choose from. This Dragon Rose Tattoo is exceptionally beautiful. Roses symbolize love and admiration, so this Sword Dragon Tattoo gives off the feeling of a valiant knight from a medieval-style franchise. 

13. Chinese Sword Dragon Tattoo

Chinese Dragon Sword Tattoo

Photo credit: @rahon_tt

If you have Chinese heritage or just love the design of Chinese Dragon Tattoos, then try out a Chinese Sword Dragon Tattoo. Chinese Dragons carry with them the symbolism of good fortune, strength, and marital harmony, to name a few. This Red Dragon Tattoo is really nice with a standard-looking sword in the middle, so if you prefer to really show off your love for Chinese culture, consider getting a blade like a Jian or a Dao-style sword. 

14. Japanese Sword Dragon Tattoo

Japanese Dragon Sword Tattoo

Photo credit: @mishbae

The popularity of Japan has skyrocketed in recent years thanks to the rise in popularity of Japanese anime and video-games. But it also helps that the country has a wealth of beautiful scenery and culture to boot. Japanese Dragons have a multitude of symbolism, from wisdom and protection to the weather and seasons. This Japanese Dragon Tattoo is really well done and comes with a traditional Japanese Sword in the Katana. 

15. European Sword Dragon Tattoo

European Dragon Sword Tattoo

Photo credit: @sad_cid

In traditional tales, the European Dragon is a malevolent rather than benevolent creature. But modern media has given a new lease of life to these mythical creatures. While your European Sword Dragon Tattoo can be indicative of an evil Dragon, you can depict yours as a guardian of the sword waiting for the chosen hero to come like in this design. 

16. Celtic Sword Dragon Tattoo

Celtic Dragon Sword Tattoo

Photo credit: Facebook

If you have Celtic heritage or just love traditional Celtic artwork and design, try out a Celtic Dragon Tattoo

Celtic Dragons were the benevolent Dragons of the European peninsula before the introduction of Christianity transformed the tales to have a more malevolent connotation. This colored Sword Dragon Tattoo is really neat, with a Green Dragon on a Celtic-designed sword. 

17. Colorful Sword Dragon Tattoo

Colorful Dragon Sword Tattoo

Photo credit: @e.nal.tattoo

Make your Sword Dragon Tattoo Really pop by having it inked in full color. The color of Dragons can symbolize many different things. For example, a White Dragon Tattoo can symbolize wisdom, purity, and divine guidance while a Black Dragon Tattoo can symbolize being irascible, responsible for floods and disasters, a bringer of bad fortune.

18. Yellow Dragon and  Sword Tattoo

Yellow Dragon Sword Tattoo

Photo credit: @sulra.woo_tatt

The Yellow Dragon was the most revered in the Chinese empire, and they chose to adorn their clothing with its depiction of its power and good fortune, therefore a Yellow Dragon Tattoo can embody those elements. Likewise, you can choose a Blue Dragon Tattoo to symbolize protection, success, harmony, and peace, to name a few.

19. Fantasy Sword Dragon Tattoo

Fantasy Dragon Sword Tattoo

Photo credit: @bium_tattoo

The fantasy genre is no stranger to Swords and Dragons. So, whatever your favorite fantasy epic is, consider showing your love for the series by getting a fantasy Sword Dragon Tattoo. This design is an illustration of a fantasy Dragon and Sword and has lovely detailing on the sapphire gem at the center of the sword hilt. 

20. Game of Thrones Sword Dragon Tattoo

Game of Thrones Dragon Sword Tattoo

Photo credit: @_trockz_

Swords and Dragons are practically synonymous with the Game of Thrones TV/House of the Dragon and Song of Ice and Fire book series. So if you’re looking to commemorate your love for the gritty fantasy epic, consider getting a Game of Thrones/Song of Ice and Fire Sword Dragon Tattoo of your favorite Dragon and Sword from the series.  

21. Jon Snow's Sword Tattoo

Jon Snow's Sword Tattoo

Photo credit: @tattoosbytora

Jon Snow is one of, if not the main protagonist of the Song of Ice and Fire franchise. While his character fell off toward the end of the Game of Thrones Television series, we still have hope that within the book series, Jon Snow will live up to the hype his character arc has been building up to, and we will see him truly gain his wings as franchise true protagonist. 

22. Fully Colored Sword Dragon Tattoo

Fully Colored Dragon Sword Tattoo

Photo credit: @_volz_

If you are someone who really likes to show off their Sword Dragon Tattoo, consider getting yourself in full color. This purple and black Dragon is super well done with lots of excellent shading and detailing on the Dragon, and I love the eye hilt at the centre of the sword along with the nice shimmering effects too. 

23. A Dragon Sword Tattoo

A Dragon Sword Tattoo

Photo credit: @stil.dos

We’ve had plenty of Dragon and Sword Tattoo ideas already, but why not have an actual Dragon-Sword Tattoo itself? This design has a sort of menacing dark fantasy feel to it, with a Dragon’s eye at the bottom of the handle grasped in the shape of a Dragon’s claw and the hilt in the shape of bat-like Dragon wings. Either this is the sword of a Dragon-empowered villain, or it is the reward for slaying a deadly Dragon.  

24. Rose Sword Dragon Tattoo

Rose Dragon Sword Tattoo

Photo credit: @harusisun

We’ve already had a design somewhat similar to this before, but a Dragon and Rose Tattoo always looks so elegant and beautiful it’s too good not to share. This design looks really gorgeous of an elegant-looking Dragon with a beautifully flowing mane behind a sleek sword surrounded by four fully colored rose tattoos to really make it pop.

25. Dragon Holding Sword Tattoo

Dragon Holding Sword Tattoo

Photo credit: @matiasratt

This Design is quite similar to most of the other designs shown. However, this design feels more alive with the Dragon holding onto the sword itself. This design has great detailing on the hairs on the main along with nice dotwork done on the torso of the Dragon. The sword also has nice detailing with its wooden handle and nice shimmering effects on the blade and hilt. 

26. Dragon Above Sword Tattoo

Dragon Above Sword Tattoo

Photo credit: @hypnatic

Rather than have the Dragon hide behind or coiling around the sword. Why not go for a design such as this and have the Dragon rest atop the sword? This design has a feeling of a warrior laid to rest, with the sword lying on a bed of flowers and the Dragon lying across them as if to pay respect to the fallen. 

27. Brightly Colored Dragon and Sword Tattoo

Brightly Colored Dragon Sword Tattoo

Photo credit: @yumekera.ink

If you like a more bright and feminine look to your Dragon and Sword Tattoo, then try out a brightly colored design such as this. This design gives the Dragon a mystical type feel as if it comes from a magical realm with its gorgeous seamless blending of pinks, purples, blues, and whites. The way the colors reflect off the sword is also really excellent, giving this design a real-life quality to it. 

28. Ink Splash Dragon Sword Tattoo

Ink Splash Dragon Sword Tattoo

Photo credit: @zeetatart

Opposite to the brightly colored design we brought you last, check out this dark Dragon Sword Tattoo design.  This design is a little more unique than the others, with the Dragon perching itself on top of the hilt either just landing or about to take flight. I really love the ink splash effect coming from the Dragon too, which really adds depth to this piece. 

29. Totem Style Sword Dragon Tattoo

Totem Style Sword Dragon Tattoo

Photo credit: @vic_vai_tattoo

It is hard to tell whether this is another Dragon-Sword or a sword piercing through a Dragon’s head, but this design is absolutely phenomenal. There is so much going on here with such an amazing amount of detail from the goat skull hilt, leaves, Dragon’s head, moon in the background, and detailing near the tip of the sword.  

30. Zoro Sword One Piece Tattoo

Zoro Sword One Piece Tattoo

Photo credit: @echo.tattoos

Lovers of the One Piece Franchise wouldn’t forgive me if I didn’t add in the Master of the Three Sword style Zoro into this list. This One Piece Tattoo depicts Zoro’s temporary sword, the Shusui Sword, which he won from his duel with the Zombified version of Ryuma. This design would have been better suited with a Dragon from the One Piece series like Kaido, but it in fact, depicts Hiei’s Dragon from Yu Yu Hakusho. 

31. Dragon Flying With Sword Tattoo

Dragon Flying With Sword Tattoo

Photo credit: @blackwhiteartd

You don’t always have to settle with the Dragon behind or resting on your sword. Try out something more unique, like this Dragon holding onto a sword while it ascends into the heavens toward the moon. This design has a lot of great detailing on the Dragons scales, and if that Dragon is fully grown then that sword must be massive!

32. Simple Sword Dragon Tattoo

Simple Dragon Sword Tattoo

Photo credit: @bium_tattoo

For those who like to keep things simple, try out this Simple Sword Dragon Tattoo design. Minimalist Dragon Tattoos carry with them all the symbolism that comes with Dragon Tattoos but don’t require you to go all out with your design. This design is both subtle and elegant, with a lovely-looking Dragon coiled around a finely detailed sword. 

33. Bleach Sword Dragon Tattoo

Bleach Sword Tattoo

Photo credit: @tattooist_solar

Fans of the Bleach series will love this design. This Bleach Tattoo of a Sword Dragon Tattoo design depicts Toshiro’s sword with Hyōrinmaru surrounding it. Hyōrinmaru is a spirit that takes the form of a gigantic, ice blue, serpentine ice dragon with large wings and an echoing voice. 

34. Two Dragons and Two Sword Tattoo

Two Dragons and Two Sword Tattoo

Photo credit: @bium_tattoo

Just like previously, where you didn’t have to settle with just one sword but two Dragons, why not have two swords and two Dragons? This is a nice design of one elegant and smooth White Dragon with a Medieval-style sword and a scaley Dragon holding onto a dark dagger. The use of three different flaming colors also makes this design really stand out.  

35. Sword Through Dragon’s Head Tattoo

Sword Through Dragon’s Head Tattoo

Photo credit: Outsons

A different design style for your Sword Dragon Tattoo is to have a sword going through your Dragon’s head. This might symbolize something like a Dragon hunt or how you have the strength capable of taking down a mighty Dragon. This design is of an Eastern Dragon with a broken blade through its head, considering the Dragon looks still alive, perhaps it’s symbolism of how a Dragon or someone with the strength of a Dragon can’t be taken down so easily. 

36. Tribal Sword Dragon Tattoo

Tribal Dragon Sword Tattoo

Photo credit: tattoo.nckl.gov.kh

Tribal Tattoos are known for their use of geometric and symmetrical patterns, deep black line work, and use of negative space. They have origins in many cultures throughout the world, from Polynesia to Egypt. While there are no records of traditional Sword Dragon Tattoos from history, you can of course, opt to go for a nice Tribal Dragon Tattoo such as this one.

37. Legend Of Zelda Light Sword Dragon Tattoo

Legend Of Zelda Light Dragon Sword Tattoo

Photo credit: @damn_chelsea

Fans of the Legend of Zelda series need not worry, I have not forgotten about you! The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom introduced a new Dragon from the original three Dragons from Breath of the Wild in the Light Dragon. The Light Dragon protects the Sword that Seals the Darkness up until the Hero of the Wild is ready to reclaim and slay the King of Evil beneath the depths of Hyrule Castle. 

38. Pokemon Gyarados Sword Dragon Tattoo

Pokemon Gyarados Sword Dragon Tattoo

Photo credit: @vickii.tatts

We love Pokemon Tattoos here, and this design is no different. Gyarados is a Pokemon from the very first generation of Pokemon released all the way back in 1996. Gyarados is inspired by the tale of the Koi fish who battled his way up a waterfall and was transformed into a mythical Dragon. This Dragon Koi Tattoo design is really excellent with the sword piercing through Gyarados’s head, a Masterball at the center of the hilt, and a Magikarp Koi Tattoo at the bottom of the handle. 

39. Elder Scrolls Dragon Skull Sword Tattoo

Elder Scrolls Dragon Skull Sword Tattoo

Photo credit: @dan.bloxham

If you really want to symbolize how you have the raw strength of character to take down a Dragon itself, then check out this Dragon Skull Sword Tattoo. This Design has the skull of a defeated Dragon resting atop a sword that both come from the Elder Scrolls series of games. 

40. Divine Dragon Sekiro Dragon with Sword Tattoo

Divine Dragon Sekiro Dragon Sword Tattoo

Photo credit: Reddit

We’ve seen plenty of Dragons around swords, Dragons resting on swords, Dragons carrying swords, but how about a Dragon wielding a sword! The Divine Dragon is one of the bosses from the Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Video game. The sword that the Divine Dragon wields is based on the seven-branched sword, one of the oldest relics of Japan.

41. Guts Berserk Dragon Slayer Sword Tattoo

Guts Berserk Dragon Slayer Sword Tattoo

Photo credit: test2.charteredbanker.com

Okay, I’m cheating a little here, but I am currently reading the fantastic Berserk series for the first time, and I really wanted to include Guts’s sword, ‘The Dragon Slayer’ (see, it counts), somewhere on this list. Guts got his iconic sword from Godot, who, after a king sent out a proclamation to all of his vassals to forge a sword capable of killing a dragon, designed the Dragon Slayer, never expecting anyone to be able to wield it, that is until Guts came along. This Berserk Tattoo has Guts’s Dragon Slayer surrounded by The Beast Of Darkness. 

42. Trunks Sword Dragon Ball Z Tattoo

Trunks Sword Dragon Ball Z Tattoo

Photo credit: Tattoodo

Lastly, we have Trunk’s sword from the Dragonball franchise surrounded by Sheron, the Dragon who appears when you gather the seven Dragon Balls. Trunk first appeared to confront a mechanized Frieza who had come to Earth with his Father, King Cold, to get revenge on Goku and the last of the known Saiyans. Trunks uses his sword to cut Frieza into pieces before handing it over to King Cold, who believed the sword is what held the power to defeat his son. Upon trying to use the sword to kill him, Trunks easily grabs it and destroys King Cold with ease. 

Where to get your Sword Dragon Tattoo?

Design is one element when it comes to the perfect Sword Dargon Tattoo. However, body placement is an equally crucial part when getting inked. Let’s check out the best places to get your new Sword Dragon ink. 

1. Sword Dragon Tattoo On The Arm

Dragon Sword Tattoo On The Arm

Photo credit: @oztattoom

If you like to show off your new Sword Dragon Tattoo as much as possible then go for the arm. The arm is one of the most easily shown-off areas on the body, so if you live in a warm climate, you should have no problem making it visible to the curious eye as often as possible. 

2. Back With Sword Dragon Tattoo

Back With Dragon Sword Tattoo

Photo credit: @thuan_9dragons

A Sword Dragon Tattoo on the back is for those who are seriously in love with the design. The back has so much room to offer for large-scale and incredibly intricate designs so it is the perfect place to let your imagination run wild. This is a slightly more unique design than most we’ve had before with the Sword being grasped within the Dragons mouth. 

3. Sword Dragon Tattoo On Leg

Dragon Sword Tattoo On Leg

Photo credit: @mothytim

Just like the arm, the leg is another fine place for people who love to show off their Sword Dragon Tattoo as often as possible. Depending on what part of your leg you want to show it off may depend on where you plan on it being seen. For example, a Sword Dragon Tattoo on the lower leg is easily shown off with a pair of shorts during warm days or sporting events. However, one on the thigh would be better suited for those who often wear a bikini or speedos at the beach or swimming pool. 

4. Sword Dragon Tattoo On Chest

Dragon Sword Tattoo On Chest

Photo credit: Inked App

Last but not least, we have the Chest. The Chest is often associated with pride, so wearing your Sword Dragon Tattoo on your chest can symbolize both your prideful warrior spirit as well as your pride in your chosen design. This design is incredible and looks like a medieval coat of arms with multiple Dragons, a Boar and a Castle. 


So concludes our fierce battle through some of the best Sword Dragon Tattoo designs. We hope with our help, you’ve found your warrior spirit and got inspired for the perfect design that suits you.

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